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Comment Re:yes, this is of utmost importance (Score 3, Interesting) 164

because throwing a tablespoon of catsup (or ketchup) away in an almost empty bottle is such a crime and a waste

Some people (like me) whose parents grew up during wartime or similar were brought up to think exactly that. A bit of water in the bottle, shake it up and throw it in when making pasta sauce or similar calms that irrational food wasting guilt by getting the last bit out of a normal bottle.

I think the article is an example of a journalist saying "how can we use this in the home" when asking about a new scientific advance. Applied uses may end up really being something in minerals processing but it's harder for most to relate to that than kitchen stuff.

Comment Re:How does it work? (Score 1) 164

Right out of the bat I was concerned about whether or not this is based on nanotechnology, because we already have super-slick surfaces there. Not sure if I want to eat nanotech.

Since even the whitener in toothpaste got redefined as nanotech you already are despite it being nothing like the way Drexler et al used the term.
Androids are phones, hoverboards are skateboards with batteries and nanotech is powder in sunscreen, toothpaste etc - the future is now but it's not matching the hype.

Comment Re:Back? It never left. (Score 1) 182

So they came up with a definition that excludes all extrasolar planets (already confirmed to exist) and wandering planets (almost certain to exist)?

Who are you and I to correct astronomers? After all those office workers who call the beige box a "hard drive" think we are getting it wrong when we try to correct them, have you considered that this may be a similar situation?

Comment Re:Back? It never left. (Score 2) 182

You can call it whatever you like just as so many office workers call their PC "the hard drive" and the monitor "the computer".

Astronomers apparently decided they wanted a little more precision in their terms when talking to other astronomers. The rest of us appear to just be getting angry when overhearing a conversation not intended for us and I don't think it really matters to us whether astronomers define Pluto as a planet or a different technical term.

Comment Re:the laws may take 3-5 years to get rid of drive (Score 1) 115

It's best when discussing the Uber taxi company to not use their "rideshare" deliberate obfiscation because that leads down the rabbit hole where terms are meaningless.
The "uber" was not already going in that direction so the ride is not being shared. It is very deliberately a confusing falsehood so that the Uber taxi company can evade regulations, taxation and employment laws. So much time is wasted on arguing about what the hell they mean and in that time they have done what they want no matter what the public or governments wish for.
Insurance of the right sort existed before Uber it is just that Uber choose to cut that corner in addition to all of the others.

Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 1) 127

What Trump may have been referring to was something he saw on Fox News

There's no point trying to find out a reason for one of Trumps lies. By the time you've done it there's a new one, so it's best to judge the "biggest electoral college winner" on what he does instead of what he says. That's kind of hard to do since he's been all talk and no action for most of his life, but it's all we can do.

Comment Re:Doing more with less.. (Score 1) 127

OK, so you have written such scripts to notify you. Now the company decides they do not need you any more. Are you going to rewrite those scripts to notify someone else?

In the *nix world you send it to root, postmaster or whatever - a role not a person, so that the next person in the role gets the notifications. That's assuming a real mail server someone and not an enormous flaky suite that tells you to Exchange it for something more reliable.

Comment Re:Doing more with less.. (Score 1) 127

Yes the task is not difficult.
However very frequently nobody has been assigned to do the task.

I'm in a small place and can feel smug due to stuff like certwatch notifiying multiple people, but in large places with poor management tasks fall between the cracks. "I thought X was going to do it" is a frequent cry in large barely functional shambolic orgs where execs spend more time golfing than managing, hence the DHS getting hit with this.

Comment Re:Security focused (Score 1) 127

It's an example of mismanagement and no proper procedures to keep the certificates up to date and an incredibly common failure. Even Microsoft had a very high profile failure of that kind not long ago.

Incompetence is someone not doing their allotted tasks.
Mismanagement is forgetting to allocate a required task to someone.

Comment Re:Security focused (Score 1) 127

I feel so much better knowing that they're so good at keeping their own systems secure, that even their own workers can't access them

Given some of the people working for them (eg. the TSA gropers) I actually would feel good about it, but not as good as if they slash that massive mall cop welfare program and have some sort of professional airport security instead. While they are at it they can get rid of the DHS guys who go around to toy shops and check if rubicks cubes are legit instead of knockoffs (now that was a weird story).

Comment Re:the laws may take 3-5 years to get rid of drive (Score 1) 115

The only time they aren't covered is while they are on their way to pick up a fare

That makes my point for me. They would not be going to pick up that fare if the Uber dispatch service did not tell them to do so. Other taxi companies cover their drivers the entire time that they are working for them.

It's 19th century piecework with an app.

Comment Re:"Taxes applied to worldwide earnings" (Score 1) 171

Yes a cool joke for your bros but utterly useless. How about we return to reality then since you are making a fuss about me apparently denying it?
So then - what really happened between John Sculley and County Cork? There's no point just telling me I'm wrong without any indication of why. Something more than "Apple can do no wrong" is required.

Comment Re:the laws may take 3-5 years to get rid of drive (Score 2, Interesting) 115

The concept you're looking for is "Insurance"

Yes - that thing the human drivers of Uber don't have when they are working as Uber taxi drivers. It will be a step forward if Uber spends money on insurance for these things instead of cutting corners and imposing their costs on others.

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