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Comment Re:Interesting (Score 2) 179

It depends on how the ink cartridge/print head is designed. Some ink cartridges have the print head built in. Since you typically throw them away when they are empty, running them dry and damaging them isn't really much of a concern.

If the print head assembly is separate from the ink tank, running them dry can result in clogged jets or transfer pads. They might be recoverable if replacement ink is added to dissolve the dried ink. Or it can result in more expensive replacement parts.

Comment Re:How is this different from arbitrage on the NYS (Score 2) 212

I fail to see how ticket-master can't spot individuals buying large quantities of tickets

Why on earth would they want to do that? They have zero incentive whether scalpers buy 100% of the tickets or normal fans do. They get their fee either way and fan outrage has no effect on them since the tickets are still being sold. They even have an incentive to sell to the scalpers to turn around and sell the tickets on their resale marketplace double dipping on tickets for increased profits.

Comment Re:They should release the keys / apis (Score 1) 185

Why on earth would FitBit do that? It would just enable people to continue using the devices after whatever services are officially shut down. FitBit bought they to eliminate a competitor, not to continue to support their competitor's product.

Comment Re:Glitchless streaming. (Score 1) 158

Identify the traffic type and treat their packets differently

Fuck you. If we're all paying for the same class of service why should your packets mean more or less than mine? Why is your desire to watch Game of Thrones in UHD on a 4" screen more important than the webpage that I'm trying to load or the spreadsheet I'm trying to email that my job depends on?

Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 367

My car has manual windows, you insensitive clod!

Mythbusters did an episode testing a variety of submerged window myths. Once underwater, the manual crank isn't going to be any good. The pressure differential pushing in on the window is too great.

They also discovered that power windows continued to operate for some time after being submerged. The pressure was still too great until the cabin was almost completely flooded, equalizing the pressure.

Comment Re:Amateur Sys-admin deserves the time (Score 1) 133

That and the fact that the business is now bankrupt.

No they didn't. They just shut down the dialup and email service. It's hard to imagine that in the age of broadband and fast cellular data connections covering most of the country that dial up service would be popular and/or profitable. Same would go for email hosting.

Comment Re:This is better how? (Score 1) 150

What are the (projected) long-term side-effects? Is it worth the long-term costs?

It's almost like they need to do a large clinical trial to actually find out. If only they'd do one...

Someone else pointed out the difference between "improve" and "completely erased". But for someone who has a lot of mental disorders running through the family tree and with friends, there is vast differences for what works for one person but not another even for similar symptoms. I'd be extremely surprised if the 60-70% and two-thirds very closely matched. It's never a bad thing to have additional options to treat a condition.

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