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Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 511

If you paid for college, especially with student loans, it was a bad investment, because you didn't learn squat about history.

This is a tech oriented site. Most of us who went to University did not learn about history there and instead picked up what we know in our own time - so it's a pretty strange insult to use.

Comment Re:Unrealistic for you, maybe (Score 1) 511

Now Germany and Japan are economic powerhouses that contribute greatly to the world economy because humanity realized that its better to build the defeated enemies back up instead of leaving hatred to fester.

It was more to have a buffer against Stalin but the side effect was as you wrote.

Comment It's not about orders of magnitude (Score 1) 161

You've been caught red handed - why whine about it?

I want facts

That is of course what I was asking for instead of your deliberately insane fantasy.

Also, please stop trying to appeal to authority on a distraction - it's not about orders of magnitude - your impossible benchmark set up to deliberately fail is the issue. How about you stop roleplaying your username?

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 363

Thank you. Something concrete. It's not something I'm likely to use since I'm a cluster guy so I was not aware of it.

We saw a part of that in the debate on the setting that kills all apps on session end. While I disagree with making that the default (at least for now), the idea that if you want something to keep running in the background you have to explicitly assign it to a background scope, so both the system and the sysadmin can see it's a background task and keep it constrained if necessary, is a good mechanism in my eyes.

Well that is something I very strongly disagree with but let's just put that down to a difference of opinion. I'll concede that that feature is by design for a purpose and not the newbie mistake by Lennart that it looks like (with the workflows in my workplace users log on remotely, kick long running jobs off, then log off so killing background tasks on logoff would be a disaster).

And most of the objections are people blindly parroting echo chamber

In my case it's been a combination of test machines and desktops having a variety of problems due to systemd (most admittedly several years ago, although the machine that wouldn't start up with a paticular mouse connected was last year and the systemd plus zfs problems were the year before) and a software vendor refusing to support their insanely expensive software if it's on a machines with systemd on it.

Comment Re:(sigh) You people still think you're engineers (Score 1) 697

I hate to be overly negative, but based upon my 30 years of experience of writing software for a living, your level of education is usually inversely proportional to your skill level as an engineer.

Indeed - many engineers are very poorly skilled at being technicians.
For example some years back despite being utter crap at welding I was testing and certifying weld joints among other things. It was a different skillset to welding.
I'm only working with computers now because the vast majority of all those highly skilled programmers out there completely ignored the mathematics needed to do some things so would need a few years to do so tasks. So you get engineers writing really crappy code that does something, if badly, instead of having highly skilled programmers not having a clue where to start.

Comment Re:Do Software Engineers Need to Register? (Score 1) 697

If you didn't graduate with a degree in software engineering then you are not really a software engineer

As others have written here there is also an "apprenticeship" path to being a professional engineer, but it's more difficult than the other way.

In a lot of cases however "software engineer" is just a HR granted title and shouldn't be considered the same way as a professional title. For example, there was a guy on this site that told everyone in his sig for about a decade that he was an engineer when it was only a HR granted title, and that guy went on to say he knew 9/11 was faked because he was an engineer and knew about buildings. He wished to be considered a professional engineer equivalent to a professional civil engineer without even being what the above poster would consider a software engineer (but I'm willing to concede people using their HR granted titles so long as they don't try to pretend IEEE or whatever considers them an engineer unless it actually does).

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