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Comment Re:The real reason? (Score 5, Insightful) 381

Very well said. Be careful though .. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted. Then I got married and had kids, and it all changed.

I've taken a different approach to losing weight that is slowly working, averaging 2 1/2 pounds a month over the last 2 years. And no set point in sight. Rather than waster hours at the gym or the idiotic exercise of jogging, I do what came naturally a hundreds years ago ... work. It's amazing how much weight I have lost doing simple things like watching what I eat (i.e. stop buying chips, and eating Oreos in moderation), and laying pavers. Or mixing and pouring concrete by hand. Or using an ax and saw to cut down a tree and cut it to length instead of a chain saw. Installing my own flooring and kitchen cabinets instead of paying someone to do it.

And instead of a huge gym bill or bad feet or large payments to contractors, I have a beautiful house and yard. That I can point to with pride and say 'Yes .. I did that. No, I didn't have any training, I just googled it.;

It's been quite interesting to watch as my wife and I continue to eat less and less .. and realize, we are still satisfied. By listening to what our body tells us instead of some fad on the Internet, we have both reduced both our food intake and what we spend on food. We don't shun fast food restaurants, but we eat there less and less. And, to your point, enjoy what we do eat more and more.

I just bought a used sail boat that will need a fair amount of work. That should keep me busy for the rest of my life, it takes a bit of work to sail a boat instead of motoring around.

I may never reach the weight I was in high school, but that's a ridiculous goal. As long as I can get rid of the pills, I'll be fine.

Comment Hard to trust someone that needs a 'safe place'. (Score 1) 837

Really?? We are supposed to respect the opinions of a bunch of whimpering babies that can't stand the sight of a Trump sticker on their campus without running in fear?? People who have signed petitions to ban the first amendment??

I suppose if Mr. Nye is desperate enough to look anywhere for support, he'll turn to anyone. Even the chronically clueless...

Comment Re:Welcome (Score 1) 265

Charity also works that way. And it's not forced upon people.

NOTHING requires ANY government to tax it's citizens and provide any social services. They do it because society wants it, and deems it necessary (in theory) or because someone wants to excercise power over other people and control things (more realistic).

And NO company is required to give a shit about their employee's personal circumstances. The good news is that those that do usually are able to have the better employees.What BS regulations like this do is reduce the number of incentives really good companies can offer to entice good people to come work for them. So we all end up with mediocre benefits, and society ends up paying for people who can't manage their own lives.

These types of regulations force the majority to subsidize people who make poor decisions. Schooling benefits society, so we agree to pay taxes to subsidize a minium level of public education. Fire and police also benefit society.

This only benefits people who are unable to make good decisions in their lives, don't know how to budget, are unable to save money, or don't have enough skills to work for the best companies. Those are not character traits that should be rewarded. For my entire life, I have gotten at least two weeks of vacation. And, as far as I know, every company I have ever worked with has leave-of-absence opportunities for reasonable periods.

For DECADES, people have managed in the US to deal with having a child and dealing with the life changes that come along with it. As an example, when my first wife had a child, she was able to have a friend watch our new son and was able to go back to work right away. She worked the early nursing shift, so we only needed 4 hours of child care. Later in life, she started working evenings and we didn't need any. I took ZERO time off other than some vacation time.

So .. what's the problem?? Why suddenly is it that people can't do this? My guess is it's the push towards people who want the government to wipe their own ass because they aren't capable (or unwilling) to do it themselves. The problem with that is then the government makes the rules, and creates a 'one size fits all' system that, for the most part, is just mediocre. Almost every US government program is mediocre at best .. public education, Social Security, Welfare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration. They all suffer from the same thing ... a bureaucracy that is more concerned with keeping employed that serving needs. I see nothing in any of those systems that shows any indication that the government gives a crap about the people they are servicing. The horror stories in each of those program can fill volumes.

It's always amazing to me how many idiots run to the US government for help when their track record at doing anything sucks so badly. I like my choices better, take government benefits if I can, but not depend on them at all. I'll take my social security check when I get old enough, but I have enough saved up to not need it. I'll fall back on Medicaid if I have to, but I'll pay for my own insurance as long as I can.

