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Comment Re:Yeah, I've been told my odds are bad. (Score 1) 153

You're selectively quoting me and taking it out of the original context. Lipitor name brand is $372 for 30 days. The generic equivalent, Atorvastatin, is the $9 I stated. The other drugs are similarly priced.

The name brand drugs are making pharmaceutical companies rich. The generic equivalent is making the generic manufacturers money, but it's not making them rich like the original patent holder.

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 1) 272

The hardest part of that is making sure that I keep my contingency up to date with all of the correct credentials needed AND that someone can access and implement it.

Well it sounds like the guy in the story didn't do that. He probably should be reprimanded or fired or something. They just need to be sure to do it AFTER he fixes the situation because they're screwed if they do it before. Oh wait...

Comment Re:Yeah, I've been told my odds are bad. (Score 5, Informative) 153

she didn't bother telling me what I might accomplish if I start eating right, or exercising more, or even if I quit smoking - in fact, she seemed rather dubious that it would have any real effect at all

Sounds like you need to get a better doctor.

I'm also sure that some pharmaceutical company somewhere would make a fair chunk of change off me for the rest of my unnatural life

Yeah. Generic Lipitor is $9 at Walmart. Generic Crestor is $15. KMart has generic Zocor for $3. That $.10-.$50 a day for the 3 dominate statins. That's not making any pharmaceutical companies rich.

Comment Re:More useless shit enslaving users (Score 2) 103

Do no evil my ass!

What's evil in this case? Yesterday you didnt have /usr/bin/raisr and you probably don't use Google+. Today you know that google has /usr/bin/raisr but you still don't have it, and you still aren't using Google+. Nothing in your life has changed materially and you are no worse off then you were yesterday. At minimum, Google was neutral, neither good nor evil. The fact that it might help other people tips it slightly in the good direction even if it never gets released as /usr/bin/raisr.

Comment Re:Misleading Article, Basically Lies (Score 1) 209

Well you can't binge all the episodes as they are only available as they are released. Which means you need to have HBO go for a minimum of 3 months. Or if you wait until the last episode of the season you can binge watch them all for the lowest cost. You just can't participate in water cooler talk about "last night's episode" until the last week.

I think the original intent was to pay say $1 an episode to be able to stream it at the same time that it's aired for regular subscribers. No delays. No subscriptions. No needing cable tv before you can sign up. Just. Plain. Streaming. A la carte.

Comment Re:Misleading Article, Basically Lies (Score 1) 209

There's a relevant The Oatmeal cartoon for Game of Throne.

If you wanted to keep up with GoT for water cooler talk with your friends/coworkers, you didn't have an option to purchase a single episode. You could pay the $14.99 for streaming HBO for 3 months when it originally aired, or you pirate. They became available on Amazon August 1st, which is always exciting to talk about a new episode 3 months after everyone else has seen/pirated/forgotten about it.

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