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Comment: Re:Spending cuts one way or another (Score 2) 353 353

"Real money is the result of productive activity, where the word 'productive' really means that something is being produced that others are voluntarily willing to trade for in a way that is sustainable for both, the producer and the consumer."

And the value of the work that humans do now has been reduced due to automation and robots, yet costs of living remain high (for the most part). Former blue collar workers were able to transition to "white collar" work (much of it of dubious value to begin with, and many jobs existed simply due to interdepartmental rivalries and empire-building activities of executives) decades ago, but now there's nowhere left to go as human knowledge, experience and skills are being built into software/hardware. Yes, there are/will be some jobs building and maintaining automated systems, but nowhere near the amount of jobs eliminated. It's not going to be pretty, the middle class will be much more than decimated and I foresee many ditches being dug and then refilled the next day...

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