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More 'Hero' Games Without Guitars Likely 105

In light of the popularity of the Guitar Hero game, Next Generation reports that it is very likely RedOctane will be publishing several more 'Hero' series games. From the article: "The next logical step within this category is to make other music instrument-based games. What most people have been asking for and would want next are products that we're likely already working on."
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More 'Hero' Games Without Guitars Likely

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  • I know one! (Score:3, Funny)

    by 88NoSoup4U88 ( 721233 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @05:23PM (#15543876)
    Gamepad Hero!

  • ugh... (Score:5, Funny)

    by whathappenedtomonday ( 581634 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @05:27PM (#15543915) Journal
    Bagpipes Hero? *shivers*
  • Triangle Hero! I'll be all over that like a geek in the Christmas play who always hit it a full 10 seconds too late!
    • Slashdot culture - Mocking Canada is fine, but insult the US of A and you're a troll, laying flamebait and a terrorist.

      Heh - I see exactly the opposite. I guess it's all about perspective.

      It's all about an inferiority complex anyway, so I stopped worrying about it.
    • Triangle Hero! I'll be all over that like a geek in the Christmas play who always hit it a full 10 seconds too late!

      Of course, the game must be hosted by Ed Grimley [wikipedia.org]
  • Port Samba de Amigo! (Score:3, Interesting)

    by alanh ( 29068 ) * on Thursday June 15, 2006 @05:27PM (#15543919) Homepage
    I just want Sega to port Samba de Amigo to a newer console.
  • Accordian Hero!!
    Polka Hero!
    Hammered Dulcimer Hero!

    Organ Hero (Lookout Jack Thompson!)
    Flute Hero
    Tuba Hero

    Hell, who needs an instrument? Yodelling Hero!

  • Slashdot hero!

    Random articles pop up. Be the first post and you win!
  • Bring on the Bagpipe Hero, Flügelhorn Hero, Hammered dulcimer Hero, Temple block Hero, Panharmonicon Hero, Kulintang a Tiniok Hero and Uilleann pipe Hero.
  • Hooray... (Score:5, Funny)

    by MagicDude ( 727944 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @05:39PM (#15544040)
    Bring on Bass Hero.

    Oh who am I kidding? Bass is the Luigi of Rock & Roll.
  • Jukebox Hero

    You've got stars in your eyes!
  • To be a kazoo hero!
  • With patchouli scente drumd!
  • You could have two bongos, maybe somehow work in the donkey kong theme.

    There could even be a secret bonus level: "law suit hero" (pen & paper attachment sold seperately)!
  • by Were-Rabbit ( 959205 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @05:46PM (#15544115)
    No, I didn't RTFA but most likely the next one will be Piano Hero or more generally Keyboard Hero.

    Consider all of the extremely popular songs that could be included that just about everyone knows: Piano Man, Jump with that awesome, heavy synth riff, and a number of others. Hell, there are even a number of basic concertos or orchestral pieces that could be included that wouldn't be too difficult as long as the whole thing isn't expected to be played: Moonlight Sonata, Minute Waltz, and various Bach inventions.

    Additionally, Considering that you can buy cheap keyboards for kids for less than $20 and even mini-keyboards can be bought for less than $50, this would be a natural sequel, I would think. Also take into consideration that the four most common instruments in just about every band are keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums.

    Obviously, I would expect bass and drums/percussion to be in the "most likely to appear next" list.

    The grand accumulation of those would be to have all four at once with the ultimate "Band Heroes". Gather your friends with all four "Hero" instruments and jam as your own rock band.
  • by focitrixilous P ( 690813 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @05:50PM (#15544146) Journal
    The Guitar Hero has a fever, and the only prescription... is more Cowbell!

    The goal is for the bell to never match what's on the screen.

  • Guitar Hero is one of my favorite games ever, but I'm holding out hope for multiplayer combinations of instruments. It would just rock to have a guitarist and a drummer playing together. I'm sure this is something they've thought of, but if not, I hope it's something they'll consider in the future.
    • I always thought it was great having Guitar Freaks and Drummania linked together in the arcade. Of course, for a few versions there was also Keyboardmania, which was brutally hard. (22 keys + 2-way effect wheel is a lot harder than three button guitar or 6pc drum kit.)
    • Try importing Daigasso! Band Brothers! for the Nintendo DS... sure, you just press buttons instead of simulating the actual instruments, but it already supports up to 8 "instruments" from a single copy of the game. So, if you have enough friends with DS's, you can play as a band together. Sigle player is neat, but it's even more fun with multiple people. One person (especially if they're on the drum part) can throw the whole group off, but the sense of accomplishment in playing through a song as a group i

  • I was genuinely excited for sequel of H.E.R.O. for a second...

    http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html?Softwar eLabelID=228 [atariage.com]

    (I guess that makes me an old fart.)

