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Comment Re:There are some interesting ramifications. (Score 1) 92

>The take-away point I get from this is that we may need another revolutionary technology or two (fully three-dimensional integrated circuits? IC's based on carbon instead of silicon?) before we can model the sentient mind as similar to an artificially created device

Memristors already exist and are going to revolutionize the computing world by combining processing with storage (and eliminating the difference between RAM and long term storage). If somebody knows if that will take 5 or 50 years to get out of the labs, they are not saying so far as I know.

However, they might just be the next great leap towards an artificial neuron as well.

Comment Re:Bitcoin against govenment (Score 1) 43

So good for the ones that have been telling us that bitcoin was good to protect capital against government fiddling on currency

Here's the thing... whenever anyone tells you there's something good about bitcoin beyond its utility for gambling on the change in value between when you get buy some and when you sell some (and perhaps gambling on whether you get scammed in the process of either of those transactions)... they're lying scammers or deluded cultists.

We've had years of evidence of this but they have a stake in convincing you otherwise.

Comment Re:This is my shocked face... (Score 0) 43

I use bitcoin to purchase stuff.

HAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for the laugh. There was a brief window where that could be practical, but now you'd just be throwing money away to use bitcoin, and in most cases also incurring extra liability over a cash or credit card transaction. With less convenience, and no anonymity.

Why on Earth would any sane person want to do any of that? It's like carrying a balance on your credit card - you're just throwing an extra portion of your wealth away with every transaction!

Comment Re:Fuck off, msmash (Score 1) 43

Fuck off with your bitcoin spam. We're not your pump-n-dump engine.

We might be. There appear to be more people with mod points voting to support the scam's narrative than those voting against it.

But then again, most people who aren't participating in the scam probably aren't interested enough to waste mod points here, or even read the discussion in the first place.

Either way, these posts are an embarrassing reflection on the userbase of this site. I can only assume they're permitted because they're generating page views and that's more important to the owners than not supporting a scam.

Comment Re:This is my shocked face... (Score 0) 43

Nope. Bitcoin's already dead.

It died long ago, when stores stopped accepting it, when Bitcoin ATMs failed as a business, when VC smartened up and stopped throwing money at it.

You just haven't noticed yet and you're playing with the corpse.

And you don't even have enough confidence in your cult scam to post with a registered UID, which is a pretty strong indicator you know bitcoin's digital shit.

Comment Re:Fuck off, msmash (Score 5, Interesting) 43

How is saying, "The price is falling!" going to pump up the price? Perhaps it's a short-n-spread-fud scheme.

After you pump the price and dump your bitcoin, you want to drop the price so you can buy more low in preparation for the next pump.

Now, it's unlikely MsMash is a top-level player in that scam, but there are lots of people who want to participate in hopes of enriching themselves.

Since the market is more or less entirely driven by fraud, this is essentially a guessing game of how far bitcoin will go during its ups and downs, so if you're NOT actually one of the big players who is moving the market through exchange fraud or controlling large amounts of bitcoin, you're probably not going to do very well... which seems to make them try all the harder.

Comment This is my shocked face... (Score 1, Flamebait) 43

>The People's Bank of China said its probe of bitcoin exchanges BTCC, Huobi and OKCoin was to look into a range of possible rule violations, including market manipulation, money laundering and unauthorized financing.

Wait, the price of Bitcoin was pumped by Chinese fraud? If only this had been known earlier! If only we'd noticed that every selling point of Bitcoin has actually been thoroughly debunked, that every major player in Bitcoin has been caught stealing or has failed (or both). If only we'd notice that blockchains have fundamental flaws that make them useless on any decent scale.

Oh, wait, pretty much everyone did know, but the scammers and fools yelled a lot louder and more frequently in their efforts to draw in new suckers so they could cash out.

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 4, Informative) 146

No, the VC idiots have finally learned that Bitcoin is a way of stealing their money. The smart VC money never went there, except a few 'drop in the bucket, just in case' experiments.

Slashdot really ought to just ban these stupid 'stories'; we don't post about Beanie Baby market fluctuations, and there's nothing technically interesting left with Bitcoin to discuss. It's just the latest attempt by scammers and cultists to pump their obsession.

Comment Re:Next step is to connect it to a smartphone (Score 1) 99

Vital Technologies of Bolton, Ontario, Canada built one years ago, then promptly went bankrupt.

They claimed they had an EM detector (in the lab, not their commercial tricorder product) sensitive enough to detect the human nervous system at a distance.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 3, Insightful) 153

Con artists and marks (of various varieties).

The exchanges fake transactions, fake liquidity, then claim to have been hacked while they take off with your real money. (SFYL)

The middlemen pretend to use Bitcoin but are actually more like unregulated online payment processors (these exist mostly because Bitcoin itself doesn't work well and most users are clueless enough that pretending to use Bitcoin is good enough for them)

The 'whales' who actually have enough Bitcoin they can move the market around. They don't have to predict the market, they ARE the market, and by cycling the price they can milk cash out of a lot of idiots.

There's the enthusiasts who have just discovered the concept but haven't dug deep enough into to figure out why it doesn't work.

There are all sorts of political weirdos who think it'll survive as the currency that remains after the global economic system fails. Because after a complete global meltdown, there will still be a functioning, undivided Internet.

The greedy folk who think they can avoid taxes. Or predict the market and get rich (see 'whales' above as to why this would require a lot of luck).

It soars because people are stupid, selfish, self-deluding, and greedy. But it does not soar in a way that anyone not in at the top level of it will make any money on any real scale except by the wildest of luck.

Comment Re:Plot twist... (Score 1) 37

You mock, but the hardware keyboard was pretty much what kept me on team BB until the most recent, final fuckover.

A full keyboard is just so much easier to use because of the tactile feedback that comes with it. It's worth losing some screen real estate. I will admit I can't recall the last time I used the optical track pad, but it's nice to know it's there if I ever need to make a precision click.

You know, until I ditch the phone next year because everything ELSE BlackBerry sucks giant sweaty balls.

Comment Re:Just when I think things are getting better... (Score 1) 78

>So now who's ignorant?

You, you mindless cultist. You know how to parrot the Bitcoin propaganda like any number of other morons hoping to get rich quick for nothing while understanding precisely none of the reasons Bitcoin is a giant, steaming, pile of crap that never had the potential to work for social, technological, business, and economic reasons.

Or you're not ignorant and believe that if you lie hard enough and often enough, you can pump the price and some newb will buy you out and that's good, right?

Either way, you're just a waste of a human being because you're a net negative for society. Maybe you're young and naÃve, and it's just for now and one day you'll be worth something as a person. If you're over 19 though... game over. This is it, the best you'll ever be as a human being. You've failed to engage your brain.

Go somewhere else. I hear http://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoi... is good.

Comment Re:Beginning of the end (Score 1) 119

>I was wondering what to grow out back, heck an acre of these and I can fuel my car at home eventually

Here's the real problem. A given standard of living requires a specific level of energy. The only truly renewable sources of energy we have - as in 'will last as long as the planet could remain habitable' are tidal, geothermal, and solar (which includes wind and hydroelectric, as they are themselves solar powered). Nuclear will run out. Fossil fuels will run out. IF we get practical over-unity fusion going, that can go on the renewable list, too.

Ultimately, you need a certain amount of surface area assigned to energy collection per person, and it's not tiny, especially as you get further inland or further from the equator.

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