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Comment: Re:Makers or Service providers? (Score 1) 350

Yeah, keep in mind Apple recently bought "Beats by Dre" which is a music streaming service (in addition to the headphones by the same name). Apple Radio (Apple's music streaming service) has been in the iPhone for a while. There's a very good reason Apple doesn't want their users to be able to listen to free radio on their iPhone.

Comment: Re:The answer to the problem (Score 1) 153

by _xeno_ (#49439405) Attached to: ESA Rebukes EFF's Request To Exempt Abandoned Games From Some DMCA Rules

Assuming you're aware that it requires an online server when you buy it.

I recently bought LEGO Batman 3 since I love the LEGO games and enjoyed the previous two Batman games in the series. None of them have ever had an online component. LEGO Batman 3 has no online multiplayer, it only has single player and split screen co-op.

Guess what? It requires an online connection to some server somewhere. This isn't mentioned in the Steam page anywhere. If you can't connect to the server, you can't play the game.

I hadn't thought to check if it required an Internet connection to play because why the fuck should it?!! (And if I had checked, I almost certainly wouldn't have found out about it because none of the reviews mention that fact.)

Comment: Re:The BBC doesn't have much latitude here. (Score 2) 662

by _xeno_ (#49346257) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

Hell, just look at the US version of Top Gear which is on a commercial channel (the History Channel because they ran out of WWII video to show and moved on to "reality" programming). The US version just does stunts. They don't do power laps, they don't do the star in a reasonably priced car, they don't do car reviews, they don't do any car news. (They actually did do the power lap times and the star in a reasonably priced car briefly during the first season, but they've since dropped those segments entirely.)

Part of the reason is surely due to time constraints: the US show only has 42 minutes to work with due to the 18 minutes of ads it has to fit the hour slot. But given that the closest to a car review they ever did was a blatant Tesla ad (ironically enough) and the show is almost always "brought to you by $CAR_COMPANY," it's fairly safe to say that the US version doesn't want to offend potential advertisers, and the show is horribly watered down due to it.

Comment: Re:The BBC doesn't have much latitude here. (Score 1) 662

by _xeno_ (#49346117) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

Are you talking about D Motor? I've never watched it because as an American I only speak American, dammit, but as I understand it it's a completely separate show done by a completely different company.

Which may be why it's OK.

Because their presenters know how to drive, as opposed to the American ones.

Honestly, that's not the problem with the US show. I mean, Captain Slow works.

No, the problem with the US show is that they removed the Power Laps, car reviews, "star in a reasonably priced car" and news segments, concentrating solely on the stunts. It just doesn't work because you get no sense of the personality of any of the presenters. You don't see them being "normal," you don't see any banter between them, you get no chemistry because they're always out driving cars and doing stupid things. It just doesn't work.

It also has the side-effect of making the "silent racing car driver" (apparently you can't call the Stig "tamed" in the US) a character that has absolutely no context when he shows up. Why is there suddenly a silent racing car driver driving a random car for them to race against? Oh, and now he's gone, never to show up for the remainder of the episode. Uh, OK, that was sure wacky!

Comment: Re:The BBC doesn't have much latitude here. (Score 4, Insightful) 662

by _xeno_ (#49345533) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

Meanwhile, the BBC has a chance to reinvent Top Gear with younger presenters and a reinvigorated format (there are only so many new Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Aston Martins that can be driven around a track in a cloud of smoke every week and only so many routes for contrived road trips through war zones in ancient sports cars).

Have you ever watched any of the spin-off Top Gears, like Top Gear US or Top Gear Australia? They've already tried to "reinvent" the show, multiple times. It's yet to work.

The simple fact of the matter is that Jeremy Clarkson is the reason people watch Top Gear. Without Clarkson, there's no reason to watch.

And I agree, the BBC really has no choice, and the blame should be placed on Clarkson for being an idiot. But that doesn't change the fact that losing Clarkson will kill Top Gear. He made the show what it is.

+ - Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: According to BBC News, Jeremy Clarkson, longstanding main host for the automobile television show Top Gear, will not have his contract renewed. This decision came about two weeks after he was suspended due to an altercation with a Top Gear producer involving catering during filming for the show. Admittedly not the nerdiest news of the day, but it can be said that his thirteen-year run on the new format of Top Gear has interested many Slashdot users who love their cars and the entertainment that the show has brought to them.

Comment: Re:Aren't these already compromised cards? (Score 4, Interesting) 269

by _xeno_ (#49275701) Attached to: Fraud Rampant In Apple Pay

It may not be Apple's fault (exactly), but it sure as hell is their problem. If more than 1 in 20 ApplePay transactions are fraudulent, what merchant in their right mind is going to accept it as a payment method? (Remember that fraud is paid by the merchants, not the banks.)

Even if it isn't Apple's fault, it sure is their problem to solve.

Comment: Re:Weird math (Score 1) 48

by _xeno_ (#49177531) Attached to: GitLab Acquires Gitorious

I would assume the repositories themselves could be moved. The thing is that they provide additional services beyond just hosting a git repository like issue tracking, wikis, and continuous integration support. Presumably that stuff can't be moved.

