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Comment Infiniti's too! (Score 1) 317

I just bought an off-lease 2011 Inifiniti G37x and the dealer hadn't removed the previous owner's music. It was AWFUL, The Best of Kenny Loggins was the best album of the ~100 ripped to MusicBox.

Once I removed all of the previous owner's music, I found the entire system nicely designed and performant.

Comment Re:Charge for support (Score 4, Interesting) 635

During a grand canyon in 2002 I was chatting with a NPS ranger during a rest and he mentioned that a helicopter evacuation cost $3,500. He said the biggest problem were guys in their twenties who thought they could hike from the south rim to the river and back up in 1 day in July with just a Nalgene bottle of water.

Comment That's some amazing speed! (Score 0, Redundant) 233

"It originally clocked in at 861 MPH"

WOW!!! That's some seriously astonishing speed at 2,752 miles per gallon! My 30 minute commute just dropped to just under 2 minutes! Take the top off and I won't even have to bother drying my hair after I get out of the shower. The constant windburn would probably result in some ointments, but it's probably worth it. Even if it only holds one gallon of gas, I'd only have to fill up every 2 months! Take _that_ big oil, I'm sold!

Comment Other Distractions (Score 4, Insightful) 284

I managed to kill a LOT of time during my first shot at college in the early 90's playing Super Tecmo Bowl, practicing for the dorms' Street Fighter 2 tournament, and hanging out on BBS's (I had one of three computers in the 150 room dorm). Had the intertubes and Facebook been around at the time I'd have been killing time on there. When it came down to it I was just unprepared for college so after getting kicked out at the end of my second year, I took a year off to work and learn how much minimum wage sucks, then went back for a second attempt with a better perspective and had no problem buckling down.

Comment NASA Bob (Score 2, Funny) 197

Maybe to sway the public perception of NASA from being a overly-technical, bloated government agency out of reach to the common man to a user-friendly, warm-and-fuzzy entity people can feel good about funding with public funds, how about "NASA Bob". Maybe draw a pair of glasses and a smile on it with a sharpie...

Comment Yelp bends over to restauranteurs already (Score 5, Interesting) 202

I lost confidence in Yelp after I posted a negative review of an Italian bistro in Haddonfield, NJ (which I won't name to avoid giving them any free publicity) and it was removed after about a week. Over time other reviewers for the restaurant made references to their previous negative reviews being removed as well. My girlfriend and I had dinner at this place for Valentine's day last year and the experience was miserable. The food was bland and overpriced, and the kitchen manager was making very rude sexual comments about his dating life and experience with women. I wrote to the owner first explaining the problem and he responded with suggestions that I'm a prude, obviously don't know good food, would not be happy anywhere, and suggested that if I'd like to come back sometime (I live in PA), he'd be willing to settle this outside. So since I wasn't getting anywhere with that route, I posted both my and his emails into a yelp review. Gone a week later. I've watched the review section since then and have noticed several negative reviews go up and are then removed shortly after. Currently there are only two reviews up, with 3 and 5 stars. My only idea at this point is that the owner of the place (whose email address looks suspiciously like the word "douche") badgered Yelp into removing them.

Anyone else have this experience?

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