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Everglide s-500 Headphone Review 190

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the do-you-ear-what-i-ear dept.
Lincoln 'PrOpHeT' Grixti writes "The Everglide s-500 Headphone is the ultimate tool for gamers that pass long hours using their headset for their gaming needs. It has been designed for gamers, by gamers, with the aid of leading world-wide professionals such as Sander "Voo" Kaasjager and other CPL World Tour Winners. The headset is available for sale with a price tag of $99.99 from Everglide Store. Some might say it's quite expensive for a headset, but when compared to other professional gaming headsets, the price is quite cheap." update Sorry folks, apparently the linked website barfed.
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Everglide s-500 Headphone Review

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  • Nice ad (Score:5, Insightful)

    by briancarnell (94247) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @11:26AM (#14952199) Homepage
    Hey, that's a nice ad. How much would it cost to have Cmdr Taco post my ad on Slashdot?
    • Re:Nice ad (Score:3, Interesting)

      Hey well since I was the one saying I would be add blocking the ludicrous 700k omg-blinken-flashing-epilepsy-microsoft-friendly flash adds they were showing on the TEXT ONLY LIGHTWEIGHT MOBILE version of /. I can't really complain that they now started to display adds as a few byte of text I guess.
    • Re:Nice ad (Score:2, Informative)

      by Tweak232 (880912)
      Well, at least it's better than this [] article.

      Slow weekend?
    • Re:Nice ad (Score:3, Funny)

      by Guppy06 (410832)
      I like how the submitter misspelled "profit" in his handle.
    • Re:Nice ad (Score:3, Informative)

      by smvp6459 (896580)
      Hey,'s not nice. The reviewer can barely string a sentence together. Although it is great to know the headphones come in a box.

      For anyone else having a hard time getting to the website:


      Everglide s-500 Headphone Review

      The Everglide s-500 Headphone is the ultimate tool for gamers that pass long hours using their headset for their gaming needs.
      Viewed 469 times.

      The Everglide s-500 Headphone is the ultimate tool for gamers that pass long hours using their headset for their gaming needs. It has be
      • The box doesn't even come in as a pro? This guy has no children.
      • > In fact, they are a product of new technological advances, such as the world's first bio-cellulose membrane used to supply instantaneous audio response in the speaker driver. This membrane is said to be by the company, faster than most conventional speaker drivers found in traditional headphones, making the Everglide s-500 optimized for millisecond feedback to provide optimum gaming audio response. Together with the improved speaker driver, the Everglide s-500 also supplies the user with pinpoint preci
      • After reading that there review I wouldn't touch one of these things with a 10 foot pole. For $99 headphones should at least be noise cancelling which I don't see any mention of.
    • Re:Nice ad (Score:5, Interesting)

      by Lord_Dweomer (648696) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @11:48AM (#14952299) Homepage
      No kidding. Thankfully the new story tagging system marks it as a Slashvertisement. Is there a way to filter stories based on those tags yet?

      • I keep reading comments about this new tagging system, but I'm not seeing the tags. Where are you finding this stuff? Is it subscriber-only?
        • tags are displayed even without javascript. just without javascript you cannot set your own tags. Check this: []
          • Well, my Javascript's on, but I'm not even seeing the tags displayed. But since "tagging is only open to subscribers and some users," I guess I must not be one of the "some users." I wonder if it has anything to do with my (apparently) being blacklisted from moderation, for reasons unknown.
            • Re:Nice ad (Score:3, Interesting)

              by _xeno_ (155264)

              According to the FAQ, tags are only available to subscribers and some users []. I expect that the "some users" are users who joined before some cut-off date (I could be wrong, what do I know) and that your account is simply too new for the tags.

              Likewise, there's a similar cut-off point for moderation, so if you've never moderated, your account may simply be too new.

              • I don't think it's a cut-off date; I've not been able to moderate for years (and for quite a while I couldn't even meta-mod), and while I do remember seeing some kind of tag-like things a few weeks ago, they're not there now.

                If it's got anything to do with account creation date, then it's not as simple as "too new and you don't get it"...
                • I have a setting in my account preferences to enable or disable tags, but I don't see them anywhere on the site. Tried this in camino and safari.

