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Sci-Fi Toys

Sci-Fi Memorabilia To Ogle And / Or Buy 298

bluegreenone writes "While I was nerding it up and looking for some original Battlestar Galactica insiqnias on Google I came across an enormous auction of classic sci-fi props and costumes being held July 31. I'm a little surprised they are getting rid of some of this stuff. Highlights include a piece of the original Deathstar, Scotty's original uniform, and the Terminator's first jacket. How would you like to own Twiki from Buck Rogers, or even better one of Erin Gray's hot spandex pantsuits from the show? You can have your own Cylon, Commander Adama's uniform, or a Colonial Warrior helmet from the never-filmed second season of BG. There's E.T.'s head, Cyclop's visor from X-men, and even the alien hand switch from Total Recall. And who wouldn't want their own cute cuddly face-hugger from Aliens? There are a ton of items but be prepared, most prices start around $500 and go up to $40,000."
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Sci-Fi Memorabilia To Ogle And / Or Buy

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  • by PakProtector ( 115173 ) <(cevkiv) (at) (gmail.com)> on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:01AM (#6569472) Journal
    ...a 'peice' of the Death Star? Haven't they started reconstructing it yet?!
  • Uhm yeah....... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:03AM (#6569477)
    Now why does this post sound like a carefully crafted sales pitch? Your auction or just shilling on the side?
  • by BenjyD ( 316700 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:05AM (#6569486)

    There are a ton of items but be prepared, most prices start around $500 and go up to $40,000

    And that's before the Slashdot effect hits the prices.

  • Ooh (Score:5, Funny)

    by Sir Haxalot ( 693401 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:06AM (#6569492)
    Erin Gray's hot spandex pantsuits from the show?
    I'd pay $40000 for CowboyNeal's hoy spandex pantsuits!
  • by gwydi0n ( 235662 )
    A good working copy of the HHGTTG, or really, any way off this rock?

    The longer I wait around here, the more likely they are to demolish the damn thing and build an interchange through it...
  • by Jonsey ( 593310 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:07AM (#6569498) Journal
    While I'd love to have my own foam-rubber/prop/whaterver facehugger from Alien(s)... Could you really sleep, I mean really really sleep well, knowing that thing was in your house?

    And don't even get me started about Scottie's Suit.
  • by brocheck ( 59415 ) <brocheck AT satlug DOT org> on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:07AM (#6569505) Homepage
    Some of Scotty's old clothes [ebay.com]?? I mean, seriously, we all know that man has some glandular problems! I hope they atleast give it a thorough washing.
    • See "Bill Gates Dollars" [templetons.com] for a proper perspective. While there are relatively few people with billions to blow trying to bribe whole countries, there are plenty of people with modest multi-million dollar nest eggs that might want that suit. Not being one of them, I'd be happy to sell that suit for what it's worth if I owned it. What would you do with it?
  • by wadiwood ( 601205 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:10AM (#6569522) Journal
    I'll bid next week's winning lotto numbers...
  • by WIAKywbfatw ( 307557 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:12AM (#6569526) Journal
    ...a lifesize working duplicate of Seven of Nine, Trinity, the TX or a Vanessa Kensington fembot. Yeah, baby!
  • by flea69 ( 667238 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:13AM (#6569529)
    I am looking for a mint condition Harrison Ford bowel movement from the original Star Wars...1 of 220 available.
  • by tbase ( 666607 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:13AM (#6569534)
    It's not even from the movie, it's from the Universal Studios attraction. How rare is that? Starting bid $4,000?!
  • by mandalayx ( 674042 ) * on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:15AM (#6569540) Journal
    For those curious as to what was meant by the subtitle

    from the breast-and-wig dept.

    I think the editors were busy ogling "Breast appliances and wig" [ebay.com] worn by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in X-Men. More about the item for those not feeling like checking out a link for breast appliances:

    Blue latex breast appliances (each signed on the inside in gold by the actress), and a short-haired red wig, worn by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos as Mystique. $500 - $1,000 [estimated sale price]

    I guess that's perfect for that semi-stalkerish yet absolutely cool amongst geeks feeling.
  • by Baron_Yam ( 643147 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:15AM (#6569541)

    Is it just me, or is it only the hard-core sci-fi geek loner with no money who would willingly pay $US 15K for a Cylon costume? I would think that anyone able to afford this would wouldn't be willing to pay that much for it.

