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Comment Time travel? Really? (Score 1) 21

What I enjoyed about Gibson's books was that his vision of the future was grim and very dystopian at times, but it was always at least halfway believable. Sure, we had AIs and perfect human-computer interfaces, we had easy, reliable space travel and a lot of things were different from what we're used to, but all the changes that he proposed were at the very least possible. Plausible even at times. Prophetic at others.

Time travel doesn't really fit that bill, Bill.

Comment Re:Why a "center"? (Score 2) 132

And why'd I want to put myself where the competition is?

Of course it depends what you're after. Generally, though, it mostly depends on what you offer and what you expect. For example, the security branch of the corporation I work for has been put into some godforsaken backwater area of our country, which does make hiring admittedly a bit harder, but then again you get a lot more bang out of your buck out here. I live in a huge 1000 ft apartment for about 600 bucks, my total living expenses are below 1500 a month and, bluntly, I live like a king.

1500 would downtown not even pay for a crappy 300 ft apartment and surviving on pasta.

Comment Why a "center"? (Score 1) 132

What kind of infrastructure would you need that makes a "center of high tech industry" sensible? You have no raw materials that you have to send there, so connections to airports, seaports or rail connection is pointless. And as far as roads are concerned, anything that gets your workers to and from you will do. Power is essential, as is internet connectivity. Aside of that you need rather little in terms of logistics and resources.

Why you'd want to move to a "center" again as a company and drive real estate prices through the roof until the sensible thing is, again, to move away (as it is now with the former "high tech centers") is beyond me. Any sensible high tech company would prefer to simply move to the end of the world as long as the internet connection is up to par. And in this economy it's certainly no problem to get your workforce to follow you there.

Comment Re:That's the best you could think of? (Score 2) 78

How uninspired. The true gold would be:

1. Make a few insanely absurd new rules for the North Korean people. This is actually the challenging part for a people that already had mandatory haircuts, I agree.
2. Point a few western news networks at the page.
3. Watch the ensuing hilarity when they start gobbling up your insanity as reality.

Comment Re:A solution: Professional association (Score 1) 41

Given the amount of toilet paper hanging behind me in nice frames in my office and me being probably the worst in the team when it comes to pure hacking know-how (pretty much the proverbial parrot joke, "we have no idea what tricks this bird can do 'cause he never talked, but the other two call him boss in 4 different languages"), I can't help but agree.

There are a few certificates that actually show off what you can or can't do, but most are just like you say, mostly proof that you've been in the industry for a while and went to some circle-jerk events.

Comment Re:Dictator??? (Score 1) 192

It's getting harder every day to not use it. I would be with you if Facebook didn't have such a big impact in our lives as it has already. Of course because we collectively let it do so, but in the end, the individual has little recourse.

Increasingly webpages use some kind of "Facebook login" process. You want to join them, you need to have a Facebook profile. They outsourced the "hassle" of user management. And simply shrugging and forgoing using them works only if you're not involved in media or PR issues or have to find contractors online for work. Also more and more bosses want to see a Facebook profile before hiring you and not having one is seen as "odd". Got something to hide that we can't see your Facebook profile? Because it's just so unfathomable that you don't have one.

That thing is creeping deeper and deeper into our lives, whether you like it or not. Even whether you use it or not. And not using it makes you more and more of a pariah. Because "why didn't you come to the party, everyone was there, I posted it on Facebook for all my friends" is only the start.

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