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Comment No complaining? (Score 1) 304

Who isn't complaining? The last concert I went to - even though smoking was prohibited and dope was still illegal - you couldn't go near the floor without getting a nasty cloud of pot smoke. The previous concert was even worse.

Aaaand, nobody who could DO anything about it gave a f***.
Bouncers=no care
Management=no care

So yeah, no concerts for me now that I've got a little one. I don't need her inhaling lungfuls of smoke because nobody cares to enforce the f***ing rules or even the laws.

Comment Strategy (Score 1) 1005

Actually, thinking on this:

It might not even be ego but rather a fairly valid campaign strategy. If everyone is talking about him, then in essential the "other guys" (or "other gal" in this case) is losing attention. It's pretty hard to promote yourself when everyone is ignoring you.

I've often wondered if this strategy is employed somewhat already in various debates.

If you have two groups, and group A wants to silence group B, then one way would be to have a bunch of people with crazy agendas/opinions claim to be part of group B. Then, when everyone is paying attention to the crazy people, they basically take over group B since they're the only ones getting attention. There seems to be a lot of thing in controversies like "gamergate" etc where there were people in both groups with valid opinions, but they were getting overshadows by the crazies who took attention away from the people with serious opinions.

Comment Ads (Score 1) 174

Yeah, I was wondering about that as well.
If they're factoring that I spend $0.61/h for an hour of programming, but 15m14s of that programming is advertisements, then realistically you're paying $0.155 of that for the "privilege" of watching tampon and adult diaper commercials. For programming, you're actually then paying $0.61 for 44m46s (74.6% of the hour).
For actual programming, that's $0.818/h

Comment Password changes (Score 1) 116

People in my company - including the non-geeks - seem to manage OK without writing them down on a postie. This is with a policy requiring passwords be changed every few months and have a certain complexity.

Sometimes you forget and need to get the password reset, but in general most people seem to be smarter than you credit them for.

If you have trouble remembering, go for something based on a phrase or a common variation for different services.

Comment aka a "side job" (Score 5, Insightful) 346

These have been around for awhile. Usually it's a change to
a) Get a little extra cash
b) Do something you enjoy a bit more than your day-job
c) Build skill/experience/clientele

It's not a bad thing to have, especially in your "day job" goes south. I know some people whose side-jobs became a fledgling business and grew from there.

Comment Re:A bad feeling (Score 1) 125

No, but at least 1080p would be nice.
And yes, one can easily tell the difference between 720p or 1080p on a 12" display, given the normal eye-distance between my face and a laptop. It's not just about the clarity either, but about how much space you have for multiple windows etc. Since this is like just a projection of your android OS onto another screen it doesn't really matter though, since the mobile OS doesn't really do multi-window.

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