    I mean, I think it'd be neat... for a few hundred maybe.

    • Dot-com days (Score:4, Interesting)

      by NineNine ( 235196 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @09:44AM (#6570084)
      Whoever is selling this shit should've done it about 5 years ago. In the dot-com hey day, I bought some pretty insane stuff at prices higher than most of these things. Luckily, the things that I did buy really *ARE* collector's items, and are insured. Ah, to have money again....
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:15AM (#6569545)
    How much do I have to pay to get a "Slash-vertisement" for the collection of useless shit I'm selling on Ebay?

  • Not Real (Score:3, Informative)

    by RobertTaylor ( 444958 ) <roberttaylor1234&gmail,com> on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:15AM (#6569547) Homepage Journal
    E.T. headpiece used on the Universal Studios attraction E.T. the Adventure.

    $4000 for something that was once on a ride? Not the real thing?!

    Incidently many of these auctions have been 'ended early'.
  • Uhm... (Score:5, Funny)

    by acehole ( 174372 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:17AM (#6569555) Homepage
    I'll buy the face hugger and keep it in a easily escapable cage. As is the tradition with such things...

  • by 1s44c ( 552956 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:17AM (#6569557)
    I already have one I got off ebay a few years back.

    It's quite cool really. All he wants is a tube of autosol every xmas and to plug himself into the mains at night. In return he does all the cooking, cleaning, DIY, and scares off burglers.

    I think he is having some kind of relationship with the hoover though.

    • How's he scare off burglars? Everyone knows that a Cylon Warrior has even poorer aim than an Imperial Stormtrooper! Must be that design flaw off combining lack of depth perception with a constantly moving eyeball.

  • Im sure I can lay my hands on a couple of washing up bottles, an egg carton and some silver paint... ermmm.. I mean the original Liberator from Blakes 7.

  • I thought about if I was going to buy scottie's original uniform I'd want scottie to go with it.

    Looking at the uniform, it'd take more than the jaws of life to get him in there.

  • by bluegreenone ( 526698 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:23AM (#6569583) Homepage
    In some ways it's too bad they are selling these items piecemeal. Having a collection of many related items raises the value and relevance of rare pieces. It would be great if some rich fan out there just bought every single item for some of these shows, it looks like Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers have the most items at this auction. Then they could make a collection out of the whole lot, or even better open a Buck Rogers museum. Of course maybe there are some die-hard fans out there for whom a chance to own a piece of their favorite show for $600 is a dream come true.
    • by Artifex ( 18308 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @10:45AM (#6570554) Journal
      Of course maybe there are some die-hard fans out there for whom a chance to own a piece of their favorite show for $600 is a dream come true.

      Something important to keep in mind is that, rare as these are, most of these items are not the absolute only instances of their kind. When a film or tv show goes into production, they usually make several copies of things like outfits and any props that the actors may actually touch.

      In my opinion, buying one outfit or prop isn't enough, you need to get a representative sampling of several. That's where you start to get the feelings you had when watching the show, and that's where you can start to see things like how the costumers and set designers did their real magic.

      Also, please consider making an overall budget when you visit an auction like this, not only so that you don't go overboard, but so that you think more about how much further your money goes if you buy multiple smaller items you like, and not blow it all on the big ones.

      Decide whether something being "screenworn" matters to you, before you start bidding. If you're all excited about getting Buck Rogers tights, for example, but you want a really nice pair, you may want to get a backup pair that weren't actually needed. On the other hand, don't be surprised if you decide you have to get a nifty blaster used on set, and it arrives with bits missing or glued back on, because it's not a toy, it's a handmade prop meant to be used briefly. Prop and costume designers are very hard workers, and very creative, but they rarely have the budget or the time to make things with the intent of them lasting beyond the length of the scenes in which they're used. That's why everyone sells these items with the disclaimers they do.

      If you buy these, buy them because you want them and plan to have them until you die, not because they'll impress other people (good for about 5 minutes cumulative maybe) or because you think you can flip them later. Few props will actually increase in value over time, and even if the appraised value increases, getting someone to pay that much later, especially if you don't have a variety of items together, could be extremely difficult.

