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Journal Journal: This is a test

This is a test of the proxy at the school. I cannot post, but perhaps, I can journal?
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Journal Journal: Slashbot mode engage!

I'm out for +5 mods again, trying to draw a couple extra guests to my sig link. That means following the group think for a couple weeks, forgive me. I must slashbot for the greater cause of selfpromotion, by ranting against the very sort of thing I'm trying to pull off.

I'm hoping for about a million Rolland Piquapille stories so I can copy paste that usual rant against him, for maximum exposure to my real project.

It's a game of life, and we are all pawns.

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Journal Journal: Gmail time

Thanks to the following people for all inviting me into the wonders of Gmail:

Stephen Muddiman stephenmuddiman AT gmail DOT com
Michael McKendricks mikemckend AT gmail DOT com
Verlin Henderson verlin AT gmail DOT com
Pat Gaddis patgaddis AT gmail DOT com

You all are my very bestest internet friends.


Journal Journal: We need your help

so yeah, this alliance of slashdotters trying to make a name for themselves and their computers and websites formed a MD5crk team. If you've got a few beowulf clusters lying around, or even just a computer or two, why not Join Up today?

update! Project has failed. Someone who knew what they were doing found a collision a lot faster.

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