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Comment Re:Who's Wi-fi? (Score 1) 73

I'm confused by this too. Initially I thought as you did, they were setting up access points in heavy traffic areas to supplement Sprint's cell service. But based on the articles it looks like they expect you to connect to your own Wi-Fi networks. At which point I don't understand the $5 a month Wi-Fi only plan at all; couldn't I do the same thing with Google Voice for free?

Comment Music Streaming Movie Streaming (Score 1) 196

For $9 a month on google music, spotify, or several other services, I can listen to pretty much any song I want, new releases are instantly available, and I can download songs for offline listening. I pay $18 a month for Hulu Plus and Netflix, and access HBO go through my in-laws cable account. This still only gets me about half of the content I want to watch, and new content is available to torrent days, weeks or sometimes months before it is available to stream. Plus none of this content is available offline, where a torrented file is. The music industry is finally beating piracy by making streaming just as convenient.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 196

I look at the package deals this way: I would rather have the TV service Netflix provides over anything the cable companies currently provide, at any price. Time Warner could change their TV service to $10 a month, with a DVR, Netflix still beats it (for my purposes, yours may vary). They're not even offering a service that is relevant any more, so it doesn't matter what they charge to bundle it. They still have a monopoly on speedy internet in my area, so I am forced to pay them for that service, because it's a service I do want.

Comment Promoted tag (Score 1) 121

I think twitter is being pretty transparent in labeling these "promoted" accounts, with a little yellow flag and everything. It's an advertisement. If celebrities or other twitter users don't like it, they're free to close their twitter accounts. The only way twitter is going to change the policy is if enough people do get turned off by it, that it effects their traffic. Twitter and facebook are really harming their longevity by being so intrusive with their advertising policies.

Comment Re: Galaxy Alpha - We Hardly Knew Ye (Score 1) 47

Updates are not the problem they used to be. Most manufacturers have realized the importance of supporting their flagship devices with timely updates. And google has rolled a lot of the functionality updates into the google play services app, which can be updated through the play store independent of the OS. If this is really the only thing keeping you from Android, I would say look at the track record of some of the major manufacturers over the past two years and see if any of them are satisfactory.

Comment Re:Much of the failure was in explaining... (Score 1) 336

Or, you know, we could elect officials who can actually understand the issues when explained to them in simple terms well enough to decide policies. Or at the very least, representatives who will recognize that they are not experts at everything, and seek out information from the real experts. The failure is not in the explanation; when partisan politics cause people to see things in black and white, suddenly every issue has two valid sides. At that point it's going to come down to whichever side screams louder, or sadly whichever side spends more money.

Comment Re:Emma Watson is full of it (Score 1) 590

You are absolutely correct. Clearly, with voter turnout tilted towards women (around 53% in 2012), they should control far more than 20% of the available seats. The fact that they don't points to factors limiting women's opportunity to run for elected office, such as having less access to campaign finances. What keeps women from running for top elected offices? There are many factors involved, but it certainly seems that women don't have a fair opportunity for representation. They are being persuaded by the people with the money to run for office that men are the "better choice," which is the very definition of inequality. That, or they "don't care, and are too stupid" to vote for a candidate who represents their interests.

Comment Similar issues to previous major revisions (Score 1) 504

I'm surprised no one has taken issue with the statement "previous OS upgrades have been relatively seamless." I'm running iOS8 on an iPhone 5, and there have been several issues. As I expected upgrading the day it was released. My experience on iOS 8.0 has been relatively smooth compared to the major issues of iOS 6.0 and 7.0. Apple will fix most bugs in short order, and by January I expect iOS 8.0.2 will run pretty well on your device. Any research done on iOS upgrade recommendations will tell you to wait until the x.0.1 update if you don't want to deal with bugs.

Comment Re:why? Better for Comcast to not know (Score 2) 418

Comcast the ISP is part of a large media corporation including NBC and Universal Studios. They have an interest in protecting their copyrights, as well as protecting traditional cable subscriptions. This is why they are one of the lowest rated companies in the country, they are more focused on advancing other pieces of the corporation than providing customer service. What are you going to do, switch to a competitor?

Comment Re:McDonallds should sue ... (Score 2) 251

I have no doubt if McDonald's was the only place to get food, they would be much more aggressive about their policies.

Sure, you can buy just a burger, but the Big Mac combo meal is only $10.99... a single burger will cost you $23.
Your fries are cold? Well I see here that you ordered the basic meal.. for just $5 more you get the premium meal, which gives you a maximum fry temperature of 160 degrees. Actual temperature may be less depending on time of day and drive-thru congestion.
Oh you want ketchup? Sure, you can get that in our add-on package, which comes with ketchup, mustard, relish, vinegar and "special sauce," for just $14.99!
5 minutes after leaving the restaurant, you would get a phone call asking if you would like to come back and order dessert.
And your only alternative is to have frozen food delivered to you from space. Sure, it takes 2 weeks, and the options are limited, and most of the food you tastes like rubber, and it costs twice as much as McDonald's... but at least you have options!

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