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PC Case For Hamsters, EZ Bake Oven in a Drive Bay 297

ResQuad noted that Slashdot's OSDN Sister site ThinkGeek is selling some exciting new products including a PC Case for Hamsters and an EZ Bake Oven that fits in a 5.25 drive bay. They also have a limited run T-Shirt with a s3kr1t message on it. Lots of other fun stuff too.
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PC Case For Hamsters, EZ Bake Oven in a Drive Bay

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  • by American AC in Paris ( 230456 ) * on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:01PM (#8741012) Homepage
    They're both neat little toys, but ThinkGeek won't have much success selling them side-by-side.

    It's hard enough fitting a hamster into an empty 5.25 drive bay, after all...

  • Good... (Score:5, Funny)

    by snakattak ( 592921 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:02PM (#8741024)
    Now I can cook my hamster in my ez-bake drive bay. Finally!
    • Is this a joke?
      What happens if I buy one?
      Do I get an invoice that say "april fools?"
      What about Gordy?
      Can fish really talk?
      What about Rabbits?
      Or system admins?
      Do you think that there will be six more weeks of winter of the sysadmin doesn't see his shadow?
  • Terrible! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Chuck Bucket ( 142633 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:02PM (#8741028) Homepage Journal
    must, not reload slashdot again today! come on April 2nd!

  • by Shakrai ( 717556 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:02PM (#8741030) Journal

    Back when I was a little kid I pulled a Tim Allen stunt and decided that my sisters EZ-Bake oven needed more power. After all who wants to wait a whole 10 minutes for their peanut-butter cookie? I considered various ways of doing this (my parents caught me trying to take the propane tank off our grill -- so that option was ruled out) and finally settled on wiring the battery terminals directly into 120v AC power.

    Unfortunately the Oven didn't last very long and I got a nice electric shock for my efforts. My sister never did figure out why her EZ-Bake stopped working though. And my Dad never did figure out where his good extension cord and 3/4 of a brand new roll of electricans tape disappeared to either :)

    To this day I still think there's a market for a more powerful version of the EZ-Bake oven. Any venture capitalists out there reading this comment? It'll be the biggest thing since Google [google.com] and sliced bread -- which incidentally we'll be able to toast in less then 10 seconds with the new model!

    • by SandSpider ( 60727 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:17PM (#8741215) Homepage Journal
      In fact, you aren't the first person to think of this. I present to you: GE's Advantium [geappliances.com] oven.

      The people who claim Microwave Ovens are the successors are Fools! Fools! The reason being that the EZ Bake works off of light bulbs. (Incidentally, you would have wanted to rig a better lightbulb into the EZ Bake Oven to make it more powerful - I suggest Halogen.) The Advantium cooks with, you guessed it, Light.

      But, sadly, your joke has, in fact, been brought to, um, light. Sorry.

      • In fact, you aren't the first person to think of this. I present to you: GE's Advantium oven.

        THOSE RAT BASTARDS!!!! I had prior art! Goddamn them!

        There's only one thing to do now. If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em [sco.com]!

        But, sadly, your joke has, in fact, been brought to, um, light. Sorry.

        Everybody is a critic :) I was just trying to get into the apparent /. spirit of Apr 1st. I've been ridiculed in almost every reply. Oh well :)

    • As a four-year old the batteries in my electro game (where you have to link the contacts of question and answer with two probes to get a buzzing sound) died.

      Somehow I noticed the wall socket...

      A flash, a bang but I'm still alive. Close call though since there were no differential interruptors installed at that time.

    • hot dog cookers (Score:3, Informative)

      by zogger ( 617870 )
      you ever make a hot dog cooker when you were a kid? Easy instructions. Take a clean board (a 1 x 4 is handy size), pound two 16 penny nails through it, distance separating them approximately 3/4ths the length of a hot dog (check fridge meat drawer, hotdogs vary). Leave a 1/4 inch of nail and head showing. Snag (dad's) extension cord, cut off the female end, separate the wirez. Strip them a half inch or so, wrap one end to one nailhead, one to the other, then finish pounding the nails in. Get vice grips, ben
  • w00t! No more runs to the kitchen for a quick snack! Technology is awesome!
  • by zubernerd ( 518077 ) * on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:03PM (#8741036)
    Just wait until you put an {AMD|P4} processor in it, then that case will be an EZ Roast oven for hamsters...
  • They STOLE my idea! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by mr. phantastik ( 202943 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:04PM (#8741061) Homepage
    I had the idea for an easy bake oven a LONG time ago! Linkie [slashdot.org]
    • I had the idea for an easy bake oven a LONG time ago! Linkie

      I suggest you contact our good friend Darl and find out what law firms he is using. Sounds like you have a case :)

  • The EZ-Bake drive bay got me to thinking about something useful... I wouldn't mind one that was an EPROM eraser. That would actually be pretty spiffy.

