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Comment: Who the fuck is Turing (Score 5, Informative) 88 88

and why should I give a shit?
Turing Robotic Industries is a company that has created no products to date. One article says it is mostly funded by Lugee Li, CEO of DongGuan Eontec Co., Ltd. That company seems to be primarily involved in die cast metal.
So far, none of this is important enough to be news to me.

What is this mysterious Liquid Metal, that I can't tell if it is a trademark or brand name or what?
Well, it seems to be an amorphous metal alloy with a non crystalline structure. This grants it some physical properties, different strengths and weaknesses, than a chemically similar crystalline metal. However, I doubt this is going to save your screen if you do drop your phone.

Anyways, a couple of paragraphs from wikipedia:
"An amorphous metal (also known metallic glass or glassy metal) is a solid metallic material, usually an alloy, with a disordered atomic-scale structure. Most metals are crystalline in their solid state, which means they have a highly ordered arrangement of atoms. Amorphous metals are non-crystalline, and have a glass-like structure. But unlike common glasses, such as window glass, which are typically electrical insulators, amorphous metals have good electrical conductivity."
"Amorphous metals have higher tensile yield strengths and higher elastic strain limits than polycrystalline metal alloys, but their ductilities and fatigue strengths are lower.[12] Amorphous alloys have a variety of potentially useful properties. In particular, they tend to be stronger than crystalline alloys of similar chemical composition, and they can sustain larger reversible ("elastic") deformations than crystalline alloys. Amorphous metals derive their strength directly from their non-crystalline structure, which does not have any of the defects (such as dislocations) that limit the strength of crystalline alloys. One modern amorphous metal, known as Vitreloy, has a tensile strength that is almost twice that of high-grade titanium. However, metallic glasses at room temperature are not ductile and tend to fail suddenly when loaded in tension, which limits the material applicability in reliability-critical applications, as the impending failure is not evident. Therefore, there is considerable interest in producing metal matrix composite materials consisting of a metallic glass matrix containing dendritic particles or fibers of a ductile crystalline metal."

Comment: Re:Why Stop At Cameras? Go 3D! (Score 1) 60 60

This. There are flaws that will not be visible in a single 2D picture, and will only be identifiable by painstakingly comparing two photos of the same area from different angles. The alternative is to take pictures in 3D so that you have the depth perception to realize that a given component is sticking out a couple of mm more than it should be.

Comment: Re:Affirmative Action (Score 2) 529 529

This. Why did you post AC?

I'm so tired of well off people who think it is their god damn birth right to have a good education and opportunities, while at the same time people who are born poor in a ghetto have a birth right to poverty. "It's their fault they don't have better jobs and education. It's their choice to fail at school and not overcome their obstacles. I've had just as many challenges as they have, why should they get a free pass? There is no system that keeps them from rising to the top."


I think about white flight, and how blacks with half a prayer move into white communities hoping for a better life, better education for their young. And all they do is climb out of one hole and into the next. I feel guilt, not because I have done it, but because white Americans have done it, or their earlier generations have. It is a crime we have committed. To claim innocence while at the same time reaping the benefits of leaving your fellow men to falter is mind-bogging.

Comment: Immoral? (Score 5, Insightful) 618 618

The war began in earnest when ads became intrusive and disruptive.

I appreciate that someone has to pay for all of the sites that I visit for free. Some are payed entirely out of pocket, a labor of love by the host. And some are fueled by ad revenue. But those that utilize pop-ups, pop-unders, full screen ads, ads that autoplay voice and sound, malicious ads with fake security warnings and fake buttons... I don't feel the slightest bit guilty about denying ad revenue to those sites.

Comment: Re:How do I get eyes like that (Score 1) 81 81

The test subject just has "sclera lenses" in his eyes, this procedure doesn't turn his eyes black.

This is me with protective lenses in my eyes to block out some of the light. As the solution starts to work, the light intensity would increase over the course of 2 hours. I ended up putting sunglasses on soon as well.

I'm a little skeptical that a sclera lens will even be effective for protecting your eyes in a situation like this.

I'm also a little surprised that their research doesn't mention anything about pupil dilation, whether it is normal or otherwise.

Comment: Re:My two cents... (Score 1) 606 606

Less "stupid kids" and more "leaders of tomorrow".
In the future, these students may come into a position of power, where they can then discriminate based upon their prejudice. Why would UO want to be a part of that process?

Moreover, why would UO want to be represented by these students at all? Would you want to be?

Comment: Re:Hypocrisy (Score 5, Interesting) 136 136

Besides, how many people just throw old pills in the *garbage* ? I'm pretty sure that's the main reason for drug resistance.

It's funny, because this illustrates the bigger problem of people not being aware that when they stop taking antibiotics early, they potentially breed resistant bacteria if their illness relapses. *Noone* should have any antibiotics left to throw the garbage, with the rare exception of someone having an allergic reaction to them.

My one coworker ceased her antibiotics when she felt better, relapsed, and had to get stronger antibiotics. In the meantime, she infected two of her family members with the more resilient bacteria, one of whom had to be hospitalized.

"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house." -- George Carlin