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Comment Re:thats nothing, (Score 1) 88

I know i'll get downmodded (probably from both sides)...

But i remember an election in Louisiana, between a white supremacist, and a corrupt politician. A slogan was "Vote for the crook; it's important!"

The crook did win... and later he was in fact indicted on something.

I don't think Hillary is a crook, at least not in the corrupt sense. I think the email server thing was a "I hate State Department IT, it's so bad" and she did what she shouldn't have done. It's criminal.

But i'd still rather have her warts than the gigantic holes in knowledge and ability that Trump has.

Comment Re:Headline is misleading and a little clickbaity (Score 1) 474

A company falling down the tubes may automate because they may save enough money to keep afloat.

A successful company that only cares about the profit margin may automate because they inflate profit margins and dividends.

it's cheaper for both entities.

Now, a larger company may realize "hey, these employees, we can kind of call them customers too". Im not sure how the economy will be if everything is automated, nobody gets any wages, and nobody has any money to buy things. It's a serious flaw in capitalism, but lets table that flame/troll war for a while.

Bottom line is: if one is a pure capitalist, you always want cheaper costs, so you'd automate at the point where it's cheaper long run to do so. Robots can be cheaper than minimum wage, union workers or no. Also, if you're an American Capitalist, you believe in externalizing, or making it someone else's problem. So, you don't care that your (former) workers have no money, that's someone else's problem. Until it finally comes around where they have no money to buy your product, and at that time you're golden-parachuted out, and it's still someone else's problem.

Comment Play Pokemon, get robbed at gunpoint (Score 1, Interesting) 168

It sucks that people can't lave others alone.

But forgetting that "people are real assholes sometimes", here you have a game that leads someone with a multi-hundred dollar smartphone to a location not necessarily controlled by them. May you live in interesting times.

Comment Spotify pushing billing rules... (Score 0) 327

... gets surprised that Apple pushes back at an attempt to get away from paying them.

The music thing seems like a red herring. I guess Spotify has to throw random stuff in the media to confuse the issue.

I'm pissed that Amazon won't port Amazon Prime TV to the AppleTV 4. But at least they never whined "Hey, they hate us because we compete with iTunes downloads" They basically just said "we don't like their control, and we have our own platform, so nyaah"

Comment Re:iMessage across devices is actually useful (Score 1) 122

for me, this is iMessage to iMessage, SMS doesn't get involved in it.

Yes, you can also have Continuity send SMS to your desktop if they're close. But we don't do this, partly for this reason, partly because we get SMS messages more for notifications that we don't want to clutter up our laptop iMessage feed.

Comment iMessage across devices is actually useful (Score 3, Insightful) 122

My wife has taken over the laptop, and she messages me a lot from the laptop. She'll be on some webpage and then send texts and things from a full keyboard.

If i have a phone, i have SMS. If I have a phone, i may or may not have Skype. If I actually had an MS Phone, this becomes a non-feature for me, and I'm pissed that MS decides to play these games.

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