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Comment Re:A good start (Score 1) 566 566

The pork spending in the name of the environment has been legendary. All the corps are feeding on the issue at this point. They all have some green product or green initiative and they all get big grants from the feds for it.

None of that pesky, problematic free market unpredictability to deal with, it's all guaranteed, sweet, sweet taxpayer money!

Comment Re:No it is not (Score 1) 351 351

if you scratch the surface of someone who claims to be completely unaffected by advertising, you're going to find someone who's making a lot more subconscious purchasing decisions than you would expect.

And how exactly does one set about proving this assertion?

Comment Re:Not going to pull plastic out of the ocean (Score 1) 183 183

Yes, but this is a major reason why this story is being promoted - because it has to do with man's (well, actually, it's mostly western societies that must pay for this) constant and continuing evil raping of the nice, fluffy planet. Don't you know that everything these days has to reference the environment otherwise it's unsustainable and therefore doubleplus ungood?

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