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Comment Re:Fusion Drives... (Score 1) 144

Aren't they called hybrid drives? (although they only are read cache)

Fusion drive, at least in the OS X world, are tiered storage, where tier 1 are a PCI-E flash drive and tier 2 are SATA. Least used data are migrated to tier 2, data are written to tier 1(up to 4 GB on my machine) and then destaged to tier 2 after a while to make room for more writes.

Comment Their app sucks on purpose (Score 2) 34

9 ouf out of ten "notifications" from their iPhone app, the little number in red, are paid(I suppose) notifications. So I ended up uninstalling it some time ago.
Sort of like before I deleted my Twitter and Facebook accounts, they liked to "ping" me if I hadn't used their app in a day or two. "Someone posted something" or "someone tweeted something". Was it a message directed at me, or did it "tag"/include me? Had I participated in the discussion? Nope, they just wanted to make sure that I used their app and got trained properly so that I would end up checking the damn thing every minute.

Comment Re:SIlly people (Score 1) 110

The last time I visited the US, I found biscuit & gravy flavored chips.
I just had to try them and indeed they tasted like chips with gravy on them, I know this because back in the 80's it was in fashion here in Denmark to serve a few potato chips on the plate along with gravy and a slice of some sort of roast.

Comment A "small" internal SSD is fine (Score 3, Insightful) 163

A "small" internal SSD is fine. Like 1TB. I would be running an external RAID encloure anyways. I can't see having less than 8TB for editing 4K videos anyway.
But what I REALLY would like was a workstation like the old Mac Pro. My late 2013 iMac runs OK(the big 4gb graphics card and fastest cpu) still but it bothers me that I have to replace everything, including the screen. I can extend the life of it now that I make more and more in 4K by getting a faster external RAID.

So what I think what I will do is that I will build a 8 core hackintosh workstation so that I can get a proper workstation to run FCP X on now that Apple don't make one and haven't done for some time.

Comment It's a race to the bottom. (Score 1) 476

Going off-grid an living in middle of nowhere sounds better every day. Of course that is not a effective and sustainable solution that can accomodate everone. :D

Just working hard and long is not the road to a great life if you are working on the wrong thing. Lyft, Uber, Fiverr etc. are among those. Working hard at creating those companies might have been.

Comment Re:Why is it a scandal? (Score 1) 76

No they don't
This is yet another example of the outrage culture. We have seen examples of people being outraged at companies because they saw ad's from the companies in front of videos with content they didn't agree with.
Don't ever be afraid to think that you have over estimated people ability to think.

Comment I like more space. (Score 1) 266

On my last flight from CPH to LAS and back again(about 10 hours each way). I booked a 1000$ seat instead of a 500$ seat to get a "premium" seat, and it was worth it. I could open my laptop and play games, I there was room for my legs and even to each side in the seat, I could even recline my seat enough to get a decent nap.
But often you don't have the option of a seat double the price, you have to pay three or four times as much as the next step up.
I have been traveling with other people that are below the average size for scandinavians, and that always say that they have no problems with the small seats, and yet their elbows are always entering my space. :)

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