      Above all, even if you have money to burn left over from a dot-com you sold years ago, don't get caught up in the bidding, and suddenly realise that you could have bought a car, taken an around-the-world vacation, or built a school in a third world country for the price of those Cylon and Twiki suits I know you're eyeing. You could also invest the money and approach the current buyer in about 3 years, when he's in debt, if you still want it. I think in those 3 years you'll be glad you didn't waste the money, however.
  • by tbmaddux ( 145207 ) * on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:29AM (#6569606) Homepage Journal
    It's been there for decades, I believe it's one of the vehicles from the "Ice Planet Zero" episode, sitting in a used car lot on Cahuenga. Anyone else notice it?
  • by Penguin2212 ( 173380 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:31AM (#6569618)
    Leela: Why Buys this crap?

    Bender: Idiots, who like to buy crap for other idiots.
  • I'm still looking for the elusive copy of the lost in space (origional series) robot costume....

    It would make coming to work a bit more fun.
  • Buyer's Premium (Score:5, Interesting)

    by cdrudge ( 68377 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:41AM (#6569667) Homepage
    I noticed that some (all?) of the auctions had an 18% "Buyer's Premium" that goes to the seller, paid in addition to the winning bid amount. Is this normal for auctions? It seems like it is just another way to suck even more money out of the buyer. I wonder why we don't start seeing Best Buy, Amazon, etc start charging a 18% "Buyer's Fee" when we buy stuff online for the convenience.
    • Re:Buyer's Premium (Score:4, Informative)

      by Bushcat ( 615449 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:48AM (#6569701)
      Yes, many "traditional" auction houses charge both a buyer's and a seller's premium, plus quite large storage and shipping charges if you cannot immediately walk out with the item (which you can't, if you bid via phone or the internet. The buyer pays quite a lot more than expected, and the seller gets a lot less.
      • plus quite large storage and shipping charges if you cannot immediately walk out with the item

        Yup, the fine print on the registration mentions that an undisclosed "administration fee" will be charged if they invoice or you pay by credit card.

        Suddenly that $1000 item has become $1200 conservatively ($180 premium + 20 for the admin fee), and you haven't even thought about shipping and insurance, yet.

  • ...would make a nice work outfit for my brother the CFO.
  • Surprised? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by sumiciu ( 685713 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:45AM (#6569684)
    I'm a little surprised they are getting rid of some of this stuff.
    Are you really surprised? Come on, people grow, I'm now 34 and sometimes wonder how the hell could I spend money in things I bought 15 years ago.

    And, really, once you're married (yes, even people reading Slashdot gets married), it's better to get rid of some memorabilia than to listen all the time complaints about "all the shit you have in this room".

  • by farrellj ( 563 ) * on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:46AM (#6569686) Homepage Journal
    Science Fiction came from Books, and please don't forget them...I wouldn't spend the money they are asking for Media SF stuff...but, say, a mint copy of Dangerous Visions hardcover....I would spend a bit for that! Or a first edition of any Arthur C. Clarke book in mint condition.

    • It's a little depressing that books aren't as valued as some of the (let's be honest) crap that's being sold. In ten or twenty years the FX from the shows/movies will look cheesier, the science and politics will be even more off-base, and many of the "properties" will be made into movies while the existing movies will just get more sequels. Then again, there are lot more copies of books than there are Erin Grey bodysuits...

      OTOH, I'm sure there are a bunch of authors who wish their books would simply be los
    • If you have a first edition of a book, you know that you have one of a printing that was probably at least a thousand. The author may not have ever even touched it, and if he did, and he signed it directly to you, it most likely wasn't his very own personal copy.

      Unless it's extremely old, a printed edition shouldn't be something you get all excited about, and even if it is, you generally have to interact with it to get the most use from it (it's meant to be read, not looked at, like a movie prop), and inte
      • I guess you are not a Science Fiction Book fan, and don't know the SF Book field...For example, said first edition of Dangerous Visions, autographed, has an asking price of $2,000 US. First Edition hardcover of Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke...asking price: $7,500.

        Ask any SF book fan, and if the had the money, would jump on any of these given a chance. And they will do nothing but increase in value...and I haven't even mentioned the works by some dead authors!

