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Comment Re:ARGH (Score 3, Insightful) 720

Do your times support current hardware when your old one breaks?

Seriously? You have to ask this?
Using the magic of the internet, I can buy hardware going back 10+ years.
Using the magic of my operating system, I can install hardware that is 10+ years old.
The only real issues are DX10 and 11, and ram limits, if you can really consider those to be major issues.

Do the times support the old software you run?

Yes, because if I paid someone to make me custom niche software I likely need that software to keep doing what it's doing. Why pay someone to make it again when it isn't necessary?

Are you exposed to any security risks as a result of not being with the times?

You know, I probably am. However, Microsoft is now proving themselves to be another one of the security threats. So I can bend over and take it from Microsoft, or I can roll the dice. I think I'll take my chances.

Comment Re:Oh no! (Score 5, Insightful) 149

This is becoming a regular problem on /. Article titles and summaries are increasingly assuming that people have the obscure knowledge of the topic to actually care. In this case, who Linode is, what makes Linode important, why this DDoS merits more attention than other attacks, etc.

It used to be that when I saw a title/summary that I was unfamiliar with, I could follow it and expect to learn something from it.
Now I find out that JustAnotherCompany experienced JustAnotherThingThatHappensOnTheInternet.

I googled Linode, so I guess I learned something. Cloud hosting/virtual servers. Are they big fish, little fish, do they host someone big, are they known for something they did in particular? Well, I have better things to do than research it.

Comment Re:Summary insufficient, click through the link. (Score 2) 786

I'm missing what makes this comment insightful.

Bruce's argument is that the so men with social development issues can't empathize with women, and that the men can empathize with other men enough to get along. Presumably, the women with social development issues can empathize with the women, and aren't part of the issue of integrating non-issue women into software development. So I would say that for the time being, the women with issues probably get a wink and a nod, as they aren't as big a part of the broader issue of integrating women in general.

Women with social development issues may integrate poorly. However, there may be considerably fewer of them. ASD is 4-5 times more likely in men than in women. So while you can point at some women and suggest they are part of the issue, I don't think it really holds weight in the bigger picture. You would need a disproportionate amount of women to have similar amounts of men and women with ASD.

Bruce only used ASD as an example of the spread of social development issues. If these issues primarily affect men, it doesn't make sense to look at women with similar issues as part of the primary problem.

Comment Re:Sensationalist Headline, bad reporting (Score 1) 119

It's hard to conclude that this is not malware based off the email when you don't know who the company is or what they wanted to install.
There is so much of this crap that requires malware tools to uninstall that comes bundled with other software. Toolbars, download assistants, things that make you an unknowing host in what is basically a torrent network.

You don't need to include a third party exe in your installer just to throw a desktop shortcut to I think it is a little naive to assume that the third party must have honest intentions and that this is due to a language barrier.

Comment Re: Not ill timed... (Score 1) 633

The thing that is finally starting to bug me is that guns with clips exist for one reason: killing people efficiently. That's what a gun is for. That is the purpose of a gun. Yes, you can take your semi-auto to the range, or to hunt, but that's not what it was created for.

Do I think that responsible people should be allowed to own semi-auto guns? I used to think so. Not so much after this past year. I feel that people who would use guns for violence have spoiled it for the rest of us. I don't think the cost in lives is worth it.

Bolt action, break action, pump action, anything that disallows for wholesale murder is fine with me. If you're really that afraid of your government, I'm not sure how much more semi-auto is going to help you against their fully automatic weapons, IR scopes, and night scopes.
If you're really interested in defending your house from intruders, a pistol probably isn't the best choice if you care about your kid in the next room.

I wouldn't be against registration of semi-auto weapons, but I wouldn't care if they took them away so it's a little moot. Registration of non-semi weapons might be a little overboard. I hadn't really considered them to be a problem.

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