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Comment Re:Climate has never not been changing. (Score 1) 369

"I know this will get me modded down on /. But that is why I've come to seriously doubt the idea of anthropocentric global warming over the last several years, and why I have come to believe that the issue is more about religious zealotry and social agendas than actual science."

Bingo! Of course, your comment in fact did get modded up, so this upmod too, is further evidence of catastrophic climate change.

Comment Re:Back in the old days (Score 1) 393

"It is almost impossible for an excellent person to continue excelling in a mediocre environment. It's much more likely they will become mediocre themselves."

I agree with that assertion, for the most part. Some of the problem we have today is that mediocre people have convinced themselves (or others have convinced them) that they are "excellent" (the "high self esteem"/"entitled"/"trophies for all!" generations, perhaps), and this type of person eventually somehow percolates up to a position of authority.

What's that old saying? An 'A' person tends to hire other 'A' people. 'B' people tend to hire 'C' people, 'C' people tend to...

Comment Re:No, for very good reasons. (Score 1) 568

Gotta agree with your observation, but in a different field. I work in process plant design, and CAD and ever-"improving" 3D software means that less qualified people get hired as "designers" because they can operate the software. It's a bit scary, but it's not my engineering stamp that goes on the construction drawings.

Comment Re:No, for very good reasons. (Score 1) 568

"The number of people I come across that think they're god's gift to man, while being grossly incompetent, is depressing."

Isn't this narcissistic notion much more common now mainly because of the internet and ubiquitous computer use? You can look up literally anything and bestow upon yourself a (very often undeserved) smug sense of expertise and knowledge.

All power corrupts, but we need electricity.