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Comment Re:Limited to specific devices (Score -1) 314

Yes! Yes! The service providers should be forced to give us what we want, when we want it, for the price we want to pay. Realities be damned! I'm a nerd and I DEMAND THE WORLD BE FORCED TO SATISFY ME.

You people basically prove the truism that the more you get, the more you want. There is so much pure timewasting entertainment available at amazingly low cost that you can't even keep up with a significant percentage of it if you tried, but it's not enough, no, MORE MORE MORE for you. It's heartbreaking to see this, more than anything else, is the cause with which you've all aligned.

Comment Re:Can I patent "method for social masturbation" (Score -1) 163

What scares me the most is that assholes like you actually believe this...

Wake UP! There is no grand conspiracy, just millions of people pulling in their own directions... and millions like you who don't want to pull at all, then whine when you get dragged somewhere you don't want to be.

Comment Re:1% vs 99% (Score -1) 451

No, generally, this level of presumption about how I feel turns me off so much that I would rather oppose you across the board than support you in any way.

Keep your arrogance in check. You (and those who agree with you) aren't nearly as brilliant as you think you are, and you aren't helping yourself by only paying attention to feedback loops and dismissing any opinions that aren't your own.

Comment Re:err (Score -1, Insightful) 235

For a bunch of whiners who want everything for free you people sure expect to be highly paid. Where does this money come from exactly, when you won't tolerate anything being sold? Maybe you expect the rich to donate to your life? (I know, there's no maybe about it. I've read your "manifestos.")

Comment Re:Not believing everything your read (Score 0) 361

That's not really the case. The simple, distasteful truth is that most people are not capable of critical thinking on any level that is of use to society at large. Unfortunately our societal desires to be "progressive" by forcefully redistributing resources to prop these weaker people up are working at cross-purposes to any ability to actually progress.

This isn't proper populist thinking, so no one wants to hear it. Same lesson as the story mentioned in the article, really - the people are stupid and shouldn't be trusted.

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