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Journal Journal: Reading more 1

I have read a lot more now about game programming now. I really want to understand how everything works. Does anyone have a good book or website (other than to learn about OpenGL game programming?

If so, thanks!

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Journal Journal: Got up

I finally got my site,, up and working. I would really like to see it take off. I installed Postnuke on it for the news service, and I really like it. I would have installed Slash, but its not made for smaller sites, as Postnuke is, and my host company said that they would not install mod_perl or install the proper modules. Oh well, I'll live.

Hrm, what else. Everything is going well for the engine. I decided to take an actual break on the coding and just read book upon book about game engine design. I want to buy so many books, but money is a huge factor, especially in computer books, and plus I need to get a car. *note to self, buy a car*

maelstrom will be so cool once I finally have something to show for it. I know that I am not known to finish projects, and that is a major flaw of mine, but I am aiming to correct it with this. Which brings me to my question, is computer science what I really want to do? I see badass programmers all over the world and yearn to be like them, but when I fail, it really takes a toll on myself. I know I possess the intelligence to do so, as I have finished and made some pretty cool little hacks, but nothing huge.

Oh well, we'll see what the future brings.

I'm out for now.

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