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Comment Re:20TB? At home? (Score 1) 983

I've got nearly 16TB at home and know a number of people who have nearly the same as well.

Here's a hint - DVDs are nearly a twenty year old standard. Movies these days are stored with 1080p quality and can easily be 10gigs each.

Beyond that, I keep all of my home movies in uncompressed format. That and pictures and can quickly eat up a lot of space.

Comment Re:What's the point of this? (Score 1) 117

Harsh as the OP is, I believe thats more of a reaction to a completely fabricated story here. If there truly is a such a problem, then why would there be a need to invent scare statistics?

Free Geek looks to be a pretty impressive operation though. I wonder if something like that would be successful on the east coast.

Comment Re:Sorry (Score 2) 192

Wow. Thanks for the insight. If only you could have been around to honor us with your knowledge a few years ago.

My wife routinely ate peanut butter during her first pregnancy but our child still has a peanut allergy. Maybe you should specify that it is the 'crunchy' variety everyone needs and not the 'smooth' that my wife prefers.

Comment Re:"User Error" (Score 1) 256

Having the zip code does not mean you have the city and state.

While it does give you a good starting point to make an assumption, zip codes do not necessarily follow state and county lines.

Comment Re:The first question should be... (Score 1) 82

The recent (the 2000's) Stern titles aren't that great. (Although the word is that some of their newer titles are actually pretty good)

The pinballs that could be considered the "golden age" seems to be the ones you are disparaging. Anything Bally/Williams from the 90's is now highly sought after by both the collectors and the players (which I guess could be the same)

Comment Re:ask a mechanic (Score 1) 672

Similar story.

Had some friends visit the states from Thailand recently. We live in a city heavily dependent upon cars and thus spent a lot of time driving around town. One of the comments they made after looking out the window at the traffic was "All the cars are new!"


Can You Trust Anti-Virus Rankings? 258

Slatterz writes "It seems nobody can agree on a universal set of tests for rating anti-virus software, with Eugene Kaspersky the latest to weigh in on the topic, criticizing the well-known Virus Bulletin 100. Kaspersky is one of several big anti-virus brands to fall foul of the VB100 tests, reportedly failing to pass a recent test of security software on Windows Server 2008, along with F-Secure and Computer Associates. At Kaspersky, bloggers have pointed out that they don't focus on detecting PoCs, calling it a 'dead end,' and saying their anti-virus database focuses on 'real threats and exploits.' 'I don't want to say it's rubbish,' Kaspersky told PC Authority. 'But the security experts don't pay attention to these tests. It doesn't reflect the real level of protection.'"

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