  • by EarwigTC ( 579471 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @08:51AM (#6569714)

    Somewhere a Planet Hollywood lies dying...
  • Swap (Score:2, Funny)

    by tcdk ( 173945 )
    Have: Facehugger.
    Want: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipley!
  • by vudufixit ( 581911 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @09:01AM (#6569771)
    "Fully Operational?"
  • I know it's cool to live in fantasy world where we get to own the original Terminator jacket, but...

    How many unemployed, or people who've taken paycuts on slashdot can afford the ridiculous prices these people are charging? It would probably inflate Hollywood's egos far more than they already are or need to be. It's not like these overpaid buffoons need more money either.

    I'd feel guilty supporting the movie industry like this. I'd much rather take a chunk of money like that and donate it to someone
    • How many unemployed, or people who've taken paycuts on slashdot can afford the ridiculous prices these people are charging?

      They're not charging anything. It's an auction. The price is what the market will bear.

    • Um, in case you didn't notice, its an auction, not a sale. So you your answer is right there... whoever buys it can aparently afford it. The prices aren't rediculous if someone out there who wants it can afford it. Just because you, your friends or everyone on /. can't doesn't mean the prices are rediculous.
  • I saw lots of cool things, but the coolest in my opinion? Clint Eastwood's pistol from Outlaw Josey Wales. Hella freaking cool. A close second would be the Terminator jacket, complete with bullet holes and stage blood.
  • by cyclist1200 ( 513080 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @09:47AM (#6570094) Homepage
    I feel I should warn anyone considering the purchase of a face hugger: they are not nearly as affectionate as their name suggests.
  • or a Colonial Warrior helmet from the never-filmed second season of BG.

    Ok, I realize we all WISH Galactica 1980 never happened, but unless the whole thing was videotaped, I fail to see how it made it on the air [imdb.com] without having been filmed.
  • e.t.'s head (Score:2, Funny)

    by falconed ( 645790 )
    My wife made the comment that it would be really creepy to see this over some guy's mantle...

    hunter 1: "I got a 12 point buck!"
    hunter 2: "that's nothin..."

  • by Tim Doran ( 910 ) <timmydoran@r[ ]rs.com ['oge' in gap]> on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @10:11AM (#6570278)
    Holy crap - are we slashdotting Ebay?
  • by Quila ( 201335 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @10:12AM (#6570282)
    I want the Tardis (preferably a fully-functional one), and a Dalek (preferably non-functional)
  • I guess we were not the only ones to complain about the head being from the ride:

    The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale.

  • We've slashdotted Erin Gray's pants!

    Well this IS Slashdot, so It was bound to happen sooner or later.
  • They would've been better off putting Ahnold's jacket on a mannequin than the dippy-looking guy they have there. I'd love to have that, though, even if it has been 'soiled' as stated in the description. :-)
  • I am not sure about anybody else, but even with the means and the desire I sure as heck would not put down 40k or whatever on a picture doctored up like Cylon one.

    For that price, I'd expect detailed and excessive photos of the item, plus a warranty that states the condition of the item.

    Without being able to see the acutal quality of the product, how do you know it hasn't had a mouse nest in it for 2 decades?

  • Well, i very fondly remember this particular [ebay.com] space vampire pant suit... VERY fondly remember it.. hmmm...erin gray...
  • If rather than selling an original Twiki you sold the right to blow up an original Twiki, you'd probably double your take.

    I hate that little fucker.

  • Normally, I'd be biddy-biddy-bidding all over this, but I guess I'll just wait until somebody lists a Twiki in better condition.
  • by Michael_Burton ( 608237 ) <michaelburton@brainrow.com> on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @01:41PM (#6572122) Homepage

    How would you like to own Twiki from Buck Rogers, or even better one of Erin Gray's hot spandex pantsuits from the show?

    I'm thinking Erin Gray's pantsuits would be fairly disappointing without Erin Gray in them.

  • CNN article (Score:3, Informative)

    by dogbowl ( 75870 ) on Wednesday July 30, 2003 @05:52PM (#6574605) Homepage
    Theres a cnn article [cnn.com] up where the auctioneer states he expects to bring in close to $1 million.

    But just perusing his auctions [ebay.com] it looks like nobody's bidding. There are only a handful a bids on all of his items -- most ending tomorrow. Even with the CNN and Slashdot exposure, nobody's bidding. (or rather, as I hope, nobody actually believes that some crap from Planet of the Apes could be worth $4000.)

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