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Comment Free speech, too? (Score 2) 236

If I were Snowden I'd be looking at every possible media outlet to get the word out about the disgusting things I've learned. Some of those media outlets require money/funding, and inevitably will return some kind of profit (ticket sales for movies for example). But them trying to play that card on Snowden in the first place is just proof that they need to examine his motives and his position as someone who wants to stop the breaking of laws and constitutional foundations that his country was founded on by its own government. Relating him, even remotely, to "terrorism" is appalling and insulting to his integrity and willingness to essentially throw his life away for the sake of informing people that their government isn't playing by its own rules.

Comment MS Controls hardware / software industry? (Score 1) 440

I'm not totally versed in the politics of getting MS to sign your drivers, so apologies if this seems like a dumb question - what if, say, MS didn't want to sign software drivers for OpenVPN TAP/TUN network devices (let's say they just rolled out their shiny new VPN software). Or basically any other driver, hardware or software - Can they just say, "no" to OpenVPN, then OpenVPN team (or whoever else) is SOL? If true, that basically means MS has a complete, Apple-like stronghold over the hardware (and lots of software that utilizes driver framework to function) that runs on Win10+.

Comment Same shit, different pot (Score 0) 644

When are the people of the United States going to stop grasping so tightly the idea that a new president is going to change the course that everyone is on? I am sick and tired of people rooting for a president like they do a fucking football team. 'GO HILLARY!' 'WE MUST DEFEAT TRUMP!' Like any one person, even the supposed "leader", will somehow make the necessary change to purge the bowels of a rotten political and federal government system.

"WE THE PEOPLE" must make the change. I don't mean voting (though it doesn't hurt), I mean CHANGE. The people of the United States must remember that it is they themselves that are the superpower, not the few that hold the keys to the kingdom. The people must organize and steer their ship in the direction of positive change, of prosperity, of justice and freedom. Only then will USA again be chanted across the world instead of cursed.

Comment NTP (Score 3, Interesting) 171

Do we really need it anymore now that we have NTP running on most of our smartphones, computers, etc.?

I do miss the "time lady" though. Or "popcorn" - (767-2676, or 767-1111). "At the tone, the time will be, 9:38am. *BEEP*"

I was just thinking yesterday about an automated telephone game system I used to call when I was growing up in the 80's. 573-3400. I forget what it was called, but there were 3 games you could play all by 'choose your own adventure' touch-tone style choices. One was a cowboy type game, one was a vampire, and I forget what the third one was. It was all free to play for us latch-key kids. Heh. Now get off my lawn!

Comment It depends on the notes (Score 1) 192

If I'm at my computer I'm not really going to handwrite notes. But if I'm somewhere that accessing/using pen+paper is more beneficial to use, I'll use that. I have a Palm Tungsten C I still use daily for work because IMHO its core function of a general purpose, disconnected personal data assistant has yet to be bested. It's always on me so unless hitting a single button and entering my password is too long then pen[cil] + paper win I guess.

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