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Comment Re:BOSE = terribly privacy policy (Score 1) 231

I don't want to start a holy war here, but what is the deal with you BOSE fanatics? I've been sitting here at my freelance gig with my QuietComfort 35 wireless loaded with Megadeth for about 20 minutes now while I attempt to listen to a 17 Meg mp3 from one directory on the ipod. 20 minutes. At home, with my Pioneer HDJ2000 listening to Radiohead, which by all standards should be a lot slower than Megadeth, the same operation would take about 2 minutes. If that.

In addition, during this jam session, Soundcloud will not work. And everything else has ground to a halt. Even Facebook is straining to keep up as I type this.

I won't bore you with the laundry list of other problems that I've encountered while working on various headphones, but suffice it to say there have been many, not the least of which is I've never seen headphones that run faster than the songs playing on them, despite counting double when you listen to mashups since you are getting two songs at once. My Sony Walkman with a Chromium Dioxide cassette plays Megadeth faster than these headphones. From a productivity standpoint, I don't get how people can claim that the BOSE headphones are superior interfaces.

BOSE addicts, flame me if you'd like, but I'd rather hear some intelligent reasons why anyone would choose to use QuietComfort over other faster, cheaper, more stable systems.

Comment OMG You're right it's happening already!!! (Score 2) 648

Now lots of online businesses peddling second hand goods will spring up in no time.

You're right, it's happening already! Look at these evil merchants of second hand books I found just searching online:

If somebody doesn't do something soon, we'll be seeing merchants of second-hand records and CDs and videos as well!! I've even hear rumors that there are some brick-and-mortar institutions springing up and collecting second hand materials and LOANING THEM OUT FREELY TO ANYONE WHO ENTERS! Have we reached such a nadir of respect for commerce and capitalism that we're going to allow every moocher and freeloader in the 47% to simply BORROW someone's intellectual property without paying for it?! I'm shocked the Supreme Court would hand such a victory to the Marxists and Linuxists.

Comment Re:Different thing (Score 1) 776

I'm not sure if you're being deliberately confusing or if I'm being dense, but my point had nothing to do with land surface data or the problems of the IPCC. It's that the coauthor never "slammed" the author, and never "accused him of hiding data." The Daily Mail reached those conclusions on its own, and the coauthor came back and slammed the Daily Mail for sensationalizing this. Cheers.

Comment Re:Different thing (Score 1) 776

Did you even read what you quoted?? Yeesh. She mostly agrees with Muller. So your interpretation (based on the title of the daily mail nonsense) that the coauthor slammed Muller is completely wrong (or, as you say, completely full of shit). The only thing she disagreed with him on is something about hurricanes, which she says is "not something to bother with."

Hope this helps.

Comment Re:Not news (Score 1) 776

Judith Curry, the co-author in question, is not disputing his comments; the Daily Mail took her statements out of context. You can read her blog for the real story from her perspective here and the previous post; in short she says the only thing they disagreed about was the relatively minor one of interpreting hurricane data. Otherwise, she writes, "I have to say that there isn’t much that we disagree on."

The media don't always play a positive role in conversations among scientists - they tend to look for the controversial and sensational and that plays into the hands of people who wish to deny the growing scientific consensus around climate change.

Comment Re:Different thing (Score 1) 776

Talk about deceptive titles. The Daily Mail gets it wrong; read the other scientist's own blog here and here

Or if that's too much information for you, here's the money quote: "I have to say that there isn’t much that we disagree on."

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