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Comment Re:Beginning of the end (Score 1) 119

>I was wondering what to grow out back, heck an acre of these and I can fuel my car at home eventually

Here's the real problem. A given standard of living requires a specific level of energy. The only truly renewable sources of energy we have - as in 'will last as long as the planet could remain habitable' are tidal, geothermal, and solar (which includes wind and hydroelectric, as they are themselves solar powered). Nuclear will run out. Fossil fuels will run out. IF we get practical over-unity fusion going, that can go on the renewable list, too.

Ultimately, you need a certain amount of surface area assigned to energy collection per person, and it's not tiny, especially as you get further inland or further from the equator.

Comment Re: There's no tweak to make that palatable (Score 1) 588

I dunno... how about a dating site where people are matched to people of the same faith? That's kind of important to a lot of people, and a valid reason for collecting and using the data.

You're not going to capture quite as much of the population as you might with Twitter, but your data might be more trustworthy.

Comment Re:Trouble turning a profit? (Score 1) 306

Just what I was thinking. Why in the hell should they get a 20-30% cut of a fare for putting a customer and contractor together when that is all handled by an app?

They have hosting, dev, and support costs, and presumably some advertising or something... but really, now that Uber is a thing it could be run by a handful of people regardless of scale.

Unless they're going to get serious about driver background checks, vehicle safety checks, bad client tracking, etc... like regular taxis (are supposed to) do, there's some people at the top getting very, very rich.

Comment Re:A purpose for Google Glass? (Score 1) 80

Well, since you're actually present in such circumstances, it'd likely take (a lot) less processing power to work with the available audio.

That would translate into longer battery life and higher accuracy (auto CC is already more than 50% accurate and some systems hit the 90% threshold without requiring training to a specific individual's voice).

Comment Re:What's valiant about being frozen? (Score 1) 386

Either way she's dead, this way she died with hope. Maybe her last moments involved a delusion she'd wake up someday, but what's the difference between being comforted by magic tech reversing the crystallization damage to every cell in your brain and, say, thinking a guy in a white robe will open some golden gates on a cloud and let you in to an eternal paradise?

Comment Not really what I'd consider a 'robot' (Score 1) 45

Car mode looks fine, but the humanoid mode looks like the robot is standing in the unaltered rear third of the car, and the arms and head look useless.

If it can't walk or pick up things, it's not good enough yet.

This one looks like it's not quite as advanced as this one:

Only a human-sized model last I checked, but far more functional.

Comment Re:Spaceflight is risky (Score 1) 239

Risky doesn't mean impossible.

We can go to Mars if we want to throw enough money at it. Living there in a self-sustaining colony of healthy human beings is probably awaiting several engineering and medical breakthroughs, though.

If you're willing to risk a roughly 99% chance of dying in flight due to environmental failure, we could manage an interstellar generation ship - again, by throwing enough money at it.

Comment Re:stinky (Score 2) 176

> If you don't take a Hollywood shower,

Wet skin. Lather soap. Rinse.

If you really had to shower daily (which is nice in close quarters but not exactly required to sustain life), you could get by on maybe 30 seconds of water.

If you have a system to instantly recycle the shower water for the 'wet' part, you could use the entire 30 seconds for the 'rinse'.

Comment Re:powers (Score 1) 212

Granting them the authority to passively scan wireless traffic, identify the location of the WAP, and then providing that information to the police is fine with me. I mean, still stupid, but legally/morally fine.

So long as that's all they get to do. If they are allowed to be judge, jury and executioner as well instead of passing off evidence to the legal system, that's a big problem.

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