When the company I work for moved from Gitorious to GitLab we were able to migrate the git repositories with all their history relatively painlessly. GitLab had an automated process for doing it, but due to reasons apparently the Gitorious side would randomly flake out if you tried to use that. (It had to do with ulimits or something.) However you can still just clone a git repository and push branches from it to a new remote, which is the way I ended up transitioning most of the repositories.

The issue tracking and other features weren't an issue because we weren't using the built-in Gitorious/GitLab support in any case.

Comment: Re:Management speak, blah blah (Score 3, Interesting) 48

by _xeno_ (#49177493) Attached to: GitLab Acquires Gitorious

GitLab, not GitHub. GitHub is a different solution that provides pretty much the same software.

Strangely enough the company I work for recently (like six months ago) transitioned our internal git repositories from running on Gitorious to running on GitLab. From my experience GitLab is indeed the better product.

GitHub still seems to be better than both but I've never used that in a commercial setting.

Comment: Re:About time... (Score 1) 158

by _xeno_ (#49148031) Attached to: Invented-Here Syndrome

It feels like this is worst in the Java (enterprise) community, but that could be my imagination. Sometimes I think those programmers need their 3rd party instantiation taken away from them....

I once had someone rip out a stream copy I'd written (int r; byte[] buf=new byte[1024]; while((r=in.read(buf)) >= 0) { out.write(buf,0,r); }) and replace it with a third-party library, because "we shouldn't reinvent the wheel."

Granted, I sort of agree, it's ridiculous that such a common thing isn't part of the standard Java library, but it isn't, and we didn't really need to add another 1MB of library dependencies just to do that...

Comment: Re:The biggest challenge? (Score 0) 186

by _xeno_ (#49115747) Attached to: Google Teams Up With 3 Wireless Carriers To Combat Apple Pay

Paying by smartphone is a solution in search of a problem.

You'd think that (hell, I'd have agreed), but people already pay by smart phone even without Google Wallet or Apple Pay. The obvious example is people paying by the Starbucks app, although there they get free drinks for paying that way so whatever. (However they could also pay by card, the app is just another method of getting free drinks.)

Another example is that you can apparently pay by smartphone in the cafeteria at the company I work at. I have no idea why you'd want to do this, but it's another "scan the barcode" thing, and people do it.

I have no idea why, but apparently some people find pulling out their phone and using that to be easier than using a card. Even when it takes longer because I'm not talking about NFC systems here, I'm talking about scanning a barcode on a phone.

Comment: Re:heh heh (Score 1) 99

by _xeno_ (#49103203) Attached to: Apple Launches Repair Program For Longstanding 2011 MacBook Pro GPU Problems

Yeah, when my work MacBook was upgraded to Mavericks, they just flat-out reimaged the entire thing because they knew that the upgrade wouldn't work. For the forced Yosemite upgrade (really wish I could have skipped this one) they offered an actual upgrade, but it didn't matter, because I had to reimage anyway after Yosemite refused to boot for reasons I still don't understand.

Granted some of that may be due to the IT department's software, but I'll take missing features (it's not like the Samsung laptop was unusable with the Microsoft drivers) over flat-out won't boot like you get with the past two OS X upgrades.

Of course, that's just my work MacBook, and it's working (for the most part) now. Apparently other Yosemite upgraders lost wifi and DNS. I suppose I could have lost wifi too for all I know since I just leave it plugged in to the network.

Comment: Re:heh heh (Score 1) 99

by _xeno_ (#49102405) Attached to: Apple Launches Repair Program For Longstanding 2011 MacBook Pro GPU Problems

Gladly. They linked me to the correct drivers for my laptop after the Windows 8.1 upgrade had trashed them. As I recall there were a bunch of drivers I needed to reinstall since Windows 8.1 had decided to revert to Microsoft stock drivers, and they told me to where to get them. (Which was necessary since by default Samsung uses a driver download program which at the time didn't know what to do with Windows 8.1 and therefore refused to download anything. So in essence they were solving a problem they themselves created.)

Basically I didn't even ask Samsung for help but got it anyway. Try doing that with Apple.

Comment: Re:heh heh (Score 1) 99

OMG!! Apple doesn't have a Twitter presence! .... Get a grip will you?!?

What, do you think the first thing I did for tech support was to whine about a problem on Twitter? I was trying to figure out a problem I had with Windows/my Samsung laptop and complained about it on Twitter, and because Microsoft/Samsung actually want their customers to be happy they reached out through it and helped me solve my problem.

With Apple, you search the web for your issue, find a ton of enthusiast sites where people are having the very same issue, and discover that there's no solution from Apple yet but they're sure there will be oh so soon now. (Originally posted: 2009.)

Apple does not deny the existence of problems with their products because they do not flip you a bird when you ask them for support

No, they just don't offer support. At all. So it's less that they flip you the bird and more that they just entirely ignore you. Except at the Apple Stores, I guess. Or did you mean I was supposed to shell out for Apple Care if I wanted their software to actually goddamned work?! (Another example: in OS X Yosemite, Apple flat-out broke DNS. Solution: copy over the DNS resolver from the previous version.)

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