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Comment comment from Poland (Score 5, Insightful) 832

I live in Poland. I use Slashdot for a long time.
I remember first Obama campaign and pathetic political propaganda on Digg. Not just bad, it was really pathetic.
Looks like you will never learn, now there is a huge anti-Trump propaganda on Slashdot.
Twitter should shut down his account? What about facebook? Google?
Why this community is so brainwashed?

Comment flickr is obsolete (Score 1) 97

I used flickr years ago, then I switched to 500px. Yesterday I wanted to check out how flickr looks now, I did basic test - display best photos. On 500px you can just click "popular" and you can browse amazing photography. How to do it on flickr? After few minutes I resigned, because all I saw was just crap.

Comment Re:News for nerds ... (Score 1) 205

information about kernel developer / russian invasion on Ukraine is not important?

Because it's a personal interested story about some guy protesting something that his government did and getting arrested for it .. oh and BTW he's a kernel developer.

TFA has fuck all to do with the state of Russian/Ukraine protests - so it doesn't even count as politics
It is barely tangentially a technology story - oh noes if a kernel developer goes to jail, what will happened to my precious ^w Linux

So I assume you wrote similar comments to all news about 9/11 or any american politics, which is not related to technology at all? Or do you mean that Ukraine is not important while USA is?

Comment News for nerds ... (Score 0) 205

I completely disagree.
Why bull**** about "global warming" is important "news for nerds" and information about kernel developer / russian invasion on Ukraine is not important?
I think Slashdot was much more intesting 10 years ago than it is now, but your comment shows that this direction is not accidental.

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