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Comment Re:There needs to be a way to avoid the subsidy. (Score 1) 355

> $137 per month

That's the problem.

Most people don't use unlimited text/minutes/data, yet, the carriers either force people to use the cheap, inadequate plans or the overkill, overpriced plans.

i.e. they'll never offer a $25 plan that offers 1000 minutes, 500 text messages, and 3GB of data.

Comment Re:Google got slammed, but not CarrierIQ? (Score 3, Interesting) 140

Only in the form of OS logs for crash reports

Neither CarrierIQ or the Carriers have business in knowing what apps I'm using, whether they crash or not (the PDF says it reports context switches between apps, this is an INSANE invasion of my privacy) - except the crapware written by the Carriers themselves, which I need or want none of.

The whole "case" against CIQ is hugely overblown by media sources looking for ratings and people who desperately want something to be outraged over.

They were largely responsible for the "case" against themselves - if they worked with the researcher instead of using lawyers to threaten him, there would be no case. They should have been sensitive enough to know that there's a very fine line between what they make and a real spyware - and be aware of the possibility that EFF might join the fray before their lawyer sent that threaten letter.

Comment Re:People are way too paranoid... (Score 2) 140

First off.. CIQ are not the bad guys here.

They make software. It does various things, and it can be used for good or evil.

The carriers are the ones who requested the software to be placed on the handsets. The handset makers are the ones who screwed up, specifically HTC who left debug mode enabled on a production handset. The Samsung handsets do not exhibit the same issues that were shown in the video that the HTC handsets show.

The whole FBI link, no one really knows for sure, what the deal is, other then they refused a FOIA. That could mean they utilize the data, or they are in fact investigating CIQ itself.

Honestly, for the purposes that CIQ claim the software is for, I have no real issue with it. However they built far more capability then was needed in the software, and that I do have a major issue with.

Mostly agreed, except that CIQ made a fatal mistake of trying to silent the researcher with a SLAPP. If they worked WITH him in the first place, I bet none of their current PR disaster would have happened.

Comment Re:"A fix for the bug"? (Score 5, Insightful) 140

It's not spyware. Carriers want info on how people use their phones so that they can fix bugs and make better phones. It's no different from software that occasionally reports home with usage statistics. Everyone does it, and it's a good thing. The only problem is that a few OEMs and carriers disabled the user's ability to opt out.

CarrierIQ makes a legal, useful, morally-sound product. Some companies go on to use that product in a legal, useful, but less moral manner. But some asshole of a security researcher figured out (correctly!) that he'd get way more hits on his webpage if he accused them of making a rootkit and keylogger. And now all the innocent, hardworking developers at this small business will be out on the streets, because the rage-a-holics want something to scream about, and the media is more than happy to manufacture controversy if it means good ratings.

So congrats. You're going to destroy the lives of some innocent people over the tiniest of slights. I'm sure you're very proud.

Not so fast. I suspect if CarrierIQ didn't attempt to SLAPP the researcher, none of its PR disaster would have happened.
Don't act as if CarrierIQ is totally in the right, because it is not. The moment they decided to unleash a lawyer first, and then an honest disclosure when necessary, their fate was sealed.

Comment Re:Still readying the artical but... (Score 1) 472

The solution to this is to pay the surgeons by the hour, per operation, etc. Then the pay scale will be the same for every piece of work.

As to motherhood and the importance of families in society, it'll need to be compensated in other ways - because if it's compensated with a "parity" salary of their occupation, it means the families and motherhood of a female surgeon is more valuable to that of a cubicle worker, which is obviously untrue.

And, the joy of motherhood and family needs to be accounted for as well - otherwise it'll be unfair men who cannot enjoy the experience of bearing a baby and being able to breastfeed.

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