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Comment Re:To video game developers I have only one thing (Score 1) 422

I'm not a union expert, but I've been in the game business for over ten years.

Most of the major development houses are really interested in outsourcing to reduce dev costs.

Now, as a skilled programmer, I'm worth at least a dozen overseas developers. But two dozen? Three dozen?

I don't even blame my current bosses. I've seen them lose contracts to oversea dev houses who can do a project for half our lowest price.

Comment I'm guessing much higher... (Score 1) 940

Unless he's a lot shorter than I remember, or full of air, he's much heavier than 235.

From his 2007 blog: "Lemme tell ya’ something: if I weight 230, I wouldn’t be blogging about losing weight; I’d be stuffing my fat maw with starches and sugars in a veritable orgy of food, glorious food. I dream of being 230. 230 is a months-away, pie-in-the-sky quasi-pipe-dream."

Comment Re:Choice, what a joke (Score 1) 568

I think Google's point was that they're giving you a choice by not limiting you to a single provider (ala iPhone). It isn't their fault that AT&T is lame. Hopefully this will pressure the service providers to actually provide services instead of making money with confusing long-term contracts and random fees (e.g. like the stupid 'activation fee' they charge for the 'Totally Free Phone' I got 3 months ago).

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 509

When you play tennis for the first time, you'll get your ass handed to you also. [...] Is it the fact that you might get chewed out by some 15 year old you'll never meet?

I don't mind losing at tennis, even to a 15-year old. It's a fun game and good exercise. But if my opponent is a smart ass, smack talker, I'll take my ball and go home.

I'm a better than average FPS player (and much better at Halo than tennis ;)), but 90% of the time when I play a FPS it's full of nothing but smack talking racist (or worse). So I either play without the mic, or against bots.


Submission + - Will Wright: Wii is the Only Next-Gen Console

PhoenixOne writes: In an article that will probably piss off a lot of PS3 owners, Will Wright calls the PS3 and 360 "incremental improvement(s)".

As far as the death of PC gaming: "Every generation it's like 'the PC's dead! The PC's dead!'. But it carries on growing when consoles are flat for five years. At the moment I can get better graphics on my PC than I can on the PS3."

Submission + - FASA Studio has closed its doors

PhoenixOne writes: In another chapter in its long (an often frustrating) history, FASA Studio has closed its doors.

It is my sad duty to announce that FASA Studio has officially closed its doors. Today was the official last day of employment for those of us who had not moved on to other positions within Microsoft Game Studios. While the rumors have been circulating forever, we chose to wait on an official announcement because we didn't want people's attention distracted from our last product, Shadowrun, a game we love.

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