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Comment Re:XBMC was the best thing for the Xbox (Score 1) 213

You can play H.264 with newer XBMCs on the original xbox. It's still our main media center. You only need to make sure the data rate doesn't saturate the CPU, by adding something like ":vbv-maxrate=2000:vbv-bufsize=750" to the advanced encoding settings in Handbrake. I also lower the resolution a bit in my default preset, but I'm not sure that's really needed..

Comment Re:couldn't agree more: 1920x1080 sucks (Score 1) 952

I second this - I've a dual monitor setup and one of them in portrait. It's a real joy to browse in 1920x1200. Wide enough for most sites, and actually high enough that I seldom have to scroll.

Twitpic photo of my setup: http://twitpic.com/1585yt

Anyway, what I want is a Full HD screen in a 15" notebook - there are a few of them, but the choices a few.

Comment Re:Resistance is Futile... (Score 1) 151

7. Applications that replace, remove or modify the default dialer, SMS, or MMS interface.

8. Applications that change the default browser, search client, or media player on the device.

In other words: anything that makes our crappy OS suck less...

It's kind of strange that they think this is okay, but they haven't added "email client" to one the above lists. Maybe they just forgot it or they know, that mobile outlook is so crappy that it would be useless...

Comment Good... (Score 1, Troll) 84

... nice to see somebody who don't just ship the product and then hope to fix issues with later software updates. I was going to mention the IPhone here, but I actually couldn't think of a phone that didn't have issues on initial release. So I won't.... Oh, I guess I already did...

Comment Re:would you buy a cell phone with NO support? (Score 1) 617

I'll probably stay away from this to... But as a former Palm Pro, V, T3 owner, I actually look back at the palm sync system with found memories, now that I have to live with abomination that is ActiveSync/MobileSync. Okay, I've never gotten a duplicate, but my device is routinely forgotten by activesync and I have to create it again. Sometimes I have the same effect you had, only with files sync. When the device is seen as new, it has to get a new name, and an empty directory is created for file sync - on first sync, the computer directory is empty and I have a lot of files on the Mobile. It seems random what Active sync decides should be the correct state on first sync....

Submission + - Study Finds Bank of America SiteKey is Flawed

An anonymous reader writes: The NYT reports on a Harvard and MIT study, which finds that the SiteKey authentication system employed by Bank of America is ineffective at prevent phishing attacks. SiteKey requires users to preselect an image and to recognize this image before they login, but users don't comply.

The idea is that if customers do not see their image, they could be at a fraudulent Web site, dummied up to look like their bank's, and should not enter their passwords. The Harvard and M.I.T. researchers tested that hypothesis. In October, they brought 67 Bank of America customers in the Boston area into a controlled environment and asked them to conduct routine online banking activities, like looking up account balances. But the researchers had secretly withdrawn the images. Of 60 participants who got that far into the study and whose results could be verified, 58 entered passwords anyway. Only two chose not to log on, citing security concerns.
The study, aptly entitled "The Emperor's New Security Indicators", is available online.

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