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Comment Re:I'm curious to see how many retailers actually (Score 5, Interesting) 732

Yes, yes, how very cynical of you. As an actual business owner that deals the vast majority of the time in cash and checks, and cringes when someone yanks out a credit card, I can tell you that we do NOT bake credit card processing fees into every purchase, because the margins required to compete are thin. This is an excellent change, because customers can actually see one of the costs.

And the next time it comes time to raise prices on that dozen eggs, perhaps it's 2% instead of 4%, because the CC processing fee won't be baked in, and it will be business as usual.

Bottom line, the fact that it's ILLEGAL for businesses to even inform customers of this, but to keep everyone IGNORANT of the true cost baked in is UTTERLY STUPID AND WRONG. Who the hell paid for the original legislation? The only ones it benefits are the credit card companies.

Comment Re:It would be fair... (Score 2) 475

The trouble isn't finding a phone that has current updates. Everyone could get a Nexus phone from Google and be done with it, but they don't.

The original Samsung Galaxy S phones are capable of handling Android 4.2, thanks to the latest CM nightlies. It isn't the fastest, but surprisingly quite usable, and released in July of 2010.

This is FAR BEYOND what Samsung would deign to support, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with the phone. But because Samsung would rather people buy their new products, they've engineered planned obsolescence through lack of support. And now, because of this unsavory, ridiculous law, manufacturers have both a technical and legislative solution to ensure consumers keep "buying" their phones or whatever else in the future.

Comment Re:UAC is tagged on. (Score 1) 321

But, in practice, most users on a typical Windows system are basically administrators (=root, or close enough - there's always TrustedInstaller etc), and so when UAC produces a token with their original privileges restored, the net effect is the same as sudo. So, when your average user sees a UAC prompt, the end result is the same as when he does sudo whatever.

That is correct for home- and individual users. But users in a corporate (or school) setting should *not* be allowed to elevate to full admin privileges, if at all. Users can still install per-user apps and policies can still restrict which apps can be allowed to start (based on hashes, digital signatures, vendor etc).

And so it comes to this. It's not the fault of Windows, but the ignorance of those configuring the systems. Color me surprised!

Comment Re:Mists of Dailyquestia (Score 1) 204

Dailies are not required, they are optional.

Wrong. You've been indoctrinated.

If Dailies are optional, please explain what someone that doesn't do them is supposed to do with the VP they collect from heroics, raids, and LFR.

If someone is actively doing raids, the likelihood of needing VP to spend on gear at all right now is pretty low. Even the time required to rep up to the level that unlocks the gear is roughly 2 weeks.

We're in week 6 or 7 of raiding. A second raid opened up recently. Another is opening up today.

I did about 3 weeks of dailies total, and then was able to stop. All of this talk of endless dailies is just nonsense.

Comment Re:If I recall..... (Score 1) 333

But you can have communication that is faster then light very easily lets take a wheel for example. you can observer the wheel from to either side, if I rotate the wheel from one side the other side rotates at the same time FTL communication just occurred I told you I rotated a wheel. Now if said wheel was so big that it went from earth to mars you would have FTL communication meaningfully,

Might be you're trolling, but that's not FTL communication. Forces are exerted on the wheel, the spokes, the rim, to move the other side, which does not happen at anywhere close to the speed of light. Just because it "looks fast", doesn't mean it's FTL.

Comment Re:Hopefully it will cut down on affiliate-link sp (Score 1) 532

it isn't as simple as "add 6% to the price" sales tax verys not by just state but county and town and city and districts.. infact any governing body that can charge a tax could effect the cost of goods. and also it verys based on what the good is..

This is very true. Here in my home state of Minnesota, we've got a new set of sales tax rates going into effect tomorrow.

St. Paul (State, County/Transit, City): 7.625%
Minneapolis (State, County/Transit, City, Stadium) : 7.775%
Hennepin County (State, County/Transit, Stadium) : 7.275%
Washington County (State, County/Transit) : 7.125%
Ramsey County (State, County/Transit) : 7.125%
Dakota County (State, County/Transit) : 7.125%
Anoka County (State, County/Transit) : 7.125%
None of the above (State only) : 6.875%

Now multiply that by 50 states.

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