  • I could go for a drum hero!
  • by kthejoker ( 931838 ) on Thursday June 15, 2006 @06:57PM (#15544743)
    3 Observations on Guitar Hero

    1) Totally for guys. The phallic rush, the manipulation, the aggressive music choices. They don't call it "wanking" for nothin'.

    2) Seriously. Why mess with a great formula? Just keep releasing expansion packs, offer some Online Play for interactive jamming/competition, and the ability to record some karaoke for fun/Net trading. Lots of variation left within the first incarnation.

    3) Since most other instruments require the use of the mouth (brass and woodwinds), the only instruments really left are drums and keys. Which, while fun, require you to sit down, thereby denying many of the joys of performing on Guitar Hero - the booty shakes, the leg kicks, the windmill, etc.
    • You've got 2 & 3 right on. It's more fun to be standing and spazzing, and I'm sure there'd be more than enough market for expansion packs.

      But totally for guys? Where do you get this from? Every single woman (half a dozen) that has played it has loved it and asks to play it again when they visit. And they generally choose the hard rock songs.
    • Jumping in on number 1 there. My wife plays Guitar Hero about 3 hours a week. It's by far her favorite game in my collection. She's the one getting hardcore about wanting to buy another controller or two so she can mod it. Yes. My wife wants to mod Guitar Hero controllers.
    • My Wife hasn't played a ps2 game since Twisted metal black. She is mad addicted to Guitar Hero, and has been since the day I brought it home. Although we only recently got a second guitar so for a long time she was "Dualshock hero".

      As for other versions I'd love to see stand-up bass hero..

      and as everyone else has said.. Cow Bell Hero would indeed ROCK.

  • I'd love to see a game that could handle multiple instruments. Guitar, drum, keyboards. Throw in a DDR and Karaoke aspect, too. Let a whole bunch of people play simultaneously, each doing different things - that'd just completely rule.
  • Dance hero. RedOctone response to the stomp-the-arrow-game that made the music game genre popular. Difficulty: Light, Standard, Heavy plus a hidden Expert.
  • We've had all this stuff in Japan for awhile now.. The guitar game hooks up with the drum game (that's a full drum set, single-pedal) which also hooks up to the DJ game (turn table + 9 buttons). There's also the Taiko Drum game, but that's wholly separate. Some of the people on the drum set are ridiculous. They bring their own sticks and bust out these crazy power songs. I can't even see the things moving on the screen, but they rack up combos in the thousands like it was nothing at all.

    Note: I don'

    • beatmania and pop'n' don't link to GuitarFreaks or DrumMania...

      Beatmania nor pop'n' music actually simulate anything in real life. The controller for beatmania and beatmaniaIIDX are similar to drum machines, but... Not really. That doesn't mean they're not fun though.

      I do prefer GuitarFreaks to Guitar Hero. The interface is better and the music IS better and more varied.
  • by Opportunist ( 166417 ) on Friday June 16, 2006 @04:56AM (#15547209)
    Let's face it. Guitar Hero was a success because, well, we've all done our share of air guitaring. Even the biggest geek on the planet went and, at least alone, at home, locked door and everything, didn't jack off but actually raised his left hand, grabbed some imaginary guitar neck and rubbed his right hand across his belly.

    Dunno how many have done that with keyboard. Or drums. Or ... accordeons, cowbells, you name it.

    The only way this could work out would be some kind of "band hero" overall game. With drums, keyboard, guitars, some karaoke-esque microphone action and if you're so inclined a few DDR pads to get some people to dance to it.

    The next incarnation of Guitar Hero is supposedly the first step to this, with people being able to play different guitar lines (lead, bass, whatever). Extrapolating it to the rest of the band is then only a matter of time. I could very well see this coming.

    But a Keyboard Hero or Drum Hero as a standalone game will most likely not succeed.
  • DJ hero, you have a turntable input device that gives you a choice between Hip Hop (for Americans) and Dance (for Europeans)

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