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Comment Re:No, they don't (Score 1) 618

First: The AMA is not a labor union. Also, as the years have gone by it has been gradually morphing into a political group. Most doctors are smart enough not to form/join a labor union and are smart enough to know that political goals can be achieved better by political organizations.

Second: Contrary to popular opinion, most doctors do not belong to the AMA.

Particularly if you create the organizations yourselves to give yourself meaningless credentials! Right Dr. Paul?

Comment Re:Normally I'm pro regulation (Score 1) 146

I wonder how you react when it's a poor black man getting walk instead of a Job Creator, Peace Be Upon Them? At one point in its history, the FDA routinely jailed CEOs for violations by their firms. After all, that's why they make the big bucks, right? They have so much more to risk than an average worker!

Comment Re:Sign 'I don't agree' on all HR paperwork (Score 1) 223

Allow me to repeat: trying to play lawyer without a law degree rarely ends well. And I think I am correct in assuming you don't have one, as 90% of the attorneys I know would not be nearly so flip and the other ten percent could probably successfully get their clients sentenced to death for a parking offense.

Comment Re:Sign 'I don't agree' on all HR paperwork (Score 1) 223

That's all well and good, but how are you going to do when you are served with a summons? Are you going to try to represent yourself? Remember, if you just ignore it, they're going to get a default judgement against you and at that point all of the various forms of collection, up to and including wage garnishment are on the table. Trying to play lawyer without a law degree rarely ends well.

Comment Re:I'm confused (Score -1) 289

Here is the problem: the people who built him up to be a hero cannot believe that he might also be a rapist. It's kind of like the persistent denial hardcore Clinton backers had over the Lewinski matter, or that hardcore conservatives have with accepting the reality of global warming. Uncomfortable facts are ignored when they hurt "our" side and emphasized when they hurt "their" side.

My personal feeling is that the USA wanted to neutralize him in such a way that they didn't have to actually ever take custody of him and the negative publicity that would entail, and that Mr. Assange's sense of privilege handed the CIA an opportunity on a silver platter. Whether they set him up, or just dug up existing dirt on him and made sure it became public knowledge is an open question, but the second case requires far fewer assumptions to hold based on what we know now, and is therefore the more likely one.

The spy game isn't like the movies kids: it's a results oriented business, and sometimes your targets personal failings are actually your biggest assets.

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