              • I've been wondering what that tagging thing is and searched half-assedly (looking for a Taco announcement or something). Thanks for the link.
    • Re:Nice ad (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Tim C (15259)
      Exactly what I was thinking - "Never mind how much the headset cost, how much was this ad?"
    • The Everglide s-500 Headphone is the ultimate tool for gamers that pass long hours using their headset for their gaming needs.

      All ads posted on Slashdot must be pornographic.
    • The cost is however much it costs you to put the words "SCO", "Linux", "Bill Gates", "iPod", or "RIAA" into your advertisement.
    • Seriously. I wouldn't beleive it if haven't seen it with my own eyes...

      "Directly from first impressions (as you can undoubtedly, see for yourselves), the Everglide s-500 seems to have been built with gaming purpose in mind from the very beginning. In fact, they are a product of new technological advances, such as the worlds first bio-cellulose membrane used to supply instantaneous audio response in the speaker driver. This membrane is said to be by the company, faster than most conventional s
      • > People, for $100 you can buy yourself a kickass set of headphones, that won't only be well suited for playing games but for enjoying music aswell.

        Even for $20, you can have a good headphones. I recommend the Sennheiser HD201s... they're $20 and they sound excellent. I use them when I'm on the train or whatever since they sound decent and block out noise. At home, I use the Sennheiser HD600s (which are like $300, but you get what you pay for) and Beyerdynamic DT880s, which are also wonderful.

        I don't
      • Buy the Sony 7506's if you want good headphones.

        You might have to go to an audio store to find them, but they are classic industry standards for musicians and other people that have to work with audio. io/headphones/sony/PRD_118049_2750crx.aspx []

  • Competition? hardly. (Score:4, Informative)

    by brennz (715237) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @11:31AM (#14952220)
    I still think the Jawbone PC edition [] is far superior to it.

    The Everglide doesn't even come with the highend military grade noise reduction stuff the Jawbone sports.

    Not even in the same class.
    • Yes, but does the Jawbone achieve high contrast between its black and silver colours?
    • by oskard (715652)
      The Jawbone thing looks like it only goes on one ear. The point of sound in competitive video games is so that the player can 'bi-angulate' the sound and know exactly where the opponent is. This requires two speakers, one for each ear.
    • by thumb1 (192727)
      Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the Jawbone a binaural (either ear, but not both) headset? It looks high-tech, and no doubt it is great for conversation, but mono doesn't make it for games.

  • Who cares about Vo0? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by troll (593289) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @11:34AM (#14952239) Journal
    It might sound like a big name to uninformed buyers, but this kid plays painkiller. He didn't get popular until 2005, and has been a pretty much one trick poney.
    I'd be more impressed if it was someone like Brian "Destrukt" Flanders, or even the overhyped fatal1ty would know more than vo0.

    I don't care how well you do in one game, if you can't adapt to other games then your opinion as a "pro gamer" doesn't extend beyond your field. Someone whos able to rock at multiple games obviously knows a lot more about being good than just a few tricks to one game, and thus I'd give a shit more about their input on headphones/hardware.

  • Gaming Headset?! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Fulg (138866) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @11:35AM (#14952243) Homepage
    If you want a decent headset, get a Sennheiser []... For the same price you will get much much better sound quality. Even TFA mentions this particular headset isn't great for music.

    What makes this a "gaming" headset? The bundled microphone? The carrying bag? The price? The fact that it comes in a box?
    • Sennheiser makes some of the best headphones available, and at reasonable prices.

      I've got two pairs of the HD-457 model, because they fit/feel great and sound wonderful, and a pair of HD-497 because it is slightly better sounding (but hurts after an hour).
    • by murderlegendre (776042) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @12:27PM (#14952451)

      Sennheiser makes some great headphones, but I'd take a USA-made Grado set over Sennheiser any day.

      Even the basic SR-80 phones (around $80.00) are excellent. And you're supporting a nice family-owned & run business, with a 50 year history.

      • Agreed. Sennheiser is quite overhyped, and the stuff under $300 is pretty much circuit city quality -- OK, but not great. The Grados are fairly cheap, sound pretty damn good, and are much more comfortable to use.
      • Yes! I actually just got my SR-80s in the mail the other day, and they are awesome. Probably the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn, and they sound great. Grado FTW.
        • Most comfortable? WTF? Practically every review of this set says they're not very comfortable, and I can't wear my pair for more than two hours without my ears feeling like they're going to fall off. Great sound quality, though, and rather nice bass. They let in exterior sound (which may or may not be good for you...), but unless you're seriously blasting them, then other people can't hear much.
          • I'd have to agree that they can be uncomfortable for some people. I have no problem with the earpieces, but the headband could do with some padding (which I added). In terms of sonics, nothing can touch them at twice the price, at least for the lower-end phones like the SR-80. In the higer-end models like the SR-225, they have solid competition from AKG.