And .. I'll decide what benefits I need from an employer. I don't need the government telling me what I have to take. They have already screwed up my health insurance, I'd prefer they don't start screwing around with really unimportant things to the majority of workers.

Comment Nice benefit in a free market society (Score 1) 265

Please explain again why it's my company's responsibility to pay me for not working because I don't have any budgeting skills and, given 8 months lead time, can't possibly save enough money to take some unpaid leave. And I decided to have a child knowing I didn't have the money to take time off? And I'm also too stupid to have a financial reserve in case something comes up and I can't work for a period of time, or, heaven forbid, get fired or laid off.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have any issues with companies doing this. Competing for employees is one of the greatest features of a capitalistic system, and companies that offer the best compensation packages will end up with the best workers.

I think the expectation that it's their responsibility to do it is terribly misguided. Once again, we want to force everyone into a 'one size fits all' mentality, no longer differentiating between great places to work and crappy places to work because we want to force them all to have the same benefits.

I'm a firm believer in letting the open job market drive benefits. Companies were handing out domestic partner coverage long before it became a 'thing'. I know, I used it to get insurance for my girl friend over 10 years ago.

When I go to a job interview, I have a list of 'must have' benefits. This isn't on it, because I won't be having any kids anytime soon. But I might look for benefits like working remotely, which I currently do, because I'm old and want to be around my grandkids instead of where I can get a good paying job. I consider working remotely far more important than parental leave, because *I* need it.

Stop asking everyone to provide everything, and start taking responsibility for making decisions in your life. For those that live in nanny governments, you have no idea what you are giving up when you ask the government wipe your ass because you are too stupid to do it yourself.

Comment Re:Caffiene, Nicotine, Preservatives, and Sugar. . (Score 1) 352

I smoke a cigar 3-4 times a week because I enjoy it. Outside. On my patio. Full ashtrays stink because people let them get full, there are zero reasons cigar ash can't be dropped onto the ground, and a cigar can't be discarded into the environment after the paper wrapper is removed. It's a freakin' plant. I smoke outside for about an hour so nothing inside stinks. My doctor was surprised I smoked at all. My dentist keeps my teeth white.

My wife smokes cigarettes Outside. On our patio. She doesn't let the ashtray get full. Her clothes don't smell because she smokes outside and washes them every few days. Ok .. her teeth are a little more difficult to keep clean.

All the things you talk about are easily managed by people who wish to manage them. Empty beer cans stink. Cut-up fish waste stinks. Lots of things stink if they are not properly discarded. Your target should be the lazy people that don't take care of their things.

As to the 'waste of money', you have no right to tell other people what is a waste of their money. I can think of a lot of things other people do that I think are a waste of money, like parachuting, going to amusement parks, spending money on phone apps, and buying expensive cars. But I don't go up to people that enjoy those things and tell them it's a waste of money. Because it's only a waste to someone who doesn't enjoy it. Only a self-centered, selfish person would tell other people what they are doing is a waste of money.

Your arguments are meritless. If you don't like smoking .. .don't do it. Take your holier-than-thou attitudes and shove them up your ass.

Comment Who cares... (Score 1) 130

People manipulate their progeny all the time. Best schools, best athletic camps, etc. Those that have acquired wealth will always be able to afford the best of everything to give their kids an advantage. The rest of us have to work to become privileged. And many have.

Fortunately, biology itself provides bounds. Height is limited by the size of ones bones, too much height and bones can't support the weight without further increases in bone diameter. People of extreme heights have numerous joint and bone issues. Muscles taken to extremes rip ligaments and tendons from their anchor points. Even the human brain has limits.

We can fear the mythical superman of bio-engineering, but it's not as simple as tweaking a few things. And most people won't want their child to be a guinea pig, they will want proven, repeatable methods before paying for it. I can't even begin to imagine the testing that will be required before someone is permitted to perform any type of gene splicing on an embryo.

Beyond that, humans themselves have shown that those of limited means can do extraordinary things beyond those of affluence through hard work and determination.

