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Comment Re:Torn (Score 2) 405

Apple counsel gets called into court, ordered to make special firmware that can be installed on anyone's phone by FBI agents, without Apple supervision.
Existence of this firmware is not to be revealed to public. Existence of this court order is not to be revealed to public.

FBI uses this to quietly solve some difficult cases, much high-fiving.

Then FBI agent unknowingly allows a copy to be stolen by his mistress, who sells it to her drug dealer.
Another gives a copy to his buddy, a former agent turned private-eye.
Another (double-agent) gives a copy to his Russian handler.

Within two months, most foreign intelligence agencies have copies
Within a year, ISIS, Mafia, Yakuza, Mexican drug lords, and an unknown number of random hackers have copies.

Comment Re:Torn (Score 1) 405

Because your phone can't tell whether the person cracking the passcode is an FBI agent with a warrant, or a common thief.
If there are special keys to let other people break into your phone, it can't tell whether they're supposed to have them or not.
Your phone isn't secure unless there's no such special key.

This isn't rocket science: If anyone else can unlock your phone, anyone else can unlock your phone.

Comment Re:100 gbps isn't that fast (Score 1) 49

Terahertz signals would only reach 10's to maybe 100 meters, AND they're blocked by metal or water.
(i.e. a human standing next to the router might cause significant signal loss). Probably good enough
for indoor use, though --- at 100 gbps you could afford to retransmit lost packets.

Comment Begun, the Class Wars Have... (Score 5, Informative) 921

FTA: "You [i.e. rich hipster techies] are killing this city!"

It may have ostensibly been about privacy, but clearly it was also about resentment towards tech-industry aristos displacing everyone else,
with their private busses and their artisanal vodkas and fancy gadgets and most of all their ability to pay obscene rents and stay in The City
rather than commuting in from Gilroy.

Comment Re:Overreach (Score 4, Insightful) 366

This is all about small time investors and the attitude that somebody with a spare hundred dollars is incapable of being able to make an informed decision about a potential investment opportunity.

Sounds more like the attitude that somebody with a spare hundred dollars should give the government $12 before they do anything else with it..

Comment Re:Big Data (Score 1) 86

I can't believe I'm reading stuff like this from people on Slashdot of all places.

Why can't my washing machine/dryer/microwave send my cellphone an alert when it's done and I'm in another room?

Why can't I turn on the lights at home from the grocery store so I don't have to carry my groceries in while it's dark?

Why can't I turn on the jacuzzi during a rough day at work so it's ready when I get home?

... etc.

Why can't hackers turn my microwave/dryer/jacuzzi heater on when I'm not home and burn up the heating elements (and possibly my house)?
Why can't they open the blinds and windows while I am in my undergarments?
Why can't they set my fridge to 70 degrees and spoil all my food (then set it back down to normal before I get home, so I won't know until I eat the food) ?
Why can't they turn the sprinklers on and flood my backyard?
Why can't they make my lights randomly flash on and off at 2AM to annoy me (while the surround-sound blasts Barry Manilow and ignores my volume remote) ?

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