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Comment Re:I've had this working for a few months... (Score 1) 96


Yeah, it could possibly be sped up a bit, but right now I'm doing a linear search for the nearest Hamming distance in a data set of about 25k cards (all of the MtG cards printed) -- if I were to optimize the Hamming search with a tree of sorts (similar to the algorithms used for spell-checker algorithms) I could possibly speed it up, but no need to prematurely optimize things at this point.

Comment I've had this working for a few months... (Score 1) 96

Currently I'm using OpenCV and a lot of glue code to scan real-time video and recognize cards for MtG. The database is easily extendable for Pokemon, Yugioh, L5R, and other card games.

I wrote it in Python on the PC, and recently ported it over to native Android. So far it works really well, and you can see a screenshot of it in action right here:

Like others, I'm trying to put my kids through college, and am not quite willing to open-source my months of work just yet. However, I'm not looking to scalp anyone, and my rates are very reasonable. Feel free to PM me if you would like me to license this library to you -- it would be a fairly turn-key solution for you.

Comment Re:This is scientifically impossible (Score 1) 479

"higher binding energy" -- meaning that it's harder to pull them apart. Imagine you've got two pits, and you're moving bricks from one to the other. The deeper pit has higher binding energy -- it's tougher to pull the brick out of the pit, and place it into the shallower pit -- lower binding energy. The GP post is asking how this could result in a net gain of energy, when you've had to expend more work pulling bricks out of deep holes and placing them into shallow holes?

I don't know enough about chemistry to comment further, but that's my layman's understanding.

Comment He did not combine them. (Score 3, Informative) 315

He didn't even do that, he combined two separate opensource engine making one better engine.

According to the allegations, he did not combine two open-source programs into a super-bot. They claim that the current version of his bot (Rybka) is a copy of Fruit, and an earlier version of his software was a copy of Crafty.

As you said, he closed-sourced them and claimed them as his own without giving attribution -- thereby breaking the software licenses of at least one of them (Fruit), which is GPL.

Comment Re:How's the game? (Score 1) 116

Oh no -- it's definitely very different.

You run around, you smash things, you collect things, but you also do a lot of building, a lot of racing, and a LOT more customization than is present in the TT games. You're building up your character -- clothes, equipment, weapons, armors, special pieces that give abilities. You're competing -- there are foot races and car races -- you're building specialized space ships and hunting around for hidden treasure chests that hold rewards.

The TT games had very limited collectibles. You basically collected money and special golden bricks -- I don't think there was much else in the way of collectibles, and you couldn't buy much with your stuff -- just more characters. In LU, you can not only collect money (to buy clothes or equipment), but you can also buy pre-made models to go on your property, or you can buy race car parts, or rocket ship parts, or whatever -- and then there's the whole thing of just finding and collecting those parts on their own. There are flags to find, pets to find, special bricks to find, special blue bricks to find, achievements to find, challenges to complete, etc etc etc.

A BIG thing in LU is pets -- there are tons of unique pets in the game in every world, and finding, taming, and collecting them all is a large minigame that spans the entire set of worlds. You can name pets and have a whole menagerie. You have your own properties that you build up with things that you've collected in other worlds, etc.

The TT games didn't really have "collecting" the way LU does. LU lets you "collect" a VERY wide variety of things -- shoulder parrots are a fun one to collect because they're extremely rare and really fun to have flap around on your shoulder. There are also a wide variety of "elite" weapons that are very rare -- you can collect all manner of elite weapons -- not just swords and spears, but also silly things like pushbrooms or oars. It's impossible to collect everything in the game, and there's a lot of depth and opportunity for showcasing your collections -- this is VERY different from the "collect" aspect of TT.

There is also a story here with factions -- something that isn't present in the more linear TT games.

All that to say -- it's NOT "pretty much the same". I more just meant that their strongest appeal is with the LEGO branding, and if that wasn't enough to draw you into the TT games, then you'd be hard-pressed to come up with a justification for your monthly bill.

Comment Re:How's the game? (Score 1) 116

If you don't like subscriptions (like me) and are able to play with most of your friends locally, then I think I could have quite a bit of fun just sticking with the Travelers Tale games (Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, etc).

The beta was a good time, and especially if I had remote friends that I wanted to play a family-friendly online game with, I'd definitely consider subscribing.

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