            If you own a set of these, heed the manufacturer's warnings about excessive volume levels. These phones are so low in distortion that they give the user a

          • Who cares what the reviews say? The reviews are biased because they simply don't wear them long enough for the headband to "learn" your head shape. After about 1 day of wearing them, they will become comfortable. You can also flex them outwards yourself if you need more room to even tolerate them before they have settled in.
          • Have you tried adjusting the headband? It's made of a springy steel and can be adjusted for your head size. I can wear my pair all day comfortably after bending it a little, they do come a little too tight from the factory.
    • Or you can try to go real fancy and get Turtle Beach HPA 5.1 channel gaming headset [] complete with actual miniature subwoofers in each cup + front/back and center channel speakers. Not to mention a removable boom mike and much better overall construction.
      • Or you can try to go real fancy and get Turtle Beach HPA 5.1 channel gaming headset complete with actual miniature subwoofers in each cup

        Why would I want subwoofers in a set of headphones when tons of well-designed models of headphones have already had ridiculously good low bass response (virtually flat resopnse down to 10 Hz) without subwoofers for decades? Adding a subwoofer to headphones is like adding a turbocharger to a big block V-8 or a protein supplement to a great big juicy steak.

        But, of c

        • Why would I want subwoofers in a set of headphones when tons of well-designed models of headphones have already had ridiculously good low bass response (virtually flat resopnse down to 10 Hz) without subwoofers for decades?

          That is because the actual drivers for the individual channels are much smaller as otherwise they would not fit in the cups. So in order to achieve a good bass response, a sub-woofer was needed, very much on the same principle as the "satelite" speaker systems.

          But, of course someone wi

          • even though we are deprived of head-movement based analysis while wearing headsets
            i wonder how hard it would be to make headphones that responded to head movement amd fed the info back to a controller....
    • If you want a decent headset, get a Sennheiser... For the same price you will get much much better sound quality. Even TFA mentions this particular headset isn't great for music.

      Indeed. And with the Sennheiser ones, you will get a set of headphones that is designed to last. Ever been frustrated after buying a new set of headphones or earphones and finding that the cord has gone flaky on you and you have to buy a whole new set? With the Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones I have, the cord is designed to b

    • What makes this a "gaming" headset? The bundled microphone? The carrying bag? The price? The fact that it comes in a box?

      Apparently, it's sensibility. How much sensibility does your precious Sennheiser have? Huh? Yeah. I thought so!

      The sensibility of this microphone is remarkable. It provides excellent sound quality during voice chats (tested on several chatting programmes such as Skype, Ventrilo, and MSN Messenger), and allows the user to speak freely without having to worry about where to pl
    • My vote would be the bag or the box...

      Many "gamers" seem more about appearance than skills/capabilities... The computer-age equivalent of the "ricers"

      [neon lights, clear windows, colorful cases, etc, etc]

      And I'm getting tired of people using the word "optimum" without knowing what it means... "Optimum" in what sense? Lease-squares? Absolute Value? Fronobieus norm? There are also many instances where somthing that is "optimum" in one way just plain sucks because the criteria for comparision is poor.
  • Voo Who? (Score:3, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday March 19, 2006 @11:36AM (#14952251)
    I only buy products endorsed by Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel.
  • by bubbaD (182583) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @11:44AM (#14952284)
    "Designed for gamers, by gamers" That's completely unimpressive, especially when it comes to audio equipment. What the hell do "gamers" bring to the table- Requests for bigger 'splosions? Special detectors for when Mommy calls dinner's ready?
    Give me a break!
    • Audio is an important part of any real-time game. Gamers need the ability to hear detail, direction, and distance of sounds so they know what's going on. Playing an FPS against someone with no audio is extremely easy, because it makes it harder for them to notice engine sounds and gunfire (silencers were invented for a reason), and of course they can't hear your footsteps. In an RTS, you will miss out on the numerous audio indicators like unit sounds, construction finishing sounds, and alarms.

