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Comment Re:The intent of Copyright (Score 2) 211

The intent of Copyright Has historically little to do with the artists.

Your statement reflects a common-sense but inaccurate understanding of the word "artists" in this context.

"Artist" is short for "Con artist", who tricks creators of cultural artifacts into surrendering their copyrights for pennies and then tricks users of those cultural artifacts into paying to access them. See also "rent seeker", "grifter" and "bridge seller".

Comment Super Exciting! (Score 1, Insightful) 372

Let's run through that announced feature list.

  • Windows Ink: Windows Ink is without a doubt the best part of the Anniversary Update. It's essentially a central location to find built-in or third-party apps that work with your stylus. -- Irrelevant. Don't use a stylus on my Win 10 machine.
  • Microsoft Edge extensions: If you're a fan of Chrome extensions, then you'll be glad to hear that they're heading to Microsoft's Edge browser. -- Irrelevant. If I were a fan of Chrome extensions, I'd continue using Chrome. I wouldn't use Edge at gunpoint.
  • Cortana improvements: Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana, debuted on Windows 10 last year, and the software maker is bringing it to the lock screen with the Anniversary Update. -- Irrelevant. I neutralized Cortana as effectively as I could as soon as I could, and the only improvement Win 10 Anniversary could bring would be the ability to completely uninstall it.
  • Dark theme and UI tweaks: You can switch on what I call even darker mode in settings -- Irrelevant, because I am not a emo self-cutter in black duster and unlaced combat boots. But, uh, yaaay for those guys?

So, a hugely marketed mixed bag of fail and irrelevant. I am soooo glad I upgraded to Win 10 on my guinea pig machine.

Comment Re:Really, this happens in America? How?? (Score 1) 180

Sure, except for the dog-in-the-manger ferocity of any incumbent provider fighting tooth and claw to keep out any new competition.

If it's an opportunity, it's an opportunity for the incumbent only whenever they feel like it. And if they can make as much money easier, they'll take that instead. But under no circumstances will it become an opportunity for anyone else.

Comment Re:Article is not even correct (Score 1) 183

As far as do it yourself electric dragster type vehicles that have been called "street legal" there are motorcycles that can do the 1/4 mile in the 6 second range.

You should probably correct the Wikipedia article, then, if you have concrete citations rather than faulty and exaggerated memory.

Model year Motorcycle Time (seconds) Final speed
2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R 9.47 152.83 mph (245.96 km/h)
2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR 9.49 152.80 mph (245.91 km/h)
2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 9.62 152.01 mph (244.64 km/h)[11]
2008 Ducati 1098R 9.75 148.6 mph (239.1 km/h)[39]
2013 BMW HP4 9.76 152.4 mph (245.3 km/h)[39]

Comment Re:"Blocked". What does "blocked" mean in this cas (Score 1) 110

Well, let's get specific.

The decision by Judge Daniela Barbosa Assuncao de Souza in the southeastern state of Rio de Janeiro applies to Brazil's five wireless carriers.

Are the "five wireless carriers" also significant land network providers? Primary long-haul infrastructure? I could imagine it, given how networks and network ownership tend to consolidate, but is it the case here? Because if my home network isn't provisioned by one of the five carriers under orders, to stop my use of WhatsApp they'd have to block it within the core network, and not just at the "wireless carrier" level.

The devil is always in the details. As pointed out in another reply, it appears this judge hasn't heard of VPN, so there is that.

Comment Re:Pierce the corporate veil (Score 2) 123

You realize VW is largely owned by a German state....

Commonly-believed urban legend. Volkswagen AG's only governmental holder is the State of Lower Saxony, at 12.7% of the shares.

Claiming VW is owned by the German federal government is like saying ExxonMobil is owned by the United States of America because CalPers holds shares of it in their pension fund.

Comment "Blocked". What does "blocked" mean in this case? (Score 3, Funny) 110

How are they going to "block" this app?

Prevent WhatsApp traffic from transiting phone carrier networks? Doesn't affect Wi-Fi, then. Prevent WhatsApp traffic from transiting any network? That would need the Great Wall of Amazonia, which doesn't exist. Any traffic to WhatsApp servers? By IP block? By routing blackhole? By DNS block? That might work if they can get every net provider to agree. Until the next version incorporates a workaround.

Maybe the judge has no idea, and neither do the folks who are supposed to implement it.

Comment Re:Clever Grad Student (Score 1) 85

So, do you really have a coherent argument, or are you just gonna go full pseudo-philosopher here? Because the only thing I got from your post that's even faintly on-point is that the Rule of Law is only "mostly dead". And therefore could be resuscitated for a noble cause.

You probably didn't mean that, though. You probably didn't mean anything.

Comment The problem is not the technology (Score 3, Insightful) 240

The problem is people.

If it's built and operated by human beings, those human beings can be co-opted to turn control over to other human beings in a position of power. Muscle, punitive, fiscal, whatever. Given a large enough operation (and world-wide is pretty large), there is zero chance The Powers That Be will be kept out.

And, if by some fantasy miracle TPTB can be kept out, they can't be prevented from destroying what they can't control.

Poor deluded Berners-Lee, finally giving in to the libertarian pipe-dream of benevolent crypto-anarchy. Kind of sad, really. I mean, it's a nice dream, but like most dreams a complete impossibility to implement. Again, not for technological reasons, but because (quoting DNA) "To summarise the summary of the summary: people are a problem."

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