    So how many people are going to take them up on their offer of the "binary T-shirt"?

    • So how many people are going to take them up on their offer of the "binary T-shirt"?

      I am. The T-shirt offer is real, as far as I can tell. I just submitted an order, and the shipping and handling with the T-shirt was more than it was without, so it had better be real!
    • The EZ-Bake drive bay got me to thinking about something useful... I wouldn't mind one that was an EPROM eraser. That would actually be pretty spiffy.

      And a damn-sight better use for cold-cathode fluorescents than most uber-l33t casemods.

    • Re:Almost useful... (Score:2, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward
      $ while read -n 8 binary; do echo -ne `printf "\\\\\x%x" $((2#${binary}))`; done <<< '010010010010000001110011011010000110111101110000 0 11100000110010101100100001000000110000101110100001 00000010101000110100001101001011011100110101101000 11101100101011001010110101100100000011011110110111 00010000001000001011100000111001001101001011011000 01000000100011001101111011011110110110001110011001 00000010001000110000101111001001011000010000001100 00101101110011001000010000001100001011011000110110 00
  • by thelenm ( 213782 ) <mthelen AT gmail DOT com> on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:04PM (#8741066) Homepage Journal
    By the way, the super secret message on the T-shirt says, "I shopped at ThinkGeek on April Fools Day, and all I got was this lousy shirt!"
  • by hlh_nospam ( 178327 ) <concealedhandgun@NosPaM.gmail.com> on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:05PM (#8741069) Homepage Journal
    I'm guessing that the PC hamster cage was suggested by this news article: Fat Hamster in Printer Sparks Rescue

    Apr 1, 7:45 am ET

    BERLIN (Reuters) - A hamster called "Teddy" sparked a police rescue mission after he climbed inside a computer printer and got stuck because he was too fat to get out again, authorities said Wednesday. (rest of article can be found on www.iwon.com)

    Given the date, I gotta wonder if either is for real.
  • . . . is a combo 'EZ-Bake Hamster Oven'. Imagine the possibilities!

    PARTYGOER : "Drew, this dish is wonderiffic!!! I must have the recipe!"

    DREW: "Why, those are hamster tarts I made with my computer!"

    PARTYGOER: "Mmmmmmmm - that's great hamster!"
  • by DR SoB ( 749180 )
    In other news Micheal Jackson has been nominated father of the year by Stewart Living.
  • I would cook right from the hard drive. Jiffy Pop popcorn anyone?

  • by iCat ( 690740 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:10PM (#8741141)
    Pity the poor souls who have to meta moderate all the April 1st threads that will show up in a day or two.
  • My friend said this case is just what he needs, as long as his pet python can fit through all the bends to chase the hamster/mouse/gerbil. Should make for a pretty active rodent too.
  • by MajorDick ( 735308 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:11PM (#8741157)
    I am horribly disappointed, not at the bad AF joke but for some reason when I try to add it to my cart it says...."Gotcha! April Fools, silly monkey! "

    I was hping to buy both and turn it into a sort of concentration camp for rodents, kill them in the case , cook em in the oven. I even had my label maker ready to print an Arbeit Macht Frei label over the drive bay, Oh well, back to using the microwave..
  • Possibly some kind of automated abattoir between the cage and the oven.

    Then, I just do a quick ./lunch.sh, and voila... 5 minutes later lunch is served!

    I'd be interested in collaborating on an open-source project for building the drivers, if anyone's interested.

  • by leroybrown ( 136516 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:12PM (#8741167) Homepage
    I once had a hamster named Forest that would hours and hours running in his little habitrail wheel. He loved that wheel so much that he drug some of his bedding into it to sleep there. Then he decided to start using it as his bathroom, too. So when he'd start running, there would literally be a shit storm in his wheel. Hamster poop and bedding flying everywhere. And, of course, all the flying debris would make its way out thru the airholes and onto my desk. I had to clean my desk of hamster shit at least once a day.

    Can you imagine the havoc this would've caused inside a computer case? Little poop pellets landing on the cpu and causing quite a stink from the heat, or hitting the cpu fan and being thrown everywhere... no thanks, I like my cat who is scared of my computers.