      And, of cour
      • You're completely missing his point, which is that "gamers" don't have the slightest clue about sound theory, headphone or speaker design. And it's clear from the "review" that the author doesn't either. He's simply rehashing specs and press release marketing points, without even knowing what they mean.
    • "Designed for gamers, by gamers" That's completely unimpressive, especially when it comes to audio equipment. What the hell do "gamers" bring to the table- Requests for bigger 'splosions? Special detectors for when Mommy calls dinner's ready?

      No kidding...I personally would prefer to see "Designed for gamers, by audio headphone design/engineering specialists". But that's just me.

  • Wrong section (Score:2, Insightful)

    by Jeng (926980)
    Seriously, where's the Foot?

    This qualifies for "Laugh, its funny."

    It's like one went out to write the worst possible advertisement/review of a crappy product, then submitted it to Slashdot just to have people sit and critize it.

    This seriously has gotta be a joke.
  • ...make sure you have at least a vague idea of what a slashdotting looks like.
  • Maybe they're purpsely posting these crap-hosted ads in the hopes that we DO slashdot them?? :) Just a theory.
  • by insignificant1 (872511) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @12:23PM (#14952439)

    I see. I knew there was something wrong when my $20 headphones would actually store up the sound for like 10 milliseconds before playing any of it. Thank goodness this company built speaker drivers "faster than most conventional speaker drivers found in traditional headphones, making the Everglide s-500 optimized for millisecond feedback."

    Now I can listen to games without my speaker drivers storing up all the sound before spitting it out.

    And it's a good thing they optimized these for games because games produce sound, like, way cooler than music can. And it's directional, whereas music just comes in stereo and binaural forms, which aren't directional at all. And they can pinpoint sound to a pixel, which is cool because I have a lot of pixels.

    And it's good they made these comfortable, because people who listen to music only spend like a few hours listening, whereas a gamer like myself will typically game for 48+ hours, so I need that extra level of comfort.

    And it's cool they reproduce the full 20 Hz - 20 kHz sounds range; just looking at sub-$500, I have yet to find a pair of regular "music" headphones that can do 20 Hz. (Of course they spec their cans at +/-1dB or +/-3dB; maybe these people spec to +/-60dB, in which they might be right.)

    Fortunately, if anyone buys these, he or she must be so enamored with the purchase that he/she will think that he/she has the best set of headphones (for gaming) in the world. And ignorant happiness will ensue. So buyer and seller will have achieved their goals.

    • Re:speaker delay (Score:3, Insightful)

      by Andy Dodd (701)
      If they were USB, I could understand a desire to lower the latency of the system. Some USB headsets may actually have unacceptable latency for gaming.

      That said, these are pure analog headphones. From the looks of it, highly overpriced ones. Philips HN100 active noise cancelling headphones (good for killing fan noise) run around $60-70 retail, and you can find them for $15-20 INCLUDING S&H on eBay.

      These headphones also don't have a built-in boom mic, just a shitty lapel mic that is completely seperate
      • If they were comfortable, had a built-in boom mic, and were USB based, then they might be worth $99.

        Yeah, my headset exactly fits that description, the Steel Sound 5H. It was also full of idiotic marketing about being "designed for gamers" (personally I use my mic for voice recognition and VoIP, but even if I played online games it still wouldn't matter). But it fit my needs so I bought it.

    • You scoff at speaker drives that store up all the sound before spitting it out, but this sort of buffering system is actually very useful if your ears fall behind and can't process all the sound, or if there's some latency along the audio cable (as can happen when multiple signals are competing for bandwidth).
    • Actually, any decent headphones should be flat down to 20Hz. The problem is, the ears can't hear sub-bass very well, you mostly perceive it with your body. Also, computer soundcards can't drive headphones with frequencies that low because they have shitty AC-coupled amplifiers with cheap tiny electrolytic capacitors. I just tested my soundblaster live, and it distorts horribly below 60Hz, even at low volumes. There is a reason nobody in their right mind builds audio amplifiers with AC-coupled outputs.
  • Until now, I just didn't care about that beta tagging system, but this article just made me realize that this tagging system is the article moderation system we were all waiting for! No more comments saying "If I could, I would mod this article -1 Slashvertisement."

