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Comment Hardware wanted (Score 1) 78

A small rechargeable Bluetooth device that takes headphones with 4 conductors (TRRS) and then translates pushes on the inline controller as bluetooth commands. I've not seen one that does the bluetooth commands... just audio. Will go a long way to make the bluetooth translation less painful.

And I just found out, that there is no standard for TRRS, that there are two ways of interpreting that extra conductor and they are incompatible. Motherf**ker. So now we need one for apple one for android... or have a switch that swaps how they're interpreted. Bonus points if apple makes one and it has a W1 chip.

Comment Re:Apple is behind (Score 1) 66

More than a better UI.

Microsoft tried to port the Windows experience to a phone. failed miserably.

With windows 8 they tried the opposite approach. Port a phone UI to a desktop. also failed miserably.

The UI goes deep. it's not just menu typeface. APple understood what navigating a small touchscreen should be.

Comment Re:How can a currency be an investment"? (Score 1) 104

Bitcoin is controlled by a bunch of miners in china. why were they "chosen"? Because they have connections with the government and essentially get electricity for free.

Bitcoin is not free, but controlled by mining costs, meaning it's controlled by who gets the best deals from whoever controls electricity. Power goes not to the people, but is now given by the people who control (electrical) power. Not the utopia people hoped for.

Comment Re:Currently shouldn't perform (Score 1) 104

Though i agree with your title 100%, there's another thing it does and that's act as a store of wealth. People confuse an appreciating currency as one spectacularly storing wealth. They are confused.

Having an appreciating store of wealth is actually very bad for a currency. People don't spend money, they hoard it to let it appreciate. Hoarding instead of spending and keeping the economy flowing is pretty much the exact opposite of what you want.

Comment Re:The sooner the better.. (Score 1) 211

There is a subset of current life where you can't do much without giving personal info out. So, you're saying even the people who grudgingly give out this data because they need to participate in a world with a few rules they don't like but overall its a service they need should be screwed as well.

This is why snapchat grew so well. It's a horrible UI, and the initial usage was to perv out, but lots of people use it for the fact that certain things they do should have a shelf life. You're saying everyone who did anything before snapchat should be punished.

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