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Comment Hollywood (Score 1) 104

I care less and less about what Hollywood has to offer, endless reboots of movies and tv entertainment filled with shameless product placements to pay for the insane paychecks.
Maybe it is just that I am getting old and have seen most of what they have to offer before, just in another wrapping.
I like youtube now and all the amateurs videos you see around their(not the professionel "youtubers" so much).

Comment Amusing (Score 4, Insightful) 95

We hear people say they don't care about sharing their information or "meta data", sometimes even with the classic remark that they have nothing to hide.
But recently we have started to see stories about people being surprised when social media sites and others have started using their collected data better, it is kind of amusing.

I don't think that any of these companies all of the sudden have gotten better at mining their collected date, but rather that they choose to "turn up the dial" slowly because they need to get people used to it first and perhaps they have been a bit too quick about it recently. :)

Comment teletext (Score 1) 171

As a family without the money to replace the TV, I think the service to call the time was used much longer in our household. In the early 80's people started getting TVs with teletext and from our national broadcasting service, the time in the teletext status line were accurate enough to use for adjustment of any clock.

Comment Re:Or make it critical for social networking (Score 1) 306

Yeah, my local mountain bike club has updates on the track condition, work days etc in facebook, our homeowners unions sends out updates on facebook, my local butcher on good deal about imported American meat.
So when I removed Facebook from my life, there were a few annoyances like that I don't see these updates anymore. But mostly it was a blessing to get rid of it.

If I were to enable my account again(do they "timeout" if they have been disabled for too long?), I won't be installing any of their apps on my phone which will be hard since people expect that they can contact me via the messenger app. So I guess I won't be enabling it. :D

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