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Journal Journal: found the journal editor under the tab buttons

Bizarre - what a CSS update does, must do a screen dump and send it to cowboy neal. I can't see or read the bits that let me edit my journal, but I can click on them.

Added bunyip to my "friends". I wondered who got my favourite nickname.

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Journal Journal: someone who approves of atomic bombs.

stunning tripe

And s/he/it whinges that there are no shortage of slashdot members to point out the factual mistakes.

Well I think this person has dispensed with facts as a way of life. Atomic bombs are not a sensible deterrent. Mutual destruction is a bad idea, and the USA/USSR came real close many times by sheer accident let alone deliberate will.

And the Japanese were already in retreat before they got nuked, the USA was just "field testing".

And to top it off s/he/it thinks they're difficult to build. Sometimes the ingredients might be hard to find, but how to make one is taught in final year High School physics.

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Journal Journal: how can any post in this discussion be insightful...

I laughed so hard I choked
Context: Who is going to take over the world with a lot of bizarre comments by someone I'd never heard of called "Stewie", and then a comment - "how can any post in this discussion be modded insightful" - modded 5 - insightful. Mods have a fine sense of irony and humour. I hope the nerds take over the world.

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Journal Journal: a manager is one who facilitates work not fucks it up.

A magnificent comment about how your "manager" should really be like a Personal Assistant for a techie.

I've added solprovider to the friends list in the hope of finding more eloquent gems like that one. Also seems to be a spider robinson fan. Bad puns anyone?

My best boss was one that pushed me to get more done, asked me what was holding me up, and made those hold ups go away. Often it would be some slack arse somewhere else that I was waiting on and he'd get better results than I could.

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Journal Journal: baking cornish and german mixed together

I've never eaten a pasty of the nipple covering variety either.

Added cammoblammo from Portland Victoria (not too far from Mt Gambier I think) as a friend and fellow pastry connaisseur. Who'd'a thought that Portland would have internet and people who like slashdot.

I think I'll go stuff my country bumpkin tech prejudices in the bit-bucket where they belong.

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Journal Journal: all the shrinks would be out of a job

~Elpacoloco added as a friend. Weird conversation about humans being better at handling unexpected situations than computers.

Computers can be programmed to a default recovery given situations they can't handle. Perhaps mine is "run away". That's what I did today when I got brain fade. Possibly not the best solution, but a solution...

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Journal Journal: you know you want a revolution...

imagine the intelligent people got to run the country that has the biggest stick?

They're not all nuts

Would they use it as much as the stupid people we got now?

BTW I think softspokenrevolution might be wrong in asserting the USA allows rights for other "white nations". I don't think they allow rights for anyone except those with lots of money who buy influence (hmm they don't even have to buy votes anymore).

Self-evident, life, liberty, property? I think they've lost it with the self evident and the life and liberty and got stuck with pursuit of property at the expense of most everyone else. Otherwise wouldnt the USA have the best healthcare and education available to every single one of their citizens. And as for us internationals, we have to get our noses completely brown just for the right to be screwed in trade negotiations. You want cheaper beef steak or bread or steel cars (steel anything), write to your local rep and complain about USA tariffs and trade blocks. {never ending rant}
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Journal Journal: to the tune of "Grand old Duke of York"

The moderators of slashdot had ten thousand mod-points. They modded posts up to 5 and then they modded them back down again.

At least that seems to be what happened to this post about NZ. People couldn't decide whether it was insightful or flamebait, and settled for declaring it over-rated. Certainly if a post gets modded up to 5 (or 4) and then back down again - that's over done.

Sadly, I think some of the modding was done by people who imagined that Kiwis would be offended by the post, or were offended by the expressed implications of being on the leading edge. There were no responses you'd expect for flamebait, most of the discussion ended up being about Rugby Union being used to identify geographic regions of NZ.

Trouble is that giving Mods to the people leaves the system open to popularity contests and rewards ignorance. I really would like a rating for "ignorant", I so often see these as "insightful" because they express an opinion so far from the truth that some moderators mistake them for having new knowledge on the subject.
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Journal Journal: hmm, my life as a helpdesk consultant

Slashdot invite to post your dumb user stories and I missed it because I was out playing sport. What a strange techie I am.

But an at-homer edunbar93 posted a techie response to the techie that I liked. Ie the real challenge is getting the most clueless (but not necessarily stupid) user to do what is required to sort the problem. My mum said my instructions were easy to follow. I said that was because my job was to write instructions for morons (computers). Mum was vaguely insulted. Figures.
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Journal Journal: unix geek girl makes an impression

So I added CharterTerminal to the list of friends. See this thread.

Meanwhile I have nearly completed a faux stainglass artwork. How can a programmer be an artist. Or perhaps an artistic programmer ought to avoid general ledger applications and move over to graphical systems.

Why am I here? Do I care?
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Journal Journal: FNQ procrastinator

Just had to add inflex to the watch list. And he seems to have a good set of entertaining posts too.

In an unrelated comment
Tucker Max is attracting my attention in the same way that a train wreck might. This guy reminds me of Sam Newman and the Farrelly brothers who made "Dumb and Dumber" and "Something about Mary". Yuk but Why???
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Journal Journal: smilingirl friend

Geek girls of the world unite. Although this one is very young/new perhaps. Anyway I like anyone who encourages diversity of ideas and she is trying to encourage more inclusive comment from the geek-guys.

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Journal Journal: anyone who has worked on cyber...

dgood added as friend. Anyone who has worked on a cyber has gotta be a friend, united by shared trauma (and age). Gawd I feel old.
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Journal Journal: metamoderating god

why is it that mod points are never there when you want them. Metamoderation came as a complete surprise, you get a random list of moderated posts and you get to evaluate the moderations of the posts, and I have to look up the context if I haven't seen the post or topic before...

And you only get three choices, fair, nothing, unfair or in the case of funny: funny or not funny. Sheesh. Dumb and dumber was funny to some but I hated it. Where is the maybe option. Or the mod up is good but I thought the comment was funny not interesting?

Maybe one day it will be more flexible?

I suppose this is what you get for one too many posts to cowboyneal querying the nature of moderations ie things modded flame when they're funny or off topic when they're directly on topic, but maybe the moderator didn't understand the contained tech info. If the post doesn't make any sense to you for *^#$(&@ sake leave it alone.

let someone who understands it, mod it.

And remember a troll is someone who posts something rude just to get a bite eg calls everyone who likes Linux, a smelly penguin.

Seriously, penguin colonies are very very smelly

Someone who posts a comment with a different opinion to yours is interesting. Viva diversity.

I still wonder how many mods that seem out of context/wrong are because people scrolled the selection after they selected and before they changed their cursor context. Oops.

moderating is such a burden. Where is a comment interesting enough for me to mod it. Is it ROTFL funny or just amusing?

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