So .. who cares. Le'ts use bio-engineering to start to eliminate genetic diseases.

I know, all Downs Syndrome babies are beautiful.

But I would prefer that no more ever be born.

Comment Re:should be interesting (Score 1) 327

And if they rule otherwise .. who cares. The UN has as much legal jurisdiction in this matter as the members of slashdot do.

Julian .. try personal responsibility and accept the consequences of your actions. Stop acting like you are any different than thousands of others that get accused of things. You don't deserve an of this attention, your 15 minutes of fame are over.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 4, Insightful) 669

He's not whining about people being offended by his work. He's whining about those people doing something other than just not going to his next show. Things like trying to get him banned from future shows so that the 5 people who are offended get their way, but the hundreds that enjoyed it don't get theirs.

And he is 100% correct. Don't like guns or abortions or comics ... don't use them, have one, or go see one.

And then stop telling the people that have different opinions they can't have them.

Comment Who gives a flying fuck (Score 0) 225

Stop giving this treasonous coward more publicity he doesn't deserve. It's one thing to fight the system, it's another to just run away like a coward because you are afraid to face the consequences of your actions. Yep .. he might have gotten tossed in jail. But I guess what he was doing wasn't worth the price of becoming a martyr to him.

He's just a coward .. pure and simple. He's no better than a bank robber who steals and then runs into his little hole and hides.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 412

Or, heaven forbid, people can learn to stop living with so much crap so they don't need so much money. I just recently moved and was ASTOUNDED by the amount of stuff I had, most of which I don't even use. Two months later, I still have crap in boxes that haven't been unpacked because I just don't use them. So, at some point, I spent part of my income on something I didn't really need. To really make the point, 12 years ago when I moved cross country, I used the smallest UHaul trailer there was and towed it behind my car. 9 years ago, when I moved locally, I only need '2 guys and a truck' to move all the furniture and boxes. This time, I needed three moving crates, and we didn't bring one stick of furniture except our bed and two lawn chairs.

Here is an example of living with less. When we moved, we didn't bring any furniture or appliances with us because they take up a lot of space to ship cross country. The house we purchased didn't have a microwave, and we decided not to buy one until we figure out how we are going to deal with the small kitchen.

Two months later, we are considering never buying one. We've re-learned how to take leftovers and cook them into something better rather than just reheating. We don't buy frozen convenience foods anymore. Surprisingly, or food bill has dropped as we consume all of our food instead of throwing it out, and purchase lower cost ingredients instead of higher-cost pre-made foods. My wife has lost 10 pounds, and I've lost 7. Without changing any of our exercise habits, except we now live in a two story home instead of a one story home.

Another example. We no longer commute 40 miles (my wife) or 60 (me) miles a day to work. We moved to a smaller town with a lower cost of living. My commute is now zero, my company allowed me to work from home. My wife's commute is now 20 miles a day. I fill up my car every other week when it reaches about half a tank instead of once a week when it was almost empty. I figure we are saving over $200/month just on gas, both on commuting and just living in a smaller community, and we'll put about 1/3rd the miles on our vehicles.

It is possible right now for my wife to completely stop working with all of the savings we have. She doesn't want to, so are taking her income and just stashing it away for retirement.

If many in the US could find a way to return to one-income households, that would remove a significant amount of labor from the job market and allow for the continued automation of jobs.

But .. just in case, I've got a sailboat ready. If forced to, my wife and I can easily become liveaboards and live off our retirement in the Caribbean without all of the socialist BS so many slackers want.

Comment Interesting point, but meaningless to most (Score 1) 166

When I run out of games to play on my Samsung, I still won't consider Apple because I think their interface and control-freak issues mostly suck the big one. My company forced me to have one for awhile, so I had two phones. I just recently gave it back because a 'free' phone is worth exactly that; I'd rather pay for my Android than use a free iPhone.

Fortunately, I'm not one of those people who just have to have the latest game or phone so I can be part of the 'in' crowd. I'm happy waiting until my old phone breaks before getting a new one and playing the few games I have for the few minutes a day I play them because I'm not addicted to my fucking phone.

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