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Submission + - How to get LostCluster out of the hospital 1

LostCluster writes: If you're reading this on Slashdot, you likely know who I am. I need some support from my fans. I need you to file a Chapter 123 Section 9b letter under Massachusetts law. You don't need to be a lawyer to do this, just any person. Ttell them what a great Slashdot contributor I am. This should help me get out of the Worcester State Hospital psychiatric program.

Comment Sorry, human intervention required (Score 4, Insightful) 157

I don't think auto-graders are a good idea. Where is the information exchange between student and teachers? Teachers need to read student essays not just to assign the grade, but to exchange knowledge with their students Opinions and comments should be two-sided exchanges, if students are writing things that aren't going to be read, how does that work?

Comment Warning: Concusing use of "Black Box" (Score 3, Interesting) 628

Black Boxes are typically things that scare Slashdot. We don't know how they work, as compared to a documented "white box" solution.

This definition of a "Black Box" is different. It's an event data recorder, meant to be like the orange devices found at airplane crash sites designed to let everybody know the status of the vehicle before it crashed. No big privacy change because most cars already have one, it's just a law change that requires there be standards,. rules, and such for these things in the future.

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