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Comment Re:and where is exactly the problem? (Score 1) 915

EVERY scripture / bible / "holy book" teaches the same thing: "Respect ALL THINGS."

That's simply not true. The Bible, Koran and Torah are all very vocal about things which should be condemned and not respected at all.

I imagine the same is true for many other religious texts. It's pretty difficult to develop a substantial following or moral code by saying "everything is worthy of respect." Religions mainly function by what they condemn.

Comment Re:Interesting headline change (Score 1) 218

How is one citizen going to attack a huge multinational corporation on their peasant's salary(compared to the execs and lawyers of Giantcorp)? How do citizens have any chance to succeed when the government just takes from them and gives it to the already-rich right and left? When the government just takes the highest bribes and does what they say?

Seriously, did you not understand that that was the point of my post? Did you miss the obvious subtext and sarcasm?

Comment Re:Interesting headline change (Score 1) 218

I guess thats the price you pay when you have perhaps the greatest electronics brand name recognition in history. It doesn't help when you're always in the news for your record profits either. Of course, one could argue that those things may also have positive aspects for a corporation....

But nobody was writing front-page articles about Foxconn when Dell or HP or whoever were the top of the industry, and Apple was considered to be irrelevant.

I wonder why?

Comment Re:Interesting headline change (Score 1) 218

Yeah, land of the free, blah blah blah. The world is not a magical Ayn Randian fantasy land.

Yes. That was my point. That people in America, who believe in this Randian fantasy land, demonize the Chinese government for failing their citizens up, while simultaneously screaming for less government intervention.

Did you entirely miss my fairly obvious subtext?

Comment Re:Interesting headline change (Score 3, Insightful) 218

More pressure should be placed on the Chinese government, since it is ultimately their responsibility to improve the lives of their citizens.

While it's true that the Chinese government needs to take its share of responsibility, don't the citizens of China also have responsibility in improving their lives?

Imagine if the same were said about America. The American government should be responsible for improving the lives of citizens? In "the land of the free," shouldn't that responsibility lie in the hands of the citizens themselves, while government should just get out of the way?

I'm pretty sure there would be an outcry about how the government shouldn't be managing people's lives.

Comment Re:apple does market research (Score 1) 187

So he introduced a product that had marginal battery life, low capacity for a hard drive system, and only supported the Mac because it was "reserved for the superior customer experience". The original iPod sucked, too, and much of that was available technology of the time. Don't forget, additionally, that the iPod was developed by an outside company and purchased by Apple. Apple's dominance of mp3 was due to money, being a big name in an emerging market, and a commitment to incremental improvement. Apple was the IBM of mp3, it succeeded because of who it was, not the superiority of its product. That came later.

Wow, that's almost 100% incorrect, yet you get modded up. What the fuck?

Comment Re:Get a real job (Score 1) 452

No it's not. It's literally the very definition of copyright. It is a limited time monopoly so that after such time passes society reaps the *entire* benefit of it being freely available for use by anyone however they see fit.

Huh? Where did I say it shouldn't be time limited. What I was responding to was your argument that the money shouldn't be flowing to the creator/owner, but rather some undefined "somebody else" for the benefit of society.

My argument is that without copyright law, that "somebody else" who is benefiting is likely to be shady actors like Megaupload, etc. So, how does that benefit society and the arts?

I would fully agree that RIAA/MPAA are impoverishing society by their very existence yes.

When did I mention them? You are aware that one can copyright works without being involved in the RIAA/MPAA cartels, right?

Comment Re:My guess (Score 1) 452

Yes there is a correlation to one being a poor, unskilled and illegal laborer in the USA and being "brown". The republicans would love to toss all of the former group out, regardless of the amount of pigmentation in their skin.

Nonsense. The Republican base needs those people to exploit. The last thing they want is an intelligent and skilled population, that would mean the end of their party.

Comment Re:My guess (Score 1) 452

Wanting to control our population numbers is NOT RACIST.

The racist part comes in where with white skin who speak English are favored over other immigrants. If you don't think that happens, then you are delusional.

There are also other issues apart from racism. America was founded by violence. Who's to say that certain people are able to claim a certain geographic area, but not others? If a stronger military force were to conquer the USA, would you be OK with that?

Comment Re:Get a real job (Score 1) 452

Perhaps the greater good of culture and society...which is what copyright is supposed to be supporting?

Jesus Fucking Christ, this is a retarded argument.

Generally speaking, copyright does support the greater good of culture and society. The money that's not going to the artist at least goes to a publisher who was willing to support the artist at some point.

If it's just a free-for-all, then who does that money go to? Even shadier individuals and the viagra/online dating/porn/gambling scumbags that enable them.

That diversion of money does not enrich culture and society, it impoverishes it.

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