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Comment Re:Thoughts? I wish I had the enterprise version (Score 1) 480

There are still a lot of people on MS WinXP. I fixed an XP machine of someone I know on Tuesday.
With enough memory and an SSD it's actually very quick.
It's potentially malware prone (which wasn't the problem), but all MS systems still are almost as bad in that area and there are third party solutions to keep them protected.

Comment Re: Same As Before (Score 2) 480

Easy linux path to dominance. One linux distro for windows users. That simple.

This has been covered hundreds of times here. A work-a-like that's built on something very different and chasing a moving target is always going to disappoint.
It's different.
No point trying to hide it.
If you hide it people are always going to find out and get confused by subtle differences instead of knowing that they should be doing things differently.

Maybe try this little exercise - get someone who has never used linux to boot a Knoppix DVD. It all looks very different but they all seem to work it out almost instantly. I get people to use that to see if they are having hardware problems instead of MS Windows configuration problems, among other things.
Slavishly copying the MS interface of the month is in my opinion a very bad idea especially now where there are a mix of elements from MS Win10, MS Win7, MS WinXP and MS WinNT lurking on systems when you drill down into configuration settings. Getting something to work close enough to the original would be a thankless task that would piss people off even if it was possible to completely succeed.

It's like painting a camel and calling it a pony.

Comment Re:Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 480

It's almost as if they reinvented TWM very badly.
The thing that pisses me off is that ripoffs of that MS Win10 interface have been used on websites and almost always fucked up in some way. Little windows in the middle of the screen surrounded by whitespace and with scrollbars you have to move before you can get to the buttons. With other bad web design you can just zoom, but not with stuff like that. Such things are not the fault of MS directly but they have set a bad example IMHO.

Comment Seriously? (Score 1) 406

You are the one that's pretending that all non-convictions mean the woman was a lying bitch making it all up.

There are many reasons not just that one as you know but are pretending not to - that false stupidity to push a point must be taught in school debating or something, so much of that shit around.
For example - often when it's without doubt that a crime has been committed it's not clear who did it.
You are lumping that in with your "cry wolf" numbers.

You are getting the number for a collection of fruit and pretending they are all apples when there are mostly oranges in the mix.

Comment Re:A bit more to quote (Score 1) 406

My stance is obviously that I consider ESR unreliable and biased and no other source of his supposedly second-hand claim has surfaced.
Thus suggesting that Linus has had to act differently is nothing but relaying ESR's expectation of what Linus would have to do in the future and not something based on what Linus has ever done. I think it should be treated like any other blog rant and not as if it was based on real events because those events did not happen before the blog post and do not seem to have happened afterwards.
Clear yet?

Comment Re:If I was President... (Or King!) (Score 1) 251

Even with your relatively new but fairly common shifted goalpost of when life begins it's not so simple and not even murder when it comes down to a choice or a chance of only saving one.
My entire point here is it should not be up to pen pushers in Washington or some lay preacher of the church of the dollar to decide this but someone on the spot with a lot of years of experience to develop more of a clue.
Putting down hard and fast rules based on what a layman sees as the norm really fucks people around in general.

See also how self defence or defence of others is a reason not to have mandatory sentences for someone who kills someone else. You carry a gun for defence don't you? Do you want a system so fucked up that if you shoot someone who has killed a dozen people in a mall and you are next that you are going to get the gas chamber for putting them down?

You do not murder children, not even to save the life of the mother

It's not murder and that's seriously fucked up medieval shit right there. The life of a potential son being worth more than that of a mother and all that shit we've left behind.

Comment Re:If I was President... (Or King!) (Score 1) 251

I would abolish abortion beyond the first trimester. If you get pregnant and you find out within the first month, that's fine, but if you're 6 months into it, you're having a baby

I would leave that up to the experts and the women involved instead of extra red tape imposed by lawyers and congresscritters who really have no clue and care even less. Making it illegal to save the mother in a difficult birth where the odds of the child surviving are very low anyway is the sort of nightmare that would come out of such nanny-statism.

For a lot of things there is no silver bullet that fits every situation.

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