    Nice stuff.
  • Umm, what kind of gaming headphones don't come with a microphone standard? As far as I can tell, this is just a really bad (bad bass response), but pretty, pair of music headphones sold as expensive "gaming" headphones.

    And what the heck is with the name? Everglide? My K/Y headphones are so much better.

  • If you want Gizmodo [], you know where to find it.
  • by PontifexPrimus (576159) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @01:12PM (#14952629)
    It is a good idea to store this packaging so to be able to transport the headset in it when going to LAN-Parties and other similar events where you cannot lack not having the Everglide s-500 Headphones.

    I cannot begin to not misunderstand the failure of grasping the un-concept of this sentence.

    /snarky, I know
    • How about this one:

      Similar to a Studio Kit, this headset does not come with a Microphone and comes as an optional separate item with the headphones, having a clip-on that is used so to attach the microphone to the clothing.
  • The Slashdot comments were better written than the article!!

  • Pinpoint Precision? (Score:5, Informative)

    by eander315 (448340) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @01:26PM (#14952671)
    "...the Everglide s-500 also supplies the user with pinpoint precision from where the sound is coming, being accurate to the pixel from where a footstep or a gunshot is coming."

    What does this mean? Accurate to the pixel? These are just headphones, not a 20-speaker surround system. This whole review is written this way.

    "In fact, making the speaker driver very sensible to minimal audio response resulted in this Headphone to lack in Bass audio quality."

    Not only did the author use "sensible" instead of "sensitive", they also make an erroneous connection between the speaker sensitivity and bass response. In fact, it appears that the author doesn't understand speaker sensitivity. The speakers are supposed to be super-lightweight, so they make sounds faster than regular speakers, so no one can sneak up on you in a game. The result of this is apparently the lack of Bass (why the caps?). Both of those statements make absolutely no sense.

    This review is nothing but a VERY poorly written ad. If you're going to post ads on Salshdot, Taco, at least read the damn things first.

  • Not for Gamers. (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Qbertino (265505) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @01:32PM (#14952698)
    I have a Headphone I bought exclusively for gaming. Sony CD470. It's closed, stable, has a long cord and the best sound quality I've ever had on a headphone. This line of headphones has something like a subscription to audio rewards and gets top rankings every season.

    There is but one thing I'd do better for gaming: Anti-Sweat. Closed is good but when your ears get warm after hours of UT 2003 you want some air on your ears.

    My perfect gaming headphone would have the sound quality of the Sony CD line, the cord of the Sony CD470, would be as sturdy as the Beyerdynamic Monitor Headphone line (high end studio headphones, start at aprox. 300$) and some sort of nifty air circulation system to keep the ears from going sweaty whilst keeping external noise out. And it would have a line of spare parts for things that break on them and go fatigue. Like the cushions and the lining.

    All of this doesn't seem to be part of these bizarly priced headphones. Ergo: Crap or maybe some ok closed headphones. But gaming headphones "by gamers for gamers"?
    That's Rubbish. Save your money.
  • The description mentions a nominal dependence of 16 ohms. What is nominal dependence? I'm sure they mean nominal impedance, but this is an annoying screwup for supposedly good headphones.
  • Since the informed people who actually check the targeted website can't even RTFA, who's got a different link to a truly hifi bluetooth stereo headset (A2DP or other profile)? Preferably in-ear, even hotter would be a matched pair of inears with without a wire between them.
    • Re:Ear Rings (Score:3, Informative)

      by Sycraft-fu (314770)
      Sorry, don't know of any hi-fi bluetooth IEMs. Partially I think bluetooth is just too new and the high end audio industry lags on technology a bit, but also I'm not sure you could buid a high quality one of a good size. For good sound you'd need a fair bit of electronics to support the DAC and make a good amp, and then of course the battries to support that. I have a feeling that you'd find the until would get far too large to really be marketable.

      Best bet is just to get normal, corded high quality IEMs. I
      • I don't think bluetooth has enough bandwidth to make hi-fi phones possible. The DAC and amplifiers aren't a huge problem, the main problem would be an appropriate processor chip and the batteries and power supply circuit. And, of course, this would be an extremely niche product, so it would cost a fuckton.
        • You are correct about bandwidth, bluetooth is spec'd at 721kbps. To do two channels of uncompressed CD quality audio, you need 1378kbps of bandwidth. Of course you'd probably want to support at least 48kHz, 24-bit, which is 2250kbps, and maybe even as much as 192kHz 24-bit, which is 9000kbps. I suppose you could do lossy compression on the audio, but that's more expensive, more circutry, and less fidelity.

