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Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622


It means that there is no limits to usage.

Contradicts this:

Hell, I'm not opposed to bandwidth limits for "unlimited" usage. Namely, you can have Unlimited data, but are slowed to 1/5 speed after X MB/GB/TB of transfers.

If it truly is "Unlimited" there should be no extra charges, no slowing down, etc...

You are advocating for Unlimited* Internet Access!

* - Except when you hit benchmark X, then it becomes "Limited".

Comment Re:How can there be? (Score 1) 622

When it comes to bandwidth, it's not an Infinite resource. You can only upload/download X amount of data.

I'm on a 150Mbit connection, that means I can download around 15MB/sec (just for the sake of argument, we'll leave out Speed Boost, Network congestion, etc..). That's about 1,296,000 MB a day (15 * 60 * 60 * 24). So I can basically download about 1.2TB of data a day. Now do that for 30 days and I'm at around 38TB for the month.

On my service there is a "Cap" (they just send an email, nothing currently happens) of 2,000 GB a month. So after day 2, I'm at my "Cap". Since they don't do anything it is kind of "Unlimited", but if they decided to charge me for it, is it really unlimited?

Unlimited is just a marketing term that is abused by a lot of companies.

Comment Re:Isn't this a no brainer? (Score 1) 474

How about a shop with a magazine rack which they let people peruse for free. Some third party stands outside and charges you to go into the bookstore and a portion of this goes to the bookstore. However this person is infected with something nasty and coughs at you as you go through the door.

No, the web site isn't charging the visitor anything to read the content (just like it's free to go into a bookstore), the web site is charging the advertiser. Retail and Websites have two completely different business models. What the website is saying is "Hey if you don't want to see ads, then you have to pay to read the content. If you don't want to pay for the content, then you have to see the ads.".

If you block ads, the advertisers stop giving the site owner money. If you go into the bookstore and read a book and don't buy it, the bookstore doesn't make any money and they stop stocking newer books. In both cases they eventually shut their doors.

Comment Re:Isn't this a no brainer? (Score 1) 474

Imagine if, as you walk along a street in downtown the small shops, which depend on advertising (right?) have these little boards outside their shops with some advertising. Actually this is pretty normal in most places.

That is a bad analogy. You are comparing apples and oranges. The website publishes content you consume for "free" (paid for by ads) where as a store front is trying to get you to buy a product (you pay for what you consume).

Now image that you go into a bookstore and read an entire book while there and then you walk out. How long before that book store closes?

Comment 250M Range? (Score 2) 323

Is that with one person in the car driving normally?

What about when you have 6 people in it towing a boat/quads/whatever and fully loaded with luggage? I'm betting it's a little less then 250 miles...

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