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Comment Capitalism, ho (Score 1) 1303

I'm mixed on this: but it's capitalism as usual. My knee jerk reaction was the workers are being treated like shit, and "how can Apple get away with this?" But, many police officers and firemen essentially have the same work on the drop of a hat mentality, and we don't disrespect them as subserviant slaves; rather we thank them for their sacrifice and service.

The flip side of labor laws is that they inhibit an individual's ability to go above and beyond, to earn wage or recognition.

Comment 1-800 Contacts? Really? (Score 1) 439

Well, I literally just wrote them to tell them to remove me from their mailing list, and will be purchasing contacts elsewhere. I'm sure I confused the crap outta whoever gets that web case, as they probably have no frickin clue what a SOPA is, but I'm pissed about SOPA and our bought Congress waltzing it right through, and I'm happy to boycott everyone I can that made it possible.

(Can't drop Time Warner, as they're the ONLY cable internet provider here, but I did send them an email expressing my dissent.)

I hope my fellow slashdotters are as diligent about getting off their duff and contacting some of these people. But either way, at least I won't be further financially supporting the demise of my rights, so long as I can help it.

Comment I've seen "freemium" work... (Score 2) 321

I've seen Freemium work, but as a model you have to truly understand the up and down points. It tends to work best where socialization is part of the service you're selling. IE if it's easier to send cards to someone else that's also a free member, then there's an inherent value to having someone as a free member even if they never spend a dime: they attract and create loyalty in other potential paying customers.

This is why so many MMOs have latched onto the concept, and why it works for farmville and such. People only engage in these games because their friends also play: as solo experiences they are terrible and will quickly bleed customers.

In short, freemium probably isn't a good model for his service if he's looking to make money, but the model should not be altogether disregarded. In some markets, it's very useful, and those ignoring it will be quickly undercut and eliminated by those employing it successfully.

Comment Another "shoulda done minecraft" post (Score 2) 121

But seriously, they should have, and I'm glad that economically the poorer model flopped to make room for the superior game.

I'd love a commercial sized team supporting a project like minecraft or dwarf fortress, I'd love to see what a project like that could do where innovative, genre creating design were combined with a dedicated and quality graphics and art team. Perhaps the last decade of failed MMO projects and successful ventures like the above stated minecraft/dwarf fortress will lure more publisher support for more innovation and less sequel.

Comment Re:They don't get it (Score 1) 722

Well, and the hidden intangible value of market share. See, Netflix really is a steal if their streaming content has content that appeals to you. And at 8 bucks/month for that content, very few companies can compete. I think the only reason amazon/google/hulu have any decent visitors count at all is their exclusivity to certain popular content.

BUT - if netflix continues to wind up the price and down the number of customers, on paper it may look like more money, but within the market they are gift wrapping next generation streaming entertainment delivery for another company to take. And it doesn't really matter what you do afterwards or what you did before, when you exploit your monopoly at the expense of your customers, when they finally do get their wish and a competitor steps in they will trash your name for decades to come.

Comment Is it state funded? (Score 1) 282

That should be the question. If it's state supported, then aggressive acts against the US should leave the option of reprisal, be they physical or virtual. However, as often is the case, the power of the state is waning and more often homeless smaller groups are posing as the real threat. You can declare war on drugs or Al Qaeda or other non-state elements all you like, but all it really amounts to is a way to justify to your people that you're cutting their resources/services to go after something with military force. The doctrine is meaningless unless you plan to go up against another recognized country.

Comment National ID is double plus good (Score 1) 260

Actually I have no problem with the idea of national ID. I'm pretty fed up with the fed's baseless anti-drug but pro-corporate pharmacy attitude, militant overtaxing, overspending and overexerting in foreign affairs, and f'ed up two party system that lumps social and economic decision making into a single choice come election time.

Comment Why polygamy is illegal (Score 2) 267

Why is polygamy illegal?
Lawyers haven't found a way to exploit it yet.

See, if 2 people get a divorce, then there's half of everything, and that's a big chunk for the lawyer to work with.

But, if 3 people get a divorce, that's only a 3rd of everything per lawyer.

This continues ad nasuem: if you have a rockstar with 100 wives, that's only 1% of his wealth sniped by a gold digger. What kind of tabloid headline would that make? "Golddigger wants divorce, wins 1% of Brad Pitt's fortune!"

So you see, preposterous. If it bucks the trend of lawyers taking all the money, it ain't gonna happen.

Comment I see this as a lose for Nintendo (Score 1) 258

1. Homebrew will update, and anyone that was smart enough to load it onto a their wii the first time will GUESS WHAT? Continue to be smart enough to load it again.

2. Now that they've brought attention to it, more people will hear about homebrew, think hmmm... sounds interesting and free, why not? Thus expanding their piracy problem.

Comment Hope that judge gets disbarred (Score 4, Interesting) 691

First, a disclaimer.

I happen to live on planet Earth. I am, therefore, somewhat biased to protect it. This bias may affect my perception of decisions, such as drilling oil wells that could have "immeasurable effects" on the ecology of the drilling site if done wrong.

Now, this article summary, and the statement from the judge, shows clearly in my opinion why we should never use the word immeasurable as a way to justify one action or another. It seems the opposition quite quickly was able to measure the impact, and the impact is about 1%. The first oil company willing to pledge enough cash to completely recover from a second disaster like the BP one, I'd say happy drilling. Until then, we need to suspend drilling holes at depths where we aren't technologically far enough along to fix things if they go wrong.

It does surprise me, that we've found the technology to destroy this planet hundreds of times over with nuclear energy, but we can't plug a hole a mile underwater. Kinda leads you to which way this planet's headed.

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