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Comment Re:Really pisses me off as a Comcast customer... (Score 1) 548

And one last URL for this issue that actually sounds reasonable:

Summary: Level3 wants to be a CDN but also charge Comcast for the additional traffic it will incur due to Level3 winning the Netflix contract. Unlike other CDNs, notably Akamai, Level3 doesn't want to delivery the content to the customer network without charge. They expect to charge both Netflix for CDN services and Comcast for bandwidth used to delivery content on their CDN.

Is that it? Seems reasonable...


Doubled Yield For Bio-Fuel From Waste 97

hankwang writes "Dutch chemical company DSM announced a new process for production of ethanol from agricultural waste. Most bio-fuel ethanol now is produced from food crops such as corn and sugar cane. Ethanol produced from cellulose would use waste products such as wood chips, citrus peel, and straw. The new process is claimed to increase the yield by a factor of two compared to existing processes, thanks to new enzymes and special yeast strains."

Comment Re:New Egg (Score 1) 314

Have you tried adding your work address to your credit card account? Call them up and ask to add an address as a valid shipping option. Should work and should get approved via NewEgg without needing to do anything special at NewEgg or other sites once the address is on the account for the credit card.

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 125

Actually, I was with EditDNS not DynDNS and EditDNS switched to a paid-only model. I do have an account at DynDNS but I was just using the dynamic features. Apologies to DynDNS. The $5/month fee at EditDNS was too steep for a non-critical playground.

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 125

I'm with you... It is hard to get too negative considering it's free however I switched from DynDNS to EveryDNS a couple months ago because staying at DynDNS was going to cost money. Maybe Google DNS will start offering free hosting of zones.

Comment Re:How can we churn? (Score 2, Insightful) 116

In the USA, whenever one of the two parties in a contract wants to change the terms, the new terms must be agreed to by both parties or the contract can be cancelled. Typically, the verbiage that one can cancel the contract and get out of the terms without loosing the deposit is buried in all the other legalese. But it should be there.

Comment Re:They could lure more people into buying their b (Score 1) 66

That is asking a bit much for $100. I own one and I just want them to provide the SDK that they have announced but not released. Boxes that can do what you want need hard drives and that means noise. Having a backend computer running MythTV in the basement and a Roku player doing the front end would be great. I'd buy at least 2 more if it could that.

Comment Re:Roku Developer Kit? (Score 1) 66

So is it actually for the Roku HD1000 (from 2003) or for the Roku player (current and shown in the photo in the linked article on DeviceGuru). The SDK for the new player isn't released AFAIK. I posted over at the Roku player forum:

Maybe the SDK is almost out? Maybe other people are excited about the addition of and potentially Mediafly but frankly, I could care less. Netflix integration is great but the library is limited. I'd like to watch my own content and if the SDK actually got released one day, maybe it would be possible to add integration with MythTV and other PVR products.

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