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Comment THANK GOD! (Score 1) 52

It's about time, The are so difficult to plug in and it's so heavy.. I'm surprised most electric cars are ever plugged in the connectors are s obig and heavy and difficult to use.

I'm calling bull on it being "automatic" that video is of someone off screen driving it. you can see reflections of a person off to the left monkeying with it and you can see it being very jerky as if a person is trying to get it adjusted right.

Comment Re:Getting Ready for Apollo Lake Upgrade (Score 2) 56

Except that intel's current processor is a joke compared to the last version, and the next is to not be worth a damn compared to it either.

Sorry but All of intel's offerings over the past 3 years have been a waste of time. There is zero incentive to upgrade a 3rd gen processor machine to anything with a 6th gen or beyond due to the increases being so small that spending $800+ for it is a waste of money.

Comment Re:How sad... (Score 1) 110

It is not an economic problem there, it's a Social problem. I have several friends that emigrated here from india and they all will freely admit, "it's not a nice place" because of the class and caste system allows horrible treatment of others.

The ones that flee to come here looking for freedom, they come here for really good reasons. Parts of india may be beautiful and amazing but a large amount of is still filled with human suffering all in the name of tradition.

Comment Re: Wrong! They were made by Jesus (Score 1) 126

Science is the same way.

Freaking historians REFUSED for decades that the Norse were here in the americas way before any europeans and they dismissed all found evidence as "hoaxes" even though the evidence pool was sound and well documented.

Go ahead and try and overturn a science cart with a new hypothesis and see how welcoming scientists are. It's as much of a cult following in the science circles as it is in religious cults.

Comment No one is asking for this? (Score 1) 594

I love how you guys have ZERO clue as to who the customer is to phone makers.

It's not you. It's the phone companies and they want that jack gone. That way they can DRM the hell out of everything and force you to buy their Bluetooth headphones at 40% more profit.

Yet all you will still happily buy the crap because you all have to have the latest shiny.... oohh shiny must have shiny!

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