          Also I think if you are talking high quality phones, which these'd have to be given the pirces that wou
  • Maybe some people who play video games want all their audio coming over 2 speakers immediately adjacent their ears, or they want a microphone they have to clip on, but I don't. The set up I used to use for World of Warcraft was my 5.1 system connected to my linux computer to play music. My Altec Lansing ACS55's (btw, the best non-surround sound speakers ever made) set connected to the WoW computer for game music, sound card 2 in linux computer, (well, the on-board one), was outputting to a plug for a cell
  • I wear glasses, and the biggest problem I have with wearing headphones for long periods of time is that the phones tend to smash my ears against the glasses. After a few hours, my ears start to hurt.

    They should build some phones that have a feature to reduce the pressure against the ear at the point where eyeglasses pass behind it.

    • by karstux (681641)
      Easy: just get some circumaural headphones. They completely enclose the ears, and therefore exert no pressure on them. The Sennheiser HD580 are a good example of these, I find them quite comfortable.
  • by Sycraft-fu (314770) on Sunday March 19, 2006 @02:44PM (#14952964)
    Seriously. At the $100 pricepoint, your choices of headphones are considerable. Topping my list would be Sennhesier HD 280 Pros for large sealed headphones, or Ultimate Ears SuperFi 3s for for earbud style phones. Both sound superb, and you can get even better sound, in my opinion, if you go with open back phones which might be an option.

    So I'm looking at these, and I'm not seeing what they give you that something from a real, respected headphone makers doesn't. They aren't special 6-driver surround phones like Zalman offers (which give supprisingly good surround sound for headphones, though abysmal music reporduction).

    All their fluff about the fast membrane is just that: fluff. Sony has used biocellulose membranes in their headphones for some time and they aprobably aren't the only ones. Doesn't really matter, it works well, so do other materials. The "millisecond response time" is bullshit. All headphones respond as soon as the voltage starts changing, and because of the short distance to your ear, propagation through the air isn't an issue. The sound is instantanious. The only thing a lighter, better controlled driver will buy you is better highs. Of course that also requires an amp that can keep control over that driver, which generally takes a current output you don't get from PC soundcards.

    To me it sounds like the reviewer has just been using the $5 Radioshack special headphones and this is the first higher end headphone he's ever heard. I remember the experience, I used to always have little America West headphones my dad brought back, that was all I got to use. Then, I finally saved up money and bought like a $50 pair of headphones from Radioshack and I was blown away by how good they sounded. I had no basis for comparison so I was amazed at the improvement. Now, having heard a wide variety of good headphones with good amps, I'm very unimpressed.

    Looks like these are some reasonable quality, maybe $40 headphones in an expensive $100 box. I'm sure they aren't horrible but really, do yourself a favour and get some real phones. If you like ear buds I just can't say enough good things about Ultimate Ears. The 3s are great, the 5s are stellar, and I can only hope someday I'll be rich enough to try their 10s. You will be much happier with the money spent. They may not have hired gamers to help them design their phones, but they did get musicians, audigolgists, audio engineers, and other people that, you know, might actually know what the fuck they are talking about.
  • Hey everyone, shutup already about the ads!! If you complain too much about the products, point out it's flaws, and uncover the fact that the article is a farce, then you will nullify the effect of the advertisement. We will then see things like the tagging system go away, and more heavy comment moderation from Slashdot editors.

    Ok, I admit that it would help if the ad wasn't written by a 12 year old and the product wasn't an overpriced piece of junk made by a mousepad company.
  • by StikyPad (445176)
    WTF is a "Professional Gaming Headset," and does it come with AcoustiMass technology or a 30 day Excitement Guarantee? Also, will I get a better sonic picture if I use these power cables []?


    -Mr. Dumas
  • Old Man Murray [] used to have this great feature on their short review pages - on each short review there were flags at the side of the page, which you could click on, signifying major languages. So you'd click on the flag of Spain to see the review translated into Spanish via BabelFish.

    Or at least, that would be your first guess.

    Of course, as it was Old Man Murray, what actually happened was that if you clicked on a flag, you would see the review again in English, but after it had been translated from E

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