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PlayStation (Games)

Gran Turismo 5 Delayed 122

RogueyWon writes "The Times is reporting that Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5, likely to prove a key title for the PlayStation 3, has been delayed indefinitely, despite an expectation that it would be released relatively early in 2010. The delay seems likely to impact Sony's plans to bundle the game with the PlayStation 3 console in time for the important spring sales period in Japan."

Submission + - Sub-2lb. Nanobook Laptop Runs Windows for < $60 (wired.com)

T-Unit writes: Wired's Gadget Labs reports that chipset manufacturer Via will be releasing a new Nanobook. The tiny laptop weighs less than two pounds and will retail for under $600USD. It sounds like a deal, even considering that the right half of the display panel is reserved for a large, hideous, 1980's-styled digital clock (probably included to produce the unit with a smaller display, at a lower production cost).

Submission + - iPod Casualties Can Offer New-in-box Bargains

An anonymous reader writes: For the last few years makers from Creative to Virgin have proclaimed their latest DAP to be an iPod Killer, only to watch those portables flame-out in the marketplace. This doen't mean there was anything wrong with them, in fact some were pretty decent. They just couldn't compete under all the iPod hype. It turns out this created a a huge sub-market of unsold stock, sold for pennies on the dollar to overstock vendors who then pawn them off cheap to the public. For the price of a basic iPod Shuffle you can now acquire some well-equipped units. Examples include the 40GB Toshiba Gigabeat F40 and AlienWare's CE-IV with external speaker system.

Submission + - Indian made car running on compressed air is ready

Gary writes: "The first commercial car to be powered by compressed air could be about to hit the production lines, as Indian automaker Tata Motors prepares to build ex-Formula One engineer Guy Nègre's design. The City Cat runs on nothing but compressed air — which can be refueled at "air stations," and overnight using a built-in compressor, it has a top speed of 68 mph and a range of 125 miles. The Air Car designers are working on a hybrid version that can compress air while it's operating, potentially making cross-India journeys possible."

Submission + - 16 Awesome Data Visualization Tools

GeylordMarzaFocker writes: From navigating the Web in entirely new ways to seeing where in the world twitters are coming from, data visualization tools are changing the way we view content. We found the following 16 apps both visually stunning and delightfully useful.

Submission + - Do Not Talk About Polar Bears!

eldavojohn writes: Scientific American has an article on a memo for foreign travelers on U.S. government business says that requests for foreign travel

"involving or potentially involving climate change, sea ice, and/or polar bears" require special handling, including notice of who will be the official spokesman for the trip. The Fish and Wildlife Service top officials need assurance that the spokesman, "the one responding to questions on these issues, particularly polar bears" understands the administration's position on these topics."
Sounds like a good policy. I'm sure that the problem will just fix itself.

Submission + - Recovered Bill Gates Talk

D-K writes: Back in 1989 (the Windows 2.0 days), Bill Gates came to talk to the students of the University of Waterloo on the early days of Microsoft, and the future of computing. It's an interesting blast to the past, as he touches on topics such as the VGA graphics, OS/2 and software piracy, as well as the now infamous 640K of memory. Lost for nearly two decades, the tapes of the talk recently surfaced and is now available in a number of audio formats from the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club.

Submission + - Number 10 responds to Software Patents Petition

jdh41 writes: The Prime Minister's Office has responded to the 2,215 signature petition to make software patents clearly unenforceable. It seems to be a positive response, hiding a do nothing action plan.

Submission + - British government confirms software unpatentable

oneandoneis2 writes: "In response to a request on the British government's e-petition website, which asked for the government to make it clear that software patents were not enforceable in this country, a statement has now been issued that does just that:

"The Government remains committed to its policy that no patents should exist for inventions which make advances lying solely in the field of software."

Submission + - UK PM responds to Software Patents Petition

bisscuitt writes: "The UK Prime Minister's Office has responded to a petition asking the Prime Minister to 'make software patents clearly unenforcible.' The response states:

'The recently published Gowers Review of Intellectual Property, an independent review commissioned by the Government, recommended that patent rights should not be extended to cover pure software, business methods and genes. The Government will implement those recommendations for which it is responsible, and will therefore continue to exclude patents from areas where they may hinder innovation: including patents which are too broad, speculative, or obvious, or where the advance they make lies in an excluded area such as software.'
This can only mean good things for the FOSS in the UK."

Submission + - My pending story is a dupe!

BerntB writes: There should be a feature to remove submitted stories.

I noted the same day I posted a story that you had chosen another (better written) submission, so I would have removed my story if I could. It is still pending.

Today there was a dupe published of the same story, by the way. :-)

By the way, don't publish this. It is submitted so you see it together with my previous submission and cancel it!

Submission + - Eben Moglen on the Novell/Microsoft deal

twofsih writes: "Eben Moglen, attorney for the Free Software Foundation, has responded to Novell/Microsoft deal via an interview at The Register.

From the interview:
"Our strategy is to use GPL 3 against the deal — we're not going to vary that strategy. We're going to make the deal not tenable and we urge Microsoft to back away as gracefully and as quickly as possible from a deal that won't work.""

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