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Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 170

also got good at FUCKING the people that built the stuff. he fucked over Woz, the man that actually made apple what it is, he fucked over everyone that did not just nod and say yes-sir.

He may have went down the right paths, but he stepped on a lot of people's faces while wearing soccer cleats to get there.

But then all the "tech giants" were raging assholes that fucked over the people that did the real work to get there. Gates was notorious for it.

Comment Morons.... the lot of them.... (Score 3, Informative) 168

"You go into any government office and we all have the little camera things that sit on top of the screen"

Why the hell are they not ordering real pro laptops without the camera? my Dell Precision 7510 does not have a camera and company wide we all understand that a camera on the laptop is 100% useless in business. if you need to do a video call you use one of the conference rooms.

we are not even high security and we dont have cameras. what the hell are they doing ordering laptops with cameras at their level?

So the director of the FBI has a insecure laptop...... This is why we cant do shit in this country in law enforcement.

Comment Re:it's pretty simple (Score 0) 178

Because he is a sadist.

He is one of those morons that buys into the bullshit that you work hard you will be rich.

Reality: working hard means you work hard and say poor. to become rich you have to be an asshole and a bullshitter.

100% of all the rich in this world got there by bullshitting others or being an asshole and taking from others. Not paying honest wages is how you get richer faster, and employees like me that will say "fuck you" to my employer and go work for the competition because they will pay me more? I really piss his type off because I see through them and see what they really are. Scam artists trying to convince me that they are doing ME a favor.

Reality is a worker is doing the company a FAVOR, not the other way around.

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