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Submission + - George Lucas selects Chicago for the Lucas Star Wars museum (

netringer writes: George Lucas has will select Chicago over Los Angeles and San Francisco as the future home of The Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts housing his collection of “Star Wars” art and movie memorabilia along with exhibits of the technology of Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Where else but on the Chicago Lakefront will be it easy to recreate the ice planet of Hoth?

Comment Re:DLP (Score 1) 95

I know it's an anecdote, but my neighbor's display has developed a bunch of stuck pixels in 3 years or so. Annoying. I don't know if that's a common issue, though. It used TI's original chipset, I don't know if it was licensed to other parties though, so that may be a moot point.

I've got the same problem on my 73" Mitsu DLP. The "acne" is a common problem due to a run of bad DLP chips. The mirrors stick. You can replace the DLP chip for $159

I still love my DLP and I'm tempted to get a bigger one when they get even cheaper.


Intel Targets AMD With Affordable Unlocked CPUs 207

EconolineCrush writes "For years, AMD has catered to gamers and enthusiasts with mid-range Black Edition processors whose unlocked multipliers make overclocking easy. Intel has traditionally reserved unlocked multipliers for its ultra-expensive Extreme CPUs, but it has now brought the feature to affordable models that compete directly with AMD's most popular processors. The Core i5-655K and Core i7-875K have two and four cores, respectively, and they're priced at just $216 and $342. It appears that both will easily hit speeds in excess of 4GHz with air cooling. Surprisingly, even at stock speeds, the i7-875K offers better performance and power efficiency per dollar than just about any other desktop CPU out there."

Websites That Don't Need to Be Made Anymore 161

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but there is a finite number of social networking or selling websites that the world needs. Here is a collection of the eight kinds of websites that absolutely don't need to be made anymore. I'd add dating sites and anybody who uses pop-up ads myself, but I think that would eliminate half the Web.

Comment Re:"new" old stuff (Score 1) 543

<quote><p>... a Netra (which has friggin DC power input... I don't even know what I'm supposed to do with that), ...</p></quote>

Naturally, the netra is a firewall designed to live on telecom datacenter or central office battery power - 48 volts DC.

I have a couple of DLT SCSI tape drives and a mess o' tapes, too. "Up to" 40GB doesn't seem like so much capacity now.

Comment Re:I'll probably be one of them soon ... (Score 1) 502

1) You can cancel the TV portion of UVerse but it's cheap enough in the package that it's just as easy to keep it.
2) It's not SBC. It's at&t.

I think you'll find that the UVerse Internet + VoIP phone is cheaper and faster than aDSL + POTS phone.

You're subscribing to BOTH UVerse TV and Comcast and you think you can live with none? Whatever.

These days the good stuff like "Breaking Bad" and "Justified" is on the basic cable's AMC and USA networks, so OTA isn't going to cut it but I guess the torrent cloud would have those.

Comment Re:Well deserved (Score 1) 286

When I recently had an appointment for CableCARD adds to my newly acquired Tivo Series 3. Comcast robo-called me incessantly! I work from home on a business line and didn't need the literally 4 robo calls reminding me I had an appointment tomorrow.

I finally called 800-Comcast and waited the 20 minutes to talk to a human.

"Sir, those are automated calls. We didn't call you." (Doh!)
If i get ONE MORE CALL not only will I cancel the appointment, I WILL CANCEL MY SERVICE!
"I will note that."

The result is my phone never rang again - not even when the tech came, where they usually call to tell you he's on the way.


Microsoft Advice Against Nehalem Xeons Snuffed Out 154

Eukariote writes "In an article outlining hidden strife in the processor world, Andreas Stiller has reported the scoop that Microsoft advised against the use of Intel Nehalem Xeon (Core i7/i5) processors under Windows Server 2008 R2, but was pressured by Intel to refrain from publishing this advisory. The issue concerns a bug causing spurious interrupts that locks up the Hypervisor of Server 2008. Though there is a hotfix, it is unattractive as it disables power savings and turbo boost states. (The original German-language version of the article is also available.)"

Comment Re:Not Crybabies.... Fanboys. (Score 1) 789

Bunch of crybabies. ...I'd be upset too, if I didn't know that apple released new products yearly with their masterplan of planned obsolescence.

Of course, if the "masterplan" was thwarted and Apple didn't release new products every year it would be, "What's up with Apple! The iXxxxxxx hasn't been updated in OVER A YEAR! C'Mon! Competitor nnnnn just brought out the Nnnnnn iXxxxxx-killer and Apple didn't answer! The iXxxxx is getting very old in the tooth."

Here's the newsflash: NOBODY needs this week's model lest they starve,

As for loyalty, I've been a loyal gas, water and electricity user my whole life but the utilities still don't seem to want to give me a break. I'm going to call and write nasty emails and letters and let them know I will NOT STAND FOR IT!

Comment Re:Just do it! (Score 1) 438

It really doesn't matter when they do it -- February, June, two years ago, two years from now. Either way, they'll still have 2 million clueless idiots cussing out at their TVs wondering what happened to their TV signal. And all of those 2 million will be technologically clueless senior citizens -- anyone under the age of, say, 40, already gets most of their TV from the internet, where it's on demand and there's far fewer commercials.

There will be 4 million who have portable TVs that are in no way likely to work well with digital converter boxes. I keep thinking about people working in kiosks, stores, trucks, RVs, and newsstands...and yeah, a lot of poor and elderly people with 13" TVs.

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