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Submission + - Virtual landscape makes you feel like a rat in a maze, could aid Alzheimer's (

sciencehabit writes: A rat navigating a maze has to rank somewhere near the top of science tropes. Now scientists report that they’ve developed an analogous test for humans—one that involves driving through a virtual landscape in a simulated car. The advance, they say, may provide a more sensitive measure for detecting early signs of Alzheimer ’s disease.

Submission + - Future iPhones may contain Li-Fi, a technology with a transfer speed of 224 Gbps (

An anonymous reader writes: Recently discovered code in iOS suggests that Apple may be exploring the feasibility of incorporating Li-Fi functionality into future iPhone models. Li-Fi, in case you’re unfamiliar, is a technology capable of transmitting data via light. What makes Li-Fi so compelling is that it’s effectively Wi-Fi on steroids and can transmit data more than 100 times faster than a standard Wi-Fi connection.

In lab conditions, researchers this past February were able to achieve Li-Fi speeds of 224 gigabits per second, fast enough to download multiple HD movies in less than two seconds. While Li-Fi still remains something of an experimental technology, iOS 9’s references to the blazing fast data transfer technology are certainly intriguing.

Is this likely to be a feature with the iPhone 7? Not a chance. As it stands today, Li-Fi, despite its promises of speed, is still plagued with a number of limitations. At a base level, it can’t work through walls because, well, visible light can’t travel through walls. In this respect, Wi-Fi has a huge practical advantage. Not only that, but a Li-Fi enabled device needs to have a direct line of sight to an operational light sensor to operate. This operational limitation, however, does make Li-Fi a more secure transfer protocol than Wi-Fi. Today, Li-Fi is far from being a true Wi-Fi replacement, but it’s not out of the realm of comprehension that Li-Fi, in the future, may dutifully serve as a Wi-Fi supplement.

Submission + - New Mersenne Prime Discovered, Largest Known Prime Number: 2^74,207,281 - 1

Dave Knott writes: The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) has discovered a new largest known prime number, 2^74,207,281-1, having 22,338,618 digits. The same GIMPS software just uncovered a flaw in Intel's latest Skylake CPUs, and its global network of CPUs peaking at 450 trillion calculations per second remains the longest continuously-running "grassroots supercomputing" project in Internet history. It is almost 5 million digits larger than the previous record prime number, in a special class of extremely rare prime numbers known as Mersenne primes. It is only the 49th known Mersenne prime ever discovered, each increasingly difficult to find.

Comment Re:Dont do anyone any favors (Score 1) 644

What the father failed to do in this situation was draft up a contractual agreement with the other woman in this case, with her agreeing to reimburse him for any expenses or support related to the child in perpetuity.

Which would still leave him out-of-pocket until he could collect from her, but it would (probably, IANAL, your state or provincial laws may vary) be a legal arrangement.

Source: My family law lawyer (Alberta provincial and Canadian Federal law.)


Submission + - Stardock will sell you a Windows 8 Start Menu for $5 (

An anonymous reader writes: Regardless of how ready or not Windows 8 is, one thing it definitely won’t have when it launches next month is the Start Menu.

This has upset many Windows users. Why remove something that is so engrained in the way we are all used to using the Windows interface? Yes, Microsoft is trying to move with the times and change the interface to work with more devices and be touch friendly, but all that still works with a Start Menu in the bottom-left corner of the screen, right?

PC software company Stardock, well-known for specializing in Windows apps and games such as WindowBlinds, WindowFX, and Sins of the Solar Empire, has decided enough people will want a Start Menu for Windows 8 that it was worth creating one. The result of that is a Windows 8 utility called Start8.

Start8 effectively re-enables the Start Menu and allows you to customize it to your tastes. It can look like the Windows 7 Start Menu, take on a Windows 8-style modern sliding form, launches Metro apps, and even allows you to boot directly into the Windows 8 desktop by default. If you want the classic Windows experience on Windows 8 then it looks as though Start8 might be the best attempt yet to offer it. And the cost of using it? $4.99.

I suspect more than a few people will be willing to pay that as frustration grows with the lack of a Start Menu come October 26.

Comment Re:Breaking laws (Score 2) 218

Because that invites reciprocation of that attitude from other countries. Most people tend to get angry when foreigners from anywhere come into their country and intentionally disrespect the local cultural mores and laws.

I'll give you an easy, hyperbolic example:

By that same argument, how do you feel about Sudanese refugees performing female genital mutilation just down the street from where you live? How do you feel about them snorting in contempt at you when you show outrage, saying: "If a country doesn't respect my cultural norms, then why respect it at all?"

Etc. Etc.

Comment Re:Democrats loved the Pentagon Papers (Score 3, Interesting) 833

As a non-american, I will continue to financially support Wikileaks (to a modest $20 a year, they're part of my christmas charity allotment), because while you may see this as damaging to american interests, I see it as furthering the interests of the entire world. I too, have looked through a good chunk of the released documents, so far. What I found allotted to "The stuff we already knew, but here's the details" of america's dirty laundry. Meh.

Long live wikileaks. I *do*, however, hope their next big releases focus on other countries, not just the USA. The current amero-centrism of wikileaks major releases is rather disappointing, but is probably more the result of opportunity than it is country-specific targeting.

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