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Comment Re:Reminds me of a guy I talked to... (Score 1) 62

He told me that it has a 'chip' that makes it produce 900HP. He used to have a 1000HP chip, but his grandfather saw him spinning his tires, so he told him to take it out.
The truck was a rusty, 20-year-old Dodge, with a V8 that produces about 240HP from the factory.

The engine produces 240HP. He has 4 wheels (or more specifically, 4 sets of brakes) That's 960 brake horsepower! You just didn't understand how these technical specs are measured.

Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 1) 428

Assange was probably just taking time to review the material and figure out how to release it.

Why would he need to review it to know how to release it? If you're ultimately going to dump the data, just dump it and let the people read it for themselves. Don't pre-filter it or spin it one way or another.

Comment Re:Amazon 'marketplace', wish I could disable it. (Score 2) 334

When I go to Amazon to perhaps purchase something, I go there to buy from Amazon, not some unknown third party. I wish there was an option to disable the entire marketplace listings for my account. If there was such an option, I might shop there more

Search for whatever you're looking for. In the results, scroll down to Seller filter. Select Amazon,, or Amazon Warehouse Deals (used, scratch and dent, returns, etc) as appropriate. Presto, you just eliminated anything not sold at least by Amazon.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 110

I have less optimistic expectations.

Corning could test samples in batches of 5 sheets. One test, 4 of the samples did not break, 1 did. 80% survival rate as you said you'd expect. Other batches of 5 sheets, all samples broke at a rate less than 80%. As long as all 5 tests don't survive, Corning gets to say that it survives "up to 80%" since it never survived 5 of 5. Weasel words like "up to" are wonderful for marketing.

Comment Re:What's the justification? (Score 1) 180

There is a non-zero cost for maintaining supported legacy devices. Training, validation with new components, firmware, etc. I'm not saying that the fee is justified. Most of that should just come along with operating a business and be included as part of your normal fee. But you can't say that it just doesn't cost Verizon money to keep legacy hardware on the supported component list.

Don't want to pay the fee, tell Verizon you purchased your own router.

Comment Re:How... useful. (Score 1) 156

Or even better, how about they do both? Try to close up any holes, bugs, or other vectors that malware may attack from. But also have protection in place for when a vulnerability is discovered, because one will. And when it does, be alerted to it and take appropriate measures before you continue to use a compromised phone.

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