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Comment Off-topic (Score 4, Insightful) 104

I just hate how the 'related links' at the bottom of the page, about Wikipedia, for a site that is about tech "stuff" are:

1165 - 10 Confirmed Dead In Shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College
1094 - Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour
1081 - How To Execute People In the 21st Century
1032 - Writer: "Why I Defaulted On My Student Loans"
  965 - Explosions and Multiple Shootings In Paris, Possible Hostages

How are stories that are better suited to USA Today the most 'related' stories?

Slashdot, how the mighty have fallen.

Comment Slashdot is ... (Score 1, Insightful) 93

Slashdot is a vehicle for advertisements, without care of what drives us, the readers. It's clear that the readers like vision, but Slashdot has made some terrible missteps as of late. Power users looking for intelligent discussion have mostly left and would probably be better served by some other website, even though Reddit packs more than enough paunch. ;)

Comment My solution (Score 1) 99

My proposed solution for this problem in general, is to require not the starting date of copyright on a work, but the expiration date. No more extensions for Mickey, etc. After that date, it is clear that it is in the public domain, no matter what.

In this case, the person simply puts 2014 or some previous year, and it will be out of copyright by virtue of it being 'expired'.

It's not perfect in all cases, but it would prevent a lot of confusion and extensions that come from the current legal nightmare.

Comment Re:What can I really do with these things? (Score 1) 81

And, I took that into consideration as well.

Did you not notice my comment about having it run different teams/modes? What if they have a TV available? A student interested in learning to make web pages could make a scoreboard as a web page and use the HDMI port to drive it, etc.

Once you commit to "standard logic chips", that kind of flexibility would go way beyond a simple project that the students would be able to follow/help design/update over time.

For the students, this is more for flexibility with a low-barrier of entry, rather than an optimized one-off solution.

Comment Re:What can I really do with these things? (Score 4, Interesting) 81

We homeschool, and my children are part of a homeschool co-op.

I'm currently working on using a BeagleBone Black to build a Jeapardy like game system, for when the co-op does their knowledge bowls, etc. I am going to build the first 'contestant' box and the main box, and do a class for the advanced students where they will help build the rest of the contestant boxes, and then we will both program in the software to support several different game setups, like 2 teams of 5, 5 teams of 2, 5 teams of 2 with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order for teams to answer in, in case the 1st team doesn't get it right, etc. At that point, it's just software.

It's a great introduction to simple circuits (each contestant box will have a button and an LED, so power, ground a few resistors, etc), and simple software to read the GPIO pins and set the LED lights.

The co-op gets a cool Jeapardy team setup exactly how they want it, and the students get hands-on experience building it and programming it.

And, they can re-use the BBB for other projects as the students want to experiment with it. It's a flexible embedded computer that they can use for other projects. Just keep a different SD card for each hardware system that they keep.

Comment Idaho already has 80MPH (Score 2) 525

Idaho changed the major interstates, outside of major towns, to 80MPH already this summer. It definitely helps.

Truck speed limit is 70. Some cars/trucks still go 65. No major problems I'm aware of, and in these more sparsely populated states, I think a valid change.

For my pickup, my MPG goes way down if I go above 70MPH, so I usually stay around 68-69MPH.

Comment Wrong direction (Score 1) 324

There are a ton of apps I won't install, because they want to be able to make calls, see my call history, my contacts, get precise location, etc. Right now, it's an all-or-nothing approach. Either accept all of that, or don't install. More often than not, I don't install.

Listen up Google:

When you install or update an app, and it shows the permissions for the app, every single one, right there in the install/update popup for the app, should have the on/off slider, and let the user determine what permissions to give the app.

If this inconveniences the developer, too bad. Because as it is, I don't install those apps in the first place.

I have been quite disappointed that this isn't available. If CM has something like this, then I might just go to CM for all my devices.

Comment No need to change it... (Score 4, Interesting) 646

My wife looked into this, from a legal standpoint.

Daylight savings is simply a federal standard for which days of the year participating states will change their times.

Read that again.

It's really a state-by-state issue, where any state can voluntarily not participate.

Talk to your state reps if you want to make a difference.

Comment The old Franklin Covey Quad pen (Score 1) 712

I have used them for 20+ years now, and I still love it.

Search for 'quad pen (franklin,yasutomo)' on eBay.

I use black for most notes, blue for TODO items, and red for reminders.

I don't use the pencil much, but it's a 0.5mm.

The tip is fine. Maybe the only issue would be #5, but it's not any worse than a regular ball point pen. It hasn't been a problem for me.

A little spendy, but my current one is going on 15 years.

Comment Re:Kinda Subjective but... (Score 1) 479

There are no benefits whatsoever to using spaces, only downsides.

Yes, when you have your HTML editor set to show 2 character indents for tabs, but your browser's 'view source' option shows it at as 8.

Besides using a non-monospace font, it will always look the same no matter what editor you (or someone else) brings it up in.

Flexibility has it's downsides, just as being too rigid has its downsides.

It's a choice. Most people pick one and stick with it.

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