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Comment Re:Perfect for Jury Nullification (Score 5, Informative) 258

Uber and Lyft left Austin because the VOTERS decided in a referendum to demand that they do ground checks based on fingerprints. Uber and Lyft said that what they had was good enough. Lyft and Uber lost badly and they so they left. So, to be clear for you my astroturfing friend, most people VOTED AGAINST LYFT and UBER.

Comment Re:As if poor people are stupid. (Score 2) 134

If you have no money handling skills, do you think you'll qualify for a credit card? If you live hand to mouth, live on welfare, you've pawned everything valuable and you need cash now then your only choice is payday loans.

Up here in Canada I watch them line up at places like Moneymart or Cashmoney at baby bonus day and the end of the month when welfare cheques come out. My wife manages a store at kfc and they get slammed with the 3 day millionaires.

Moneymart and cashmoney are always advertising the cheapest payday loans. Its a total scam. Welfare receipients should be forced to open a *real* bank account and not have cheques cut.

One more thing, no gift cards either, the latest scam is to buy grocery gift cards at a discount.

Best to just outlaw them.

Comment Re:What makes them think they can deliver? (Score 1) 124

Insurance may be a scam, but its wonderfully capitalistic. They look at the payouts that they have to do, first brought forth by blood sucking lawyers, then payouts for body shops/write offs and then tack on a nice healthy profit. If either payout increases, then rates go up. If payouts decrease then prices stay the same. Simple. Lloyds of London expects a 30% profit. No secret.

Comment Driverless cars may not sell that well... (Score 1) 293

Auto insurance will always be necessary because shit happens. No matter how smart the software becomes there is always something that can happen that the programmers didn't take into account. Example: an auto thief running a red light, pushing your car into pedestrians...who get sued?

People buy cars because they love to drive.

Driverless cars will appeal to people who want to play with gadgets instead of driving, or are terrible drivers, or the few who don't like to drive. Driverless cars will not take over the roads. Ever.

Comment Uber is a house of cards (Score 1) 460

Uber hates regulations.
They say they welcome regulation, but when it happens, they whine and cry, then pack up and leave.
They say they have proper back ground checks for drivers, proper insurance, and safety checks for the cars.
In reality they do a public records check on drivers which is far less than what a police check does. They encourage drivers to use their personal insurance for Ubering and risk cancellation and being sued into oblivion when an accident happens.
The safety checks are nothing more than a cursory glance done at an oil change place, rather than a real MOT check done by a real mechanic, the same used if you were buying a used car.
The whole system is a house of cards built on suckers - drivers who work with uber risk their financial well being in an accident, scams by Uber to rent a car to you if you don't and charge you exorbitant to do it. Drivers are suing them in California to be classed as employees. Riders who risk themselves in an accident to save a buck on a trip and cry when Uber screws them with surge pricing.
Uber is gambling that self driving cars will be available before the they run out of venture capitalists willing to fund another year of operations.

Comment Drive to the conditions (Score 1) 60

It's really simple. Police say it until they're blue in the face. Drive to the conditions and slow down. Just because you have all wheel drive, traction control, anti lock breaks, auto breaking, etc. doesn't give you license to drive 20% over the speed limit when everyone is going 50% under because the roads suck. Of course there will be the kidiot whining that he rolled his new suv and the highway department didn't do its job. Wah.

Submission + - Blackberry defeats Typo in court, Typo to discountinue sales of keyboard.

juniorkindergarten writes: Blackberry and Typo have reached a final settlement that effectively ends Typo selling its iphone keyboard accessory.
Blackberry took Typo to court for twice for patent infringement over the copying of Blackberry's keyboard design. Blackberry and Typo first battled it out in court, with Typo losing for copying the Blackberry Q10 keyboard design. Typo redesigned its keyboard and again Blackberry sued them for patent infringement.
The final results are that Typo cannot sell keyboards for screens less than 7.9", but can still sell keyboards for the ipad and ipad air. Exact terms were not disclosed

Comment Re:Pleased to hear this (Score 1) 142

In Ontario you cannot touch a phone while driving, red light or not.
The fine is going from $140.00 to $280.00 on March 18.
There are no points, but the insurance company WILL surcharge your insurance if this shows up on your abstract.
You must use a bluetooth handsfree device. Simply touching the phone to mute the ringer will result in a fine.
A motorist challenged the law and lost where he did just that.
Its absolutely the right thing to do. If you are driving, them drive; not eat, preen, read, or pick your nose.

Comment Re:Happy Canadian (Score 1) 415

A visit to the optometrist is around $50.00 here in sw ontario. That isn't expensive. If you're a diabetic, its still paid by ohip. A visit to the dentist isn't that much more expensive if you have no cavities. Most decent jobs provide benefits, so you're only going to pay the co-pay or deductible. Definitely not expensive.

Comment Re:It was inevitable ... (Score 1) 146

BBM is not a proprietary version of sms, its different. SMS is limited to 140 characters while BBM is not, you can send as much text as you want, including pictures, voice notes, files, gps locations (including map), contacts and appointments. BBM uses your data plan so you wont be charged extra to send/receive sms or mms messages (sms/mms messages charges when compared to data are ridiculous), and yes I know there are plans for sms.
The most important reason BBM is better than sms is that you can see the delivery and read of the message in real time. No D for delivered beside the message - it's waiting for delivery because the phone is off or out of the service area, and when the D shows you know the chime has gone off to say a bbm has arrived. When the recipient opens the message you get an R. No guessing like sms messages.
I can turn my phone off during a meeting, and the moment I turn it back on, instantly all the pending bbm messages arrive, not when the sms system gets around to sending it.

Comment Re:Depends on the source (Score 5, Informative) 749

I will tell you now that the average person cannot hear to 20khz. Young children can. Anybody who has listened to loud music for any length of time have blown away the top couple of khz of their audio range.
If you have ever gone to a rock concert and been near the front or gone to most dance clubs and you will have sustained hearing damage. If you have ever left one of these venues with ringing ears, or been around loud machinery and noticed the same, then you have sustained hearing loss. Your hearing will recover mostly after the trauma and that will be indicated by the subsiding of the ringing of your ears.
If you want to find out how your good/bad hearing is, spend the money and see an audiologist. You will be surprised on to find out what your hearing is really like.

Comment Re:That was Caterpillar's doing, *not* CAW. (Score 1) 674

Umm, how are laws, in either Canada or the US going to stop a multinational from pulling jobs out of either country and shipping them elsewhere, such as Mexico or China.

We certainly can't ban Caterpillar from shipping their machines into Canada in "retaliation" for closing a factory, the NAFTA would pose severe sanctions on Canada for that kind of behavior.

Its simply boils down to this: if your company's stance (caterpillar) is not to deal with unions, and you buy a company that is already unionized, workers at the acquired company should expect that it will be shut, and a new factory will be built in a state that is pro right to work, and anti union.
Caterpillar has done this time after time after time. If you want I'll give LOTS of citations.

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