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Comment Re:Always the same with Hillary... (Score 5, Insightful) 739

Because the press always lets her. Because anyone else would be gone after one or 2 times, but the Clintons keep getting a pass for scandal after scandal after scandal, always ensuring there will be yet another scandal in the seemingly endless list. Because the Democrats across the country lost so many elections in the past few years that there's no one else in the party with national stature who can mount a successful campaign. Because calling the other side "racist" is seen as an acceptable substitute for acting ethically or having any sort of thoughts on policy.

Comment Re:Result of brexit? (Score 2) 153

Intel has been trying this for many years. They never succeed because Intel is trying to make chips so Intel can sell chips for phones and tablets. Intel is Intel-focused. If they focused on making chips to solve problems for customers, they might be more successful.

Microsoft has the same problem. Windows 8 and Xbox One were very obviously Microsoft-focused products -- customers didn't want tiles or Kinect or HDMI input.

Memo to Intel and Microsoft: don't make stuff you want to sell, make stuff people want to buy.

Comment Re:I want to like Donald. (Score 1) 268

I can't think of any other reason someone in his position would support the Republican Party.

Republicans are probably a lot nicer to him than Democrats. Would Democrats invite him to speak at their convention?

He also has a long history of supporting free speech and opposing speech codes and criminalization of speech as "hate speech". Just this week Hillary announced her support for a constitutional amendment repealing free speech for specific people.

Before you post about your failure to think of things, maybe try a little harder.

Comment Re:I want to like Donald. (Score 1) 268

...what the Republican party has been up to for the last 5 years!

What did the Republican Party do in the last 5 years? I literally can't think of a single thing they accomplished or any change the Republican Party made to anything during that time.

Are you just complaining about "talk" you don't like? If so, then stop listening -- your life will improve.

Comment Re:or ... (Score 1) 311

It doesn't depend on anything. They showed up, killed someone within a few seconds, and only then figured out what was going on. You can say "but they didn't know" or "but someone reported X" all you want. It's still extremely reckless behavior at best. It's entirely unacceptable for police.

We should use this as a test for police officers. If you say the shooting was acceptable in this case, you don't get to leave the station carrying a gun. We need police that find out what's happening before they shoot someone.

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