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Comment Re:"Climate contrarians" (Score 1) 252

"That can have a huge impact."

What, when and where are these huge impacts? Since we don't know these slightly important details, what should be done besides adaptation that won't involve "disassembling capitalism" and creating a worldwide all-powerful regulatory authority? Humans are really good at adaptation.

Comment Re:Survey methodology? (Score 1) 464

"It's a scientific published in a major peer-reviewed journal."

That's no longer a guarantee of competence, honesty or accuracy. Precision, sure, since statistics love precision.

The intent of your quoted sentence above is clear, but it's wrong if you read carefully. Sort of like forced smart gun technology will be if it's ever implemented.

Comment Re:Sky not falling (Score 1) 276

Talk about a job killer.

That's the real issue that constantly gets ignored in favor of the media's fabricated crises-of-the-day - the gradual loss of middle class jobs due to automation and outsourcing. It's going to be very, very bad as tens of millions lose their incomes and then turn to government for support.

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