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Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 190

So, because Apple is involved, it's ok to pass off shoddy untested and unverified products at the same time as ripping off a company's trade dress and defrauding customers.

These aren't just generic USB chargers you plug into the wall - these are made and advertised to look like genuine Apple products, using Apple logos and everything. Except that they aren't.

Good to know that irrationality still wins the day with both Apple's fans, and detractors.

Speaking of irrational, which ignorant consumer thinks they're actually buying a "genuine" Apple cable from the most infamous fixed-price electronics vendor on the planet, at a fraction of what they charge everywhere else?

Give me a break. Yes, you have a point regarding counterfeiting, but when something is way too good to be true, it probably is.

It just makes me all that more certain that Apple is price gouging on all their products.

There is NOTHING in those cables that should make them cost 26 bucks.

Comment Re:Yeah. Right (Score 3, Insightful) 367

Or are you one of those gullible people who believe that the media is biased against Trump despite the media actually greatly assistingTrump's campaign by repeating every damn stupid thing that he says? He'd never have made it through the primaries if the mainstream media weren't so obsessed with him.

They unconsciously assisted Trump. They were competing with each other for viewership. The media didn't believe its own adage, "Any news is good news" because it gives name recognition. Now, the main news outlets, and even Google search results, clearly favor Hillary.

It's the same stuff every day: Everybody is SO Appalled by ______ (insert modified v of what he actually said) that Trump said.; Clinton is (destroying, crushing, obliterating, overwhelming) Trump in popularity.

Just look at tomorrow's lead stories. That's what they will say.

This, btw, is why you should vote against Hillary. At least Trump will have a hostile press.

The part I'd like to know is when did "the news" become 24/7 instructions on what to think and feel about things.

Try it, just consume whatever news you do, and take note of the time they spend on "the what" verses the time they spend telling you what to think and feel. "You will be shocked!" No. Dude. A responsible and intelligent (not to mention wise) person decides that stuff for themselves. YOUR job as a "journalist" (in quotes, because there aren't any anymore) is to find information, collate it into useful form, and present it.

Comment Re:Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 1) 269

The one-sided nature of the leaks suggests that either Wikieaks has an agenda, or it is the willing accomplice of someone who has an agenda.

In any case, the failure to redact phone numbers and other personal information suggests that Wikileaks cannot really be regarded as a reasonable way to leak data.

Finally, I suspect that the one-sided nature of the leaks is upsetting many people who would otherwise support Wikileaks.

Two possible reasons for this:

Insiders are doing the leaking
RNC break-ins happened and aren't interesting, exposing corruption isn't fun if there isn't any

Also note; conservative thought did not do SJW twat-juice battle against Anon and 4chan trying to enforce political correctness. i.e. they aren't angry at the RNC yet.

You are right, this is vindictive. Deliciously so.

Comment Re:o goodies, another one. (Score 1) 91

always on and network connected microphones that sends what they capture to "the cloud" (and who knows who else) for analysis.. just what the world needed more of.

Don't worry. "Get Serious" is the last stage of a Google project, that means it has about 6 months before all support and development is withdrawn and 8 months till it's abruptly dropped completely.

Comment Re:Whoopty Doo (Score 1) 843

Nobody is going to care about these petty attacks from the media.

They can't stump the Trump.

Lol, Buzz Feed.

Yeah, I was going to say. "His biggest problem is the main stream media."


The opposite is the case, the mainstream media's biggest problem is HIM.

They have fallen all over themselves to be the most biased they could be for leftists and to burn the smidge of credibility they had on this election as the result. People are tired of MSM horseshit. The petty little videos these two retards found will do nothing but tank their own careers.

Even if he loses, Trump is taking down the dumbass capitulating do-nothing right wing whackadoodles in the Republican party AND the main stream media. They hooked their wagons to leftist causes and democrats both of whom are now herding themselves off the cliff into the dustbin of history.

Amazing, wonderful, and couldn't come soon enough.

Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 1) 275

If you track its orbit, it does not cross Beijing ( or Washington DC ). The only US states it crosses is the southern parts from Californian to Texas. Aside from crossing parts of North and South America, its orbit is mostly over water.

The orbit is a normal "procession" where it could pass over any point (especially uncontrolled) between about 45 degrees North and 45 degrees South of the equator.

True, Alaska is not at risk, but the whole of the CONUS is, Northern South America, most of Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia and Southern Europe.

It's more of a "belt" of possible overflight than geographic regions.

Comment Re:So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

This is really silly. All a barometer needs is either one or two tiny holes (depending on the design of the sensor). The sensor would need to be sealed to the sensor and water tight, of course, but that is required by any sensor they might use. This story is simply an excuse.

I'll guess two possible reasons for this: 1. Force more use of Apple patented and licensed tech for headphones 2. Allow DRM implementation at the headphone jack to further control what can be played on the iPhone

The iPhone6+ (and possibly others) already has a barometer in it.

Barometer on a chip has been a thing for decades already. No "sealed box" needed.

They may have added the vent and moved the sensor for the existing barometer, but it's not a new feature. Gortex venting will probably greatly slow down the sensitivity so make it less useful for stuff they claim it might do.

Comment Re:Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 1) 395

How about using Fake GPS location spoofer? Is it able to send fake coordinates to Google Play, too?

I'm sure a GPS location spoofer, if such a thing exists, is highly illegal and would get you in big trouble to use it. GPS signals are on a licensed part of the spectrum, and interfering with those frequencies can cause not just your GPS device to fail, but possibly others around you. GPS is used in in some life or death applications, such as air navigation, so I imagine the feds would take this kind of spoofing very, very seriously.

The reference to a spoofer in this case, is software that runs on the phone to tell the OS and the apps on the phone where the phone is. There isn't any radio frequency involved.

Recently it's been used to let people "walk around" playing Pokemon Go while sitting in their basement.

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