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Comment Re:You have to admit... (Score 1) 815

OK. Let's assume that it isn't a joke.

You want to get mad at Trump for telling them to turn over the contents of Hillary's emails because they may contain classified information, but are not mad at Hillary for putting classified information in such a poorly-secured server such that the Russians having them is already likely? Does that about summarize it?

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 283

Well, in some ways the theater experience IS nicer.

At the price of tickets, I can't afford to take my kids, to my wife and I get a child-free experience.

Plus, I cannot afford a 40-foot screen at home.

Still $7 for a soda that costs them $0.25? No thank you. I understand some markup, but I refuse to be gouged.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 2) 350

Democrats voted AGAINST two watered-down, NRA-approved control laws two days ago, and are now throwing a fit because they can't get gun control passed.

So, no loaf is better than half of a loaf?

It is called COMPROMISE. Explain to me how a watered-down bill is better than nothing.

Plus, is was "watered down" in order to establish some sort of BALANCE between safety and freedom.

If the Democrats are UNWILLING to COMPROMISE to find something mutually agreeable, they will never get anything passed.

Comment Re:It costs millions now... (Score 1) 306

Or the fact that space is LITERALLY littered with raw materials.

Oh really? Where? In near earth orbit, there are no other materials except for other satellites. The closest source of raw materials in space is the moon, and that is not exactly an economical place to get anything from.

Asteroids are rich in minerals, but getting there take on the order of years, and nobody has figured out the logistics yet.

Comment Re:Unfortunate but not unreasonable (Score 4, Insightful) 91

How the hell do you know the decision wasn't driven by PayPal not wanting to do business under the terms imposed by a gang of barbaric homophobes stuck in the Dark Ages?

Well, maybe because PayPal still has a Saudi Arabia office, where homosexuality can carry the death penalty.

Comment Re:You have to know how to secure a Windows 10 PC (Score 3, Informative) 982

I tend to prefer AMD, and, from what I understand, using the GPU is better integrated with more desktop tasks using Windows 10.

My own personal opinion? I install "Classic Shell," so I have not seen too much difference between 8.1 and 10.

The only REAL problem is that I have an 8.1 machine as a media center, and Microsoft killed Media Center with 10, so that machine is stuck on 8.1.

Comment Re:top security (Score 4, Insightful) 371

And while conservative fucktards all over the US get their panties in a knot over this nonsense, look what they ignore

Yeah, conservative "fucktards" worry about things more important. How is an obsolete non-networked computer a security hole? Even if an attacker managed to steal one of these floppies, how would he read it? When was the last time that you saw an 8" floppy drive?

Obsolete? Yes. Security hole? No.

You want Clinton in charge of our nuclear launch codes?

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