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Comment Parents will end up paying the difference (Score 1) 1797

Removing federal loans just means private institutions will make up some the difference. The problem is that private loans will demand a higher rate (because they're looking to make a profit).
The problem is that Ron's looking at this from the student's perspective; but that's not the typical case. Most students are paying for college with help from their parents (indeed, most middle-class parents start college funds for their children earlier and earlier). Even with help from mom & dad loans are usually required.
It's not like schools are just making up tuition costs, they have bills to pay; and the price isn't just set wherever they feel like setting it; they have a budget, of which tuition and fees is only one source of income among many. If the demand suddenly decreases that likely means costs per student will increase (as many of the fixed costs are now carried by a smaller population).

Comment Re:You might try Economics instead. (Score 1) 152

I'd recommend narrowing "economics" down to just of the sub-field of microeconomics; behavioral economics in particular. These focus on the actions of a single agent (or small number of agents). Wikipedia link: Most of macroeconomics looks at the systems that result out of a large number of agents acting independently, which isn't what I infer the OP is looking for (there's little overlap between AI and things like: theory of money; aggregate supply / demand; role of government; international trade; etc). There are certainly people looking at simulating these with multiple AI players... but I doubt the field is that far along yet as we're still working to model the AI of a single individual.

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