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Comment Re:Choose none of those languages (Score 1) 241

You've sent this message on a computer network with packet switching ideas invented by the US government, originally enacted between US government sponsored computers, over a corporate ISP, from a browser from another corporation.

Realize that you're a part of society. Unless you want to go become a caveman and domesticate your own corn, you're standing on the shoulders of others. You need to use other people's work. You need to trust them. Or if you want to be pedantic, have faith. The slavery metaphor is a bit much.

Comment I imagine a samsung meeting a few months ago... (Score 1) 67

"Hey guys, what's the best way we can tank the company..."

"Get Kim Jong Un as our only spokesman?"

"put out a NAMBLA edition?"

"How about, right when Apple puts out a new phone, when everyone is agog even though it's just a phone, lets have our phones blow up!!"

"Brilliant! And it's even better if we get banned from flying because of safety reasons... those are great headlines!!"

Me and my wife have iPhones. 1) Im amazed that there is this much interest every damn iPhone release. It's a phone. 2) Id hate to be at Samsung right now.

Comment Flash is reason why I use Chrome... (Score 1) 116

Chrome has a built in Flash player. Always updated.

So when I see a "you must update Flash" i know it's bogus, since I'm already updated. I tell my family this, since they're non-techies and wouldn't be able to tell a legit popup from a fake. (Im not going to be 100% either).

Oh and Chrome sandboxes its built-in flash better than the plugin can.

Comment Re:Single use? (Score 1) 761

depending on the port and tolerances, the electrical connections may or may not hook up correctly.

If i go to the gym, and i plug my 4 segment headphones into the machines, i get audio in one ear only. I can wiggle it, and it will change which ear i get it in (until my workout wiggles it again) but i almost never get audio in both .

Comment Re:Single use? (Score 1) 761

Actually, as far as I remember it, apple added the volume control. The standard really already is two standards - three segment and four element connectors. You get some connector mismatch if you plug in a 4 element new style headphones into a 3 element jack.

You could have said non audio things - I think the first iteration of Square used the audio jack, talking to the card reader like a modem.

Comment Re:LOL, "Courage"? More like GREED... (Score 0, Flamebait) 761

1) apple has popularized the GUI, the touch screen, the smart phone, the form factor for pretty much every laptop sold today (look at the first PowerBook, then look at all Windows laptops before it). Apple has given us volume controls on the headphone line - yes, the same tech that people bitch that apple will pull, Apple finally made super useful with volume and logic controls. I go nuts with headphones that don't have these controls - a non-ironic Thanks Apple here.

2) apple has given us the 3.5 inch floppy, then removed it. It gave us the first easy to use networking (Appletalk over LocalTalk, or more likely PhoneNet) then removed it for TCP/IP Rendezvous/Bonjour. It has essentially removed all CDs from it's devices, so it gave us iTunes to rip CDs, now no CD player to rip from. It dropped the Motorola 68000, then dropped PowerPC.

3) It's not even the first jack free phone - motorola beat them to it, with a phone that (sadly - Motorola was once a Lion) no one will buy so Apple will be seen as the first.

So, Apple regularly adds and/or removes tech. It's part of their DNA. They've radically moved computing forward and sometimes they're the first to cut ties to an old past. Whether you like them removing it or not, doesn't mean it's a "hey they're GREEDY" everytime they change something. Remember that soon, your iOS9 phone will become an iOS10 phone and do more things. They're not charging you for that. For free, your mac will do more new things. The headphone jack is long, the headphone jack is thick, and the headphone jack makes it harder to waterproof. Why is everyone complaining? because bluetooth headphones suck. Well, here's Apple designing a future to make them suck less.

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