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Comment Re:5' 3" (Score 1) 110

Unless they are clumsy, like me. A typical drop for me of something I am holding usually includes a tumble down a flight or two of stairs, sometimes even going off the side of the stairs onto a lower flight, causing falls of distances that are sometimes over 10 feet. Onto tile. Or concrete. Fortunately, I have a very hearty case that has protected my phone well. I had an Otter case for my old phone for many years, and decided to upgrade earlier this year because my provider offered me a good deal for a new phone that I would not have been able to take advantage of much later. I have a UAG case for my newer phone which has protected it equally well.

I doubt Gorilla Glass would make even a drop of difference.

(see what I did there?)

Comment Re:Define "Greater Good" (Score 1) 197

I believe it was a provincial supreme court that demanded that Blackberry cooperate with the RCMP. While they could have theoretically challenged that and taken it to the SCC, given Canada's overall political climate and typical government stance on such matters, it is very unlikely that a higher court would have reversed that decision. All that would have happened is that Blackberry would have had to spend more money defending themselves and delayed the outcome by perhaps a few months to a year or so.

And if the USSC had ordered Apple to cooperate with the FBI, do you really think they would have refused?

Comment Re:Consciousness is not the same thing as free wil (Score 1) 279

If the universe is deterministic, it is predictable. That the usefulness of this predictability may be nil because the information cannot be communicated to the present, either at all, or simply in time to still qualify as a prediction from that reference point is immaterial.

Comment Re:Consciousness is not the same thing as free wil (Score 1) 279

Sure... and that's compatible with one of my conclusions: " ... or else it must simply be impossible to incorporate any information about a future state into the present state".

My point being that assuming the universe is actually deterministic accomplishes nothing at best, and is wrong at worst.

Comment Re:Consciousness is not the same thing as free wil (Score 1) 279

If hard determinism were true for all of the cosmos, then it is must be at least theoretically possible to infallibly predict a future state from a current state. If, however, knowledge of any alleged future state is ever used as factors in how to manipulate the current state, then the so-called foreknowledge of the future state is actually meaningless. For example, one can trivially create a hard-deterministic mechanism that responds as output with the opposite of its input (an inverter logic gate, for instance). If the input to the mechanism can somehow be made to be whatever the current state of being suggests the final output of the machine will be via hard-determinism, we can see that either the assumption about hard determinism being real must be false (because if it were not, the future state would be possible to determine from the current state, and so provide that information as input to the device), or else it must simply be impossible to incorporate any information about a future state into the present state. So either hard determinism doesn't actually exist, or else it is completely inconsequential (and may as well as not be assumed to not exist). At the very least, no benefit can ever be gained by assuming that hard determinism is true at a universal level.

One implication of this is that even if we did not actually have what we think free will is, we would not ever have the ability to know it, and so the apparent illusion of free will that we seem to have have is indistinguishable from anything we might want to otherwise call genuine free will. If they are indistinguishable, we might as well call the illusion of free will to simply be "free will", or else the expression of real free will is meaningless, since we cannot otherwise even know what that concept entails.

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