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Comment Re:Second fastest (Score 1) 98

Busy laughing at all the suckers living in New York.

Don't. I live outside the US and get 55.3Mb/s down for a reasonable price. I don't live in a major city and I don't have fiber, only DSL. I could also get pretty much the same speed for pretty much the same money from my cable TV company.

The US is behind on broadband.

Comment Ignore it (Score 1) 246

If you were not officially told then ignore it.

Don't backstab anyone. Don't read anything without permission. Don't get involved in anyone's infighting. Do your best to help all your customers, even if they are trying to undermine you. Play politics only as much as you have to, people will try to play you. You have to be aware of it and respond tactfully.

Your duty to report serious criminality overrides these rules. Your duty to report gross immorality may override these rules, you have to decide that one based on what you believe in.

Comment Re:Gee, isn't Iron Dome supposed to be worthless? (Score 1) 184

You have a point. That money could have gone to feeding the homeless, upgrading some infrastructure, health care, regenerating Detroit, or a countless number of other things. Instead it's going to help a country that's oppressing its own people Saddam style and indirectly going to feed military secrets to the Chinese.

Comment Re:They were in their system for four months?!?! (Score 1) 184

The old design was always strong firewalls between the network and the Internet and nothing else. A lot of companies really believe that a stateful firewall will somehow prevent windows users running god knows what malware on their web connected desktop machines. Plus there are all the laptops and other devices staff plug straight into the core network. Plus VPN connection bridging the firewalls.

Computer security in most companies is a joke. That, apparently, includes defense contractors.

Comment Re:Keep It Ready (Score 2) 208

Few people use IaaS because they fear owning servers. Some people really like or need the flexibility. Some people have done the calculations and it does save them money. Some people don't want the hassle of looking after servers and want to concentrate on their core business.

You try and build a reliable and fully redundant data center for less than amazon charges. It's not so easy.

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