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Comment Re:Incentivized vs fake? (Score 1) 106

The term "karma-whore" has oft been used on slashdot, regardless of gender. The basic premise being that somebody is willing to commit an immoral* act for personal profit

*Morality, of course, being in the eyes of the beholder. I'd have more respect for somebody who sells "physical services" to a willing customer than somebody who engages in deceptive services to boost faulty products.

Comment Positioning (Score 1) 172

It also depends on where the computer is positioned. If it's under the desk with rear USB ports available it's going to be fairly trivial to hide such a device (possibly a bit harder to get at surreptitiously, but just wear a badge that says "IT Dept" for that).

In certain more high security environments I've seen them do things like glue the keyboard/mouse into the computer and use a special cover (or just hot glue in some cases) to block out any unused ports. Makes it a big PITA when you actually need to use those ports.

Comment It bloody well should be (Score 1) 194

Sorry, but if the latest patch of your most recent operating system ISN'T supposedly more secure than its predecessors, then that's a pretty bad thing.

That said, they can claim whatever they want, but it could all be shown useless if some hacker finds a nice juicy exploits or buffer overflow, a day, hour, or even minute from now.

Comment Other abuses (Score 1) 35

Can this work for domains other than the one running the script? If so, this sounds pretty nasty, as not only could it be used for scammers, but to seed somebody's internet history with "bad" links. You want to incriminate somebody in viewing illegal images/downloads/etc, just seed their browser history.

Comment Crybullies (Score 1) 820

I can't remember who coined the term, but I saw a great article months ago labelling these people as "crybullies." Essentially, they try to cram their cause/opinion down everyone's throat, and then when somebody disagrees they start in with buzzword-laden attacks labelling any detractors as being discriminatory X'ists (sexist, racist, misogynist, etc). They take any legitimate counterpoints and basically say "this is not valid, you're attacking me because I'm [insert group]". For bonus points, they'll take some of the usual nutwads/trolls/etc that really are sexist, racist, whatever, and use them as an example of how somehow everyone is against them and they're just a victim.

Comment 95% accuracy in which direction (Score 1) 52

95% accurate with the other 5% in favour of false positive (falsely showing you have HIV) would probably be a lot better than mistakenly telling you that you don't have HIV.
If somebody uses the stick and gets the HIV+ reading, then hopefully he/she will go in for a more accurate test. Getting the all-clear for somebody actually is infected could result in some pretty bad outcomes though.

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