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Comment Hmm, marketing dept confusion on the value add? (Score 5, Insightful) 81

So, when you hear the Ad people talk it's "we add value by presenting opportunities for consumers" and the deep data mining is justified with "we use data to target unique ads that will delight our users"... ... and now we have a payment plan to not have ads. Admitting "yeah, ads suck so much people will pay us not to show them" Not that MS still won't datamine the crap out of you in other contexts though.

Comment Re:This is news for nerds or stuff that matters? (Score 1) 76

WhatsApp had 55 employees when it sold for billions. Sizing a company by headcount is so last Century.

I say that last part with a bit of irony. I actually liked it when people actually, you know, made things, instead of piggybacking on free content from others.

Comment Re:Code Complete is 24 years old (Score 1) 92

I dabbled in gopher, but did a lot more in ftpsace and netnews than gopher. It grew and died in a very short timespan. I started my first professional webserver 93 or 94 or so, the EMWAC webserver on a DEC Alpha running WinNT 4.0

I did install and run an oddball Mac gopher client that for some reason used 3d rendering for pages and gopher daemons. Was cool, i played for like an hour, and then never ran it again.

Comment A bit late for me (Score 1) 89

I was a hard core Google Voice user years ago. I did all the pain in the ass mapping for the special numbers and such on my work blackberry - contacts needed a special number to come up as the google voice number, but i still had to use the work phone, so the normal numbers.. yikes, all that work...

I ported out my number years ago. It just wasn't worth it. The clunkiness and compromises aren't worth it. Messages/iMessage across idevices kind of sealed it for me. I can't imagine moving back.

Comment Re:Fax anyone? (Score 0) 89

Medical records and other official records need to come over fax. Email isn't thought of as being secure. Fax is point to point.

So you're saying anyone needing to talk to a doctor, meaning someone more likely than not sick, should suffer more. I hope that's not intentional and you just didn't fully thing of the consequences.

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