    • it wouldn't live long.
    • Our hamster did that too... she had a smaller wheel inside her cage, but she really liked the new big wheel that we got her that we had mounted on the exterior of her habitrail, so she started sleeping in there and putting bedding, etc....

      Every day, I had to clean around it because it made such a mess outside the cage, but I eventually got tired of it, so I took the whole darn wheel off, and left it off for a few days, putting a little plastic window at the end of the tube where the wheel had been connect

  • How much more could my power supply take before blowing? I imagine that some sort of heating element, even if it is in a 5.25 in drive bay, would be too much.

    Although, imagine a beowulf cluster of those! I'd give the bakery down the street a run for their money, if only I could pay the resulting electric bill. And, of course, if I could only cook.

  • A guy already did the hamster case. Lots of pics, be warned - the hard forums are slow as hell. http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadi d=742432&perpage=15&pagenumber=1
  • a self-cleaning oven for the hamster besmirchment.
  • Back a few years a go I had a contract to service computers in a pizza chain. I got a call to come look at a store's computer that had developed some problems.
    I got there and and was told one of the remotes wasn't working. I opened the case up and inside it all the cards were covered in mouse turd.
    I traced out which remote wasn't working and pulled out the make table to discover a mouse had chewed the cables and died. It had died long enough ago that it had liquified and left a permanent "chalk line" a
  • Oh, my god, that PC habitrail reminds me of that underground compound I lived in back in the 1970s.

    They would round us up at the age of 30 and make us rotate around this floating thing until our bodies exploded.

    Thank God Michael York stood up on the balcony of the arcade with that woman and showed us his clear palm and told us it was all a lie and took us all outside to meet Peter Ustinov!
  • almost (Score:3, Funny)

    by AnonymousCowheart ( 646429 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:17PM (#8741221) Homepage
    Almost as good as 2001's USB George Foremans iGrill [slashdot.org]
    The grill is still up at think geeks website [thinkgeek.com]
  • I'm waiting for my T-shirt with goatse on the front and back. I hope they come out with it before Christmas. I hope you're listing thinkgeek people!
  • 010010010010000001110011011010000110111 101110000011100000110010101100100001000 000110000101110100001000000101010001101 000011010010110111001101011010001110110 010101100101011010110010000001101111011 011100010000001000001011100000111001001 101001011011000010000001000110011011110 110111101101100011100110010000001000100 011000010111100100101100001000000110000 101101110011001000010000001100001011011 000110110000100000010010010010000001100 111011011110111010000100000011101110110 00010111001100100000011101000110
  • I like to bake my own bread using those Rhodes frozen bread dough loaves. The heat given off by the case makes it rise pretty well. Don't think I couldn't actually shove it into a drive bay...
  • The EZ-Bake oven uses LEDs. When cooking your hamster, it'll take a while.

    Unless, of course, your processor is an AMD.
  • by xThinkx ( 680615 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:21PM (#8741266) Homepage

    OK, so no lie, I have made several (failed) attempts to build, and will one day successfully build a similar hamster case.

    For everyone who's wondering why there are several attempts consider the following.

    • Habitrail tubes aren't solid, they have holes for ventilation (which will be addressed later). Hamsters urinate alot, and not in the same place, which led to the first case with junk parts smelling like hot piss in almost no time. Also urine corrodes things quickly.
    • Hamsters need bedding, which gets everywhere, they chew it up or scratch it into minute pieces that will clog fan intakes, etc. Bad stuff
    • Hamsters need some sort of open air ventilation to survive (and breathe). If this ventilation isn't above where they can reach they'll throw bedding/poop out of it somehow. If the ventilation is too high, it won't work and the hamster is done for. If you use even a low cfm fan to add to the ventilation, hamster will avoid it like the plague, causing general health and discomfort to the hamster
    • Hamsters chew...A LOT. One nearly unfortunate hamster chewed a hole big enough for him to get out into the case, he was working on the insulation of a 12V line when I cought him.

    So, there's the trials and tribulations of the Hamster case. Can't belive someone stole my idea...

    • Of course, you can't buy it as it comes up with an "April Fool" page if you try

      But how about this:

      a) Holes on the top of the tubes... it would keep the hampsters from peeing through them at least... not sure about dust issues depending on size
      b) Maybe make the tubes difficult to access for sod-carrying hampsters - and put a special fan nearby to carry out their shavings
      c) Have the tubes go through the case, but have the actual tubed-areas cordoned off from any sensitive electronics (you'd need a bigge
    • junk parts smelling like hot [hamster] piss
      this alone makes parent's post worth at least a few giggles. i realize you are serious and that hamster piss sux, is corrosive, and smells, but nice work in the humor dept.
    • I believe I had a similar idea as well. Didn't really put much thought into it though, and I would have probably used a gerbil or mouse. Thanks for the info though, just incase I really do get the urge to make a living place for a future rodent. Now that I think about it, why not make a huge network of space for a rodent to move about. One could use many clear tubes moving from place to place around a room with a few large places such as a computer case or tank on top of a dresser or even another compar
    • by MoneyT ( 548795 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:53PM (#8741595) Journal
      Even though this story is a joke this guy [thewolfweb.com] actualy succeeded in building one.
  • Is indeed a legitimate item. Buy anything with a total (before shipping) of over $10 USD, and you'll get the shirt free if you add it to your cart.

    You'll also get one Geek Point.
  • Some of the gag items will actually give you negative Geek Points, so don't try too hard to buy them.
  • For thos of you that didnt real the included mixes for the EzBake oven the last one is ...Caffeinated Meatloaf .....mmmmmmmmm
  • no need for scsi emulation! Bake your disks as God intended!
  • The banner ad on the bottom left that says "halflife 2, doom3, halo 2 - now shipping"

    Those bastards, that just isn't funny!

    Now saying that Duke Nuke'm Forever is shipping, that'd be funny!
  • 01001001001000000111001101101000011011110111000001 11000001100101011001000010000001100001011101000010 00000101010001101000011010010110111001101011010001 11011001010110010101101011001000000110111101101110 00100000010000010111000001110010011010010110110000 10000001000110011011110110111101101100011100110010 00000100010001100001011110010010110000100000011000 01011011100110010000100000011000010110110001101100 00100000010010010010000001100111011011110111010000 1000000111011101100001011100110010

  • Did anyone else misread that as a combined case mod: hamster cage and ez-bake oven? I mean, normally I'd know it was wrong. But this is April 1, and I kept staring at the text, thinking 'uh, guys, that's reachin' a bit far to find funny.'

    (shudders) Oh, Ick.

  • by cant_get_a_good_nick ( 172131 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @05:37PM (#8741418)
    Do they have a Pentium-4 without a heat sink?

    Anyways, here's a story I know.
    Long time ago, back in the original Pentium divide bug days, some guy had a Pentium machine with the bug, and wanted to replace the CPU. Since the CPU was hundreds of dollars, he had to send in the bad one before he could get the new one. No problem, since they just came out with the new Zero Insertion Force sockets. He tries to pull it out, but he can't. Turns out the manufacturer had glued it in. Seems that people in the loading dock found out that Zero Insertion Force meant also Zero Removal Force and stole the chips, necessitating the glue. What to do, what to do...
    Then he remembers, "Hey, this is a Pentium isn't it". He removes the heatsink, and runs his computer. CPU gets so hot it melts the glue, and he pulls it out. Don't have to worry about thermal failure anyway, since it's destined for the scrap heap. Sends it back, gets his CPU.
  • by holzp ( 87423 )
    you want to see something funny? here is a slashdotting.

  • "It is not a hamster, it's a rat!"

    "no rat, hramster!"

  • But I did. [networkofminds.com]
  • "I shopped at ThinkGeek on April Fools Day, and all I got was this lousy!shirt!"

    Score +0, Informative and Redundant
  • Back in 1996, there was a computer with a working pizza oven [worldofwibble.com]. And a sink, of course. (I was at the show where that was being demoed: no, not on April 1, and it really did cook pizza). I can't remember what the other slices did, though.

    It's 1995 predecessor was smaller, and lacked the kitchen sink.

  • You know, thats really not such a terrible idea. Sure, a simple implementation of it would be likely to lodge itself in some important stomach parts, but I know I've heard about people inserting inflated balloons into their stomachs to be 'more full' all the time. Perhaps a few years down the road, today's April Fool's joke will be tommorrow's Atkins.

    Actually, I'm pretty sure Atkin's diet originated as an April Fool's joke back in '68.

  • Fake Ad (Score:5, Interesting)

    by May Kasahara ( 606310 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @06:11PM (#8741744) Journal
    Am I the only one who noticed the HL2/Doom 3/Halo 2 "Now Shipping/Click to Order" notice on the left hand side of the page? It's a pretty subtle joke compared to the others on ThinkGeek's site...
  • by myov ( 177946 ) on Thursday April 01, 2004 @09:15PM (#8743070)
    ... Removable drive rack + Athlon = mini pizza oven!

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