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Comment Re: Hah! (Score 1) 433

The biggest improvement to safety from violence you can make is to move out of the USA. Not to buy a gun.

Actually, it's;

Don't be depressed. (#1 killer with guns)

Don't hang around criminals, or be one

Don't be male and black in the inner city, or hang around black males in the inner city

Avoiding either of those last two reduces the "risk of getting shot" by about 98%. Both, and it's closer to five nines percentages. There is still some latent risk, like from stray bullets, random robberies, negligent discharge, etc. I agree, if you have a tendency to be depressed, you shouldn't own a gun. (Goes for any other mental illness really.)

The FBI and CDC have stats that show this, go look them up. If you line up those rates with those of other countries, US beats most of europe as far is "no violence" most of the time especially if you count recent numbers after lots of immigration.

If you are a white, asian, or hispanic, not a dumbass and not a criminal, having a gun in the house makes no goddamn difference. And you can offset some of the "random robbery" risk to boot. (There are as many as 6 million "defend but no shoot" self defense actions every year. Guns work for that without firing a shot. Many of these are out and about though, so carry concealed or open. There arent many people counting these though, probably for political reasons. NRA has some stats somewhere if you want them.)

Lastly, if you move out of the USA all the positive aspects of a firearm go away, along with freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a bunch of other stuff.

So, basically, "don't be a dumbass" and all of a sudden your "risk of getting shot" drops precipitously.

Comment Re:Sounds like a probable design oversight. (Score 2, Insightful) 255

Or cost cutting.

For a design like that it should really have a ring of ultrasonic, infrared, camera, or similiar sensors affixed pointing around the radius of the robots tread path and set up to stop the robot if anything is projected to go under it.

It needs some of that.

Also, 16 months old is TOO YOUNG to even understand the robot is different than a garbage can. The parents are outright irresponsible in their actions.

If there is going to be a robot that interacts with children, it should be one specialized for that. Leave the security robot to do it's job. Entertain your dumb kid with something designed for kids. Hey! I know! Next take the kid to the free range pit bull farm!

Comment Re:#BlackLivesMatter (Score 2) 983

WTF. Dude this guy had nothing to do with BLM. BLM came to be because of murder and violence not the other way around

He clearly stated to police before being blown up he was angry AT BLM.

His manifesto posted online also clearly states this.

Angry at the fact they lost focus and had let Sharpton sully the message, that they were not radical enough.

With his anger, he chose to shoot at white people.

Comment Re:Why is it troubling? (Score 1) 499

I fail to see how this is a troubling trend if its not based on any external force. Maybe men just studied harder and learned whatever skillset they needed better. Hell the only "troubling trend" is that women with subpar skills were hired more often when people knew they were women.

It isn't troubling.

This is showing what folks have been saying all along.

The study should be thrown out though, as the researchers are clearly biased and looking for more bullshit lies about "poor oppressed women because they are women" when the performance, knowledge, and hard work is the real difference. Nothing they can do further should be trusted, soon a "corrected" study will be out that results in demands for more favors for women.

Comment Re:I can see how this might be useful... (Score 1) 147

Shipping companies did employ armed security that did indeed fire on pirates when the Somali problem was at its peak. You can find video on the web.

The big problem is the weapons you're carrying have to be legal in both the country you're shipping from and the country you're shipping to. Since so much of it was destined for Europe, where almost every weapon is illegal, your options are limited. Most of the security companies operating in that region had their own boats to move guards - they would board with their weapons in international waters and debark with their weapons in international waters.

They solved that problem by just throwing the weapons overboard. Half a dozen AR-15s, a couple rifles in .308 or 30-06 and 1k rounds for each is two day's pay for the guys doing security. A trivial extra cost.

Anyway, this is a self-inflicted problem. Africans are going to do that stuff. Letting it continue caused it to continue. Had they shot at the first dozen attempts there wouldn't be a problem at all.

Comment Re:A-Team Style (Score 1) 292

It's the microphone I'm worried about. At least the camera usually has an LED so you can see it is on, but there is no way of knowing if the microphone is active. It's also harder to block - tape helps but won't completely stop it hearing ambient sound. Also, microphones have been demonstrated as a way to secretly communicate without generating suspicious network traffic, using ultrasound.

The only way to be sure is to open the laptop and unplug it.

Plugging in an empty 3.5 mm plug connected to nothing might switch in circuitry from the built in Mic to the non existent "plugged in" Mic

I wouldn't count on any software fix that disables something. That can be worked around with the right software.

Comment Re:I Love You (Score 2) 281

Scary how much this ficticious movie is getting close to reality.

It's not fiction. It's a future documentary from an alternate universe. The Time Macheen depicted in the movie is real. The only thing is it malfunctions and each time it's run (that is, each time the heroes realize it doesn't exist) it bumps that universe over one and closer to ours.

That's why our universe gets more and more like the movie every day.

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