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Comment You are expecting Trump to fix anything? (Score 1) 356

You are expecting Trump to fix anything?
If you are in that category I pity you, four years of bitter disappointment is coming.

It took three years to get rid of Nixon over Watergate and Trump is less likely to go quietly no matter what, so he's in for the long haul.

Comment Re:There hasn't been a Friday night fight for a wh (Score 1) 249

Because it always a laugh when I'm blackmailed by a female co-worker threatening false reports

Seriously? Did that really happen and you were so much of a doormat that you did not do the incredibly fucking obvious and pre-emptively tell your management about that threat before any blackmail material came out?

Or did you see it on TV?

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 249

When you have no authority, you are in no position to tell anyone what to do. Management and HR are the ones with the authority.

Yes, it's rule quoted from a military officer as something to take in mind for anyone who wishes to act responsibly.
Acting responsibly includes reporting unacceptable acts to people with authority of you have no influence on those events yourself (it should be obvious so why the excuse above?).

Comment Typo - Dagby not Digby (Score 1) 249

How fucking petty can you get?

but he's was not a Philosopher

Having read a bit about them he was a thousand times the philosopher of "bring in the Russian nobility to replace Capitalism" Rand. She was living in a system many times better than the one she wanted, and railing against it. You guys should read a bit of European history to immunise yourself against vile shit like Rand.

Comment Re:Murdoch press not enough for you (Score 1) 307

I found a Forbes one from December 2015 before deciding that I was dancing to the tune of a annoying troll full of shit who is not going to care if I find proof of the obvious or not - since we are offtopic now anyway. Stratfor posting a clipping in 2015 that gets it right doesn't change that they were a clipping service.

Comment Re:Beyond idiotic (Score 1) 239

Moore's Law wasn't a goal someone set and then did.

Actually it was. Moore set targets for development at Intel. The observation of a pace of technical advance came later and had to result in more of a "fuzzy" version of Moore's Law.

The idea that you would propose something like this, as if the proposal itself was actually accomplishing something, is asinine.

There is a lot of that about. At the G20 meeting a couple of years ago the "achievement" was proposing a couple of percent of economic growth.

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 249

I believe it's become inflammatory because men keep being told that it's their fault when another man is sexist.

The standard you walk past, is the standard you accept.

it's an HR and management failure.

Almost always but not always.

As for getting blamed for what others do when you were not even there, sucks, but you should have got used to that way back in school when your entire class was blamed for something one kid did.

Comment Re:Because you say so? (Score 1) 249

at how prophetic Ayn Rand was with "Atlas Shrugged".

You need to get out more if you think that. Her screed on how fucked American Capitalism was compared with Russian Nobility was not prophetic it was about looking back at the dreams of a lost past. It was about how little jailbait Digby was born into the right class to fuck a "great man" and end up ruling over the serfs by right of bloodline.
Anything that compares 1950s Hollywood to Communism (the dig at 20th Century Fox) is something should be considered as deranged. She saw 1950s America as badly broken.
If you are going to get your politics from old SF at least read some good stuff like Heinlein.

Comment So say the 9/11 was faked fruitcake (Score 1) 249

Since I don't believe what you said about how no plane hit the Pentagon why should I believe your claims about "The rest is a fabrication based on repeated propaganda" now?
You still appear to be full of shit you are just better at making it look credible via a bit of misdirection into areas outside of IT.

If you are so scared of a woman taking your job then maybe you should get better at doing it instead of wasting time trying to put them down.

Comment There hasn't been a Friday night fight for a while (Score 1) 249

Yes, this story is odd... almost if the "scandal" is ginned-up so as to generate Yet Another Story Of Workplace Sexism And Why Something MUST BE DONE NOW (And BTW, Trump Grabs Pussies). It's just one more "Raising Awareness Moment" rammed into the eyeballs of the reader. Or a attempt to threaten a lawsuit and then settle.

There hasn't been a Friday night fight for a while - it looks like it's back.
There used to be an article every week to inspire angry virgins to go around screaming SJW!!!!

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 226

I don't even know what the fuck the elders of Zion is

Look it up and you'll see why people think you are full of shit, because this "the weakings will take over the world" crap you were spouting has been done before. Even Henry Ford was pushing that turd, that's how high profile it was. You would have heard about it in school without even having to take history but you've forgotten. It's an extremely apt thing to remind yourself of now with all the "fake news" stuff floating about, since it was an incredible effective piece of fake news used as an excuse for a lot of things.

fucking stupid morons that think a political party is going to save them

I'm not one of those but from what you've written you appear to be parroting tea party shit so look very much like one of those fucking stupid morons that think a political party is going to save them - hence my accusation. Liberals did this, Jews did that, false flag fantasies - where the fuck are you getting this shit from if not from being force fed politics from the far side of crazy? Follow the money and follow the power. People don't get money or power by playing the victim and pretending to bomb their own place of worship.

Comment Murdoch press not enough for you (Score 1) 307

The largest international press corporation on the planet not enough for you? You have no case. Strafor had plenty of places to clip from at the time.
I really don't get why you are so enamored of a small company that appeared to be no good at anything other than self promotion. They made a massive fuss about their security but then got easily